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Amtrak Passenger Train Derails Near Tacoma, Washington40s

Amtrak Passenger Train Derails Near Tacoma, Washington

Several cars from an Amtrak train plunged onto Interstate 5 near Tacoma, Washington, after it derailed on a railway bridge on Monday, December 18. Amtrak confirmed train 501 was involved in the incident in a tweet and officials from Washington State Department of Transportation warned that all the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 had been closed. The train was the first to run on a new route connecting Seattle and Portland. NBC, citing Pierce County spokesman Ed Troyer, reported several people were killed in the incident. Credit: Twitter/LeAnne Dela Cruz via Storyful

Beauty salon workers slap each other in team-building exercise33s

Beauty salon workers slap each other in team-building exercise

A bizarre video from China of beauty salon staff slapping each as part of a team-building exercise. The footage, filmed in Nanchang City in southeastern Jiangxi Province on December 17, shows female workers kneeling opposite each other and slapping one another. On a board in the background, four Chinese characters that can be translated as "wild, combative spirit" are shown. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Toddler Caught Up in Brawl at Fort Myers Mall47s

Toddler Caught Up in Brawl at Fort Myers Mall

A vicious brawl broke out between a number of people at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida, on December 17. Footage of the incident, shared on Facebook by David Milburn, shows men and women kicking and punching each other outside a Victoria’s Secret store at the mall. During the fight, a woman pushing a young child in a stroller can be seen kicking another woman in the face. The cause of the fight was not clear. A spokesman for the Fort Myers police told local media that the department responded a call about the incident but that the fight had dispersed when they arrived. Meanwhile, the News-Press reported that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was looking into alleged racist remarks made on Facebook by the wife of a deputy in response to the video. Linda Deverso-Pakulis denied that she posted the comments and said her account had been compromised. Credit: Facebook/David Milburn via Storyful

Holiday Food and Wine Pairing 1014m07s

Holiday Food and Wine Pairing 101

The holiday season is upon us, and while we all plan for a festive celebration, you may become increasingly concerned with cost. Between preparing delicious meals and entertaining guests, we often need a reminder that the details can make or break the evening. Certified sommelier Leslee Miller joins us to show, tell and demo her holiday food and wine pairing tips. What can seem like an overwhelming topic for many, Leslie offers insight into the selection process, while providing recommendations that don’t break the bank.

Baby enjoys 'drinking' air35s

Baby enjoys 'drinking' air

An amusing video of a one-year-old boy enjoying "drinking" air in southern China. The footage, captured in Shaoyang City in Hunan Province on December 5, shows the baby boy's father putting a straw behind a yoghurt instead of putting it inside and giving it to his son, saying in Chinese: "Just take a sip and then go to sleep, ok?" Then the boy nods his head and tries to suck the yoghurt through the straw until his father says, "OK, don't drink anymore" and takes it away. The father asks, "did it taste good?" The boy smiles and makes a sound as if in the affirmative.



We make some holiday inspired drinks in the kitchen.

Published: December 18, 2017
Swimming Cat1m48s

Swimming Cat

Occurred on October 3, 2017 / Germany Info from Licensor: "Cat swims back to our deck."