This Sports Fan Found A Sneaky Way Of Getting Into The Games1m17s

This Sports Fan Found A Sneaky Way Of Getting Into The Games

Okay, it’s official. People do crazy things in the name of sport. We’ve seen almost everything, from starting fights because someone insulted someone else’s favorite team, to running around naked as the day you were born on a stadium filled with thousands of people. Sport brings out the best of us, and sometimes the worst. Apparently, for some people, sport events bring out the most talented in them, because there is no other way of explaining this footage. Gunnar is probably the biggest soccer fan we’ve ever seen and he created the most ingenious way of attending many sport games, without having to pay for a ticket, He explains that if you want to succeed, you need to bring only two things - your microphone and reporter attitude, and you’re definitely in. People in general aren’t really paying much attention to the people around them. People see Gunnar, and they think that he is some sports reporter form an unknown TV station. He accomplishes this by talking non-stop in a microphone which is funnily attached to only his pocket. He doesn’t even need to have a press ID, he only needs to keep the mic as close to his face as possible. This stunt has made it easy for him to do a lot more than just enter the venues. He’s met new people, gotten free food and even flirted with fans. Seems like Gunnar is living the life!

The Newlywoods of Lima1m53s

The Newlywoods of Lima

In sickness and in health, dedication to the environment is something these activists are married to… literally. In Peru, threats to remove these trees have sparked vows of commitment from the locals.