IT Movie Balloon Prank Terrifies Pennsylvania Town1m04s

IT Movie Balloon Prank Terrifies Pennsylvania Town

IT seems like America love a good scare prank; maybe not so much to receive it, as to throw it. As the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s epic IT was slated to hit the big screen near you, a small town in Pennsylvania got a scare that kept them up at night for quite some time. Merely a year after “the killer clowns” terrorized suburbia around the states, police in Lilitz, Pennsylvania, shared a couple photos to their Facebook page of red balloons that were tied to sewer grates across their small town — a signature move from Pennywise, the clown in the movie IT. And just in time for All Hallows Eve! The cops politely requested that the prank be stopped, admitting they were "completely terrified." They were good sports about it, but it was clear they did not want this to turn into hysteria. So who was the mastermind behind the elaborate prank, you ask? Apparently, it was just five teen girls looking to scare the crap out of their classmates. One of them, Peyton Reiff, shared a series of status updates on social media, admitting that she and her friends were the ones behind the harmless prank. It kinda makes you think what’s scarier: a killer clown or five girls from suburbia? While you’re here, you might wanna check out this video with 25 laboriously collected facts about Pennywise the clown.

Mexico City’s hidden rivers3m24s

Mexico City’s hidden rivers

For over 70 years, Mexico City's residents have driven over the Piedad river. Since 1942, the river has continued to flow in secret, below a highway. Now some entrepreneurial developers want it uncovered.

Police Learned Valuable Lesson After Handcuffed Woman Manages To Escape1m57s

Police Learned Valuable Lesson After Handcuffed Woman Manages To Escape

So, its a "normal" day out on the job for these police, at least as it seems. But this time it looks like they've run into something unexpected. Here we have some lady that has been caught shoplifting after which she has been cuffed and placed in the back of the police truck. The police officers thought that their job had been done but obviously were too quick to judge. This girl had a talent which no one was aware of. She had managed to undue the cuffs, find a tiny opening to the front, through which she squeezed and decided to take the trick for a get away ride. It looked as if her plan had worked perfectly which it did as far as the getaway but no much more then that. After she rode the truck through the city, couple of parks, running trough traffic, red lights, intersections and overall creating a huge mess, the police weren't ready to give up until after a long battle they had once again successfully managed to arrest her. Only this time,l they made it very certain that she had no where to go. Take a look as she goes on the most intense get away and risks hundreds of lives. This video will have you on your toes as it is certainly surreal. This shoplifter was able to make a daring, police car-stealing escape all because of one little police oversight. Let's just say this police department changed all their cars after.