Emily Ratajkowski Slams Mag For Photoshopping Her Breasts50s

Emily Ratajkowski Slams Mag For Photoshopping Her Breasts

It is a story that has been repeated many a time over. Magazine editors will nitpick their cover models, or better yet, hunt down the models they want, shoot pictures of them for hours on end and the pick the best one after days of looking at them, only to severely alter the look of the model in the picture. Why is that? Celebrities have been given bigger breasts, smoother skin, fuller lips, even the shade under their arms has been lightened to make them look more appealing. But this time, the editors at a famed French fashion magazine (we dare you to say that fast 10 times) did exactly the opposite with their latest model. 26-year-old American model Emily Ratajkowsky went online to say how disappointed she was of Madame Figaro for - get this - reducing her lips and breasts on the cover of their latest issue. She even posted the original photo as proof. The Photoshop toll is beyond evident; Emily, who is known for her luscious lips, doesn’t even look like herself on the magazine cover. She said: “I, like so many of us, try every day to work past those insecurities. I was extremely disappointed to see my lips and breasts altered in Photoshop on this cover”. Magazine officials have yet to respond, but the fans have been raving like mad dogs, because they, too, cannot believe that the trend has been so viciously switched. Check out ZoominTVEntertainment’s channel for more stories.