Types of People on Eid!5m06s

Types of People on Eid!

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ZaidAliT - When you ask brown parents to eat outside.11s

ZaidAliT - When you ask brown parents to eat outside.

Thumbs Up and Subscribe if you enjoyed. :) Translation: Son: Dad, I feel like eating something special today.. Dad: What do you wanna eat? My shoe or my slap? Son: No I mean.. lets eat outside.. something special Dad: Ayesha.. bring me my shoe from outside

ZaidAliT - Brown girls be like..15s

ZaidAliT - Brown girls be like..

Please subscribe for more Video For the people who didn't understand: Him: Hey Girl: I have a boyfriend. Him: All i said was hey...not catch a train with me at night and get married and our children Chintu, Pintu and Mintu which you are gonna look after and when i come home your going to make tea for me xD

ZaidAliT - Brown parents on the phone20s

ZaidAliT - Brown parents on the phone

For more lots of videos Please Subscribe And Thumbs up For mom :p One Fan say me that she don't understand So i am translating, Translation:Mom:Want to talk with Zaid Mom: Ok 1 Second Me in Heart :......... Nooooooo say he is not here Mom: Pick up the Phone Me:please Mom Holding Gun and Me: Asalamikum Aunty Yes,No everything is ok,Yes All Family Is fine :p

ZaidAliT - Asking for money White kids vs Brown kids48s

ZaidAliT - Asking for money White kids vs Brown kids

22K Subscribers Celebration ! Subscribe For More:) ( Subtitles Below ) White Parents : Kid: Mom ! can i have some money please me and my friends are going out to the movie Mom : off course sweet-heart here you go Johnny here is your pocket money for the rest of the week Go and Enjoy ! Kid : Thanks a lot mom i love you Brown Parents : Kid : Mom i am going outside with my friends can i have some money please Mom : son money is outside Kid : outside where Mom : kid money is outside on trees go and cut off some money because you think that we cut off money from the trees everyday asking me for money the money that i gave you 2 years before where is that money Son : you gave that money to me 2 years before Mom : oooo you think that i have photocopy machine that everyday i print even beggar even do not take this much money like you take do one think that take me with you and sell me after that you will get money and you liver will also be cold Kid : No ! please forgive me i done the mistake it was my mistake i am going