NFL Considers Rule That Will Make Players Stand During National Anthem2m42s

NFL Considers Rule That Will Make Players Stand During National Anthem

After both NFL and NBA teams have been seen kneeling or holding hands during the national anthem in protest of police brutality, and the notion from President Trump to fire any and all players who will refuse to stand in respect to the American flag, the National Football League is considering issuing a rule that will FORCE players to stand. Coaches and, in some case, owners, have joined the players’ protests. The news comes on the same day as President Trump suggested in his favorite means of communication, the social platform Twitter, that the NFL should stop getting US tax breaks for disrespecting the flag. Ed Riley, reporter for Eyewitness News, did his research and, when questioning US citizens, some of them have said that the players’ protests are disrespecting not only the flag, but also the country’s service people. Others believe it is their First Amendment right to express themselves. But angry fans and nervous sponsors have put pressure on the League, because they believe the protests are becoming a massive distraction from the game itself. Adjunct professor at sports law at the University of Buffalo Nellie Drew believes that NFL needed to take some action, in order to protect its business. She also believes that such a freedom will encourage players to protest for other social issues, with no one to control the message.

Published: October 10, 2017
Rescuers save deer stranded on ice1m25s

Rescuers save deer stranded on ice

A team of rescuers is trying to reach a deer trapped on an ice-covered pond behind the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in South Buffalo.

Published: December 16, 20161,847 views
Woodworker says he's "living the dream"2m11s

Woodworker says he's "living the dream"

Dennis Bracci is living the dream. Maybe to the untrained eye it looks like work and sounds like work, but make no mistake as far as Dennis is concerned there's no place he'd rather be than his wood shop behind his Orchard Park home. He says "I always wanted to build a shop like this, this is my retirement." Working with wood is a passion that consumes him. Dennis says "you think about things. I don't sleep so good, I design something and go out and build it." Mornings you'll find him in his "dream work shop" and in the afternoons he heads to his retail store on South Abbott Rd. in Orchard Park called "Designs By Dennis". The showroom is filled with his one of a kind creations: tables, chairs, and boxes. The pieces here represent hundreds of hours of work but Dennis offers "it's not even like work, it's fun to me." He takes custom orders and says he's willing to try anything with wood. He knows a lot about wood and making things but it's also clear that Dennis Bracci knows a lot about following a dream. His advice to others "when you got time and you're still healthy-you just got to do it." Designs by Dennis can be found on Facebook or at his website Phone 716-479-5686

Published: December 22, 201770 views
Tips from a bus driver: crossing safely2m12s

Tips from a bus driver: crossing safely

School buses are soon headed back out onto the road and that means a little more traffic. First Student has been preparing their hundreds of drivers for the safest school year possible.

Published: August 24, 2017524 views
Adorable little girl loves her 1m46s

Adorable little girl loves her "Creepy Crawlers"

Some people might night understand how three year old Olivia can love her pets so much. Especially when they discover that her pets are cockroaches. These are not just any cockroaches though, according to her mom Kelly, they are Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches "a domestic breed that people have as pets." Kelly works at the Erie County S.P.C.A. It was last year year about this time they rescued a bunch of exotic pets from an East Amherst home and included in the haul was quite a large number of cockroaches. Kelly says " I took pictures, showed Olivia and she said she would love a cockroach." Olivia named her all three of her bugs after her favorite cartoon character "Chauncey". Even though the creepy crawlers can't leave their little terrarium, that hasn't prevented Olivia bringing them along to get their pictures taken with Santa and The Easter Bunny. The arrangement has worked out well since Kelly's asthma has prevented  the family from adopting more traditional pets. The S.P.C.A. has a variety of exotic pets and you can check them out at their website.

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Illegal growing operations spotted from above1m31s

Illegal growing operations spotted from above

7 Eyewitness News went along as the Erie County Sheriff's Office mounted a joint air-ground operation to raid hidden marijuana fields near Sardinia. Over 50 plants were recovered leading law enforcement to believe the secret growing patches were operated by a drug dealer.

Published: August 24, 2017476 views
Mother surprises sons after serving 9 months in Afghanistan1m33s

Mother surprises sons after serving 9 months in Afghanistan

It's been more than 9 months since Daisy Chambers with the U.S. Army Reserve has hugged her two sons, 8-year-old Maverick and 4-year-old Max. But that changed Thursday when she returned from serving in Afghanistan and surprised the boys at Four Seasons Childcare in Getzville.

Published: July 13, 2017444 views
Bridal party pups38s

Bridal party pups

Instead of flowers, a Buffalo bride and passionate animal lover had her bridesmaids hold puppies while walking down the aisle to her wedding ceremony. She hopes this will help urge people to adopt the rescue pups.

Published: August 11, 2017