The British Royal Family Released The Cutest Christmas Photo46s

The British Royal Family Released The Cutest Christmas Photo

The British royal family has presented another adorable family Christmas cards this year. The 2017 holiday card features Kate Middleton and Prince William glowing with their cute brood, dressed in shades of pale blue. It is amazing how Princess Charlotte looks more and more like her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth! She is one lady in style! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a new family photograph they will feature on their annual Christmas card. Kensington Palace’s image features the royal couple, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, along with their two children, four-year-old son George, and two-year-old daughter Charlotte. The photograph was taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson and shows the royal couple standing side by side and smiling. Prince George stands in front of his father, with William’s hands on his shoulders, while Princess Charlotte is smirking in front of her mother. Adorable little family! Alongside the release of the photograph, the family also revealed which preschool Princess Charlotte will be attending next year. It regards Willcocks Nursery School that released a statement saying, "We are delighted that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen the Willcocks Nursery School for Princess Charlotte. We look forward to welcoming Charlotte to our nursery in January." The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced in September they were expecting their third child. This happy couple is anxious to spread their family and welcome as many children as they can possibly can. Third one is the charm, they say. The new baby is due in April and their new bundle of joy pushes uncle Prince Harry, who recently became engaged to the American actress Meghan Markle, to sixth in line to the throne, to follow their steps into the baby business.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Official Engagement Photos Are Absolutely Stunning1m07s

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Official Engagement Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Prince Harry, whose formal title is Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales - will marry famous actress Meghan Markle on May 19, as per the official announcement from Kensington Palace. The date is a Saturday, which is a bit unusual for British royalty since all the royal weddings take place on a weekday. But as this power couple showed several times, they aren't very keen on tradition. There have obviously been many speculations about the details surrounding the royal wedding, but one thing is for sure: Prince George and little Princess Charlotte will be playing part in the nuptials that will take place in the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May. And as for the gorgeous engagement photos, they were shot by fashion and royal photographer Alexi Lubomirski. In the first photo, Meghan is leaning into her fiancé and wearing a black ball gown embroidered with amazing intricate details from the fall Ralph & Russo couture collection. In an Instagram post, the official Kensington profile wrote: "Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have chosen to release this official portrait photograph to mark their engagement." The second photograph is even more endearing and it shows the lovebirds nuzzled into one another, and the black and white effect just makes it even more beautiful. The third photo features the pair casually strolling through the grounds of Windsor Castle while holding hands. This was their way of showing how thankful they are to all their fans and well-wishers. They look stunning, don't they?

How George And Amal Clooney Fly With Their Six-Month-Old Twins1m05s

How George And Amal Clooney Fly With Their Six-Month-Old Twins

When George and Amal Clooney boarded a recent flight to London with their six-month-old twins, they came prepared. The couple handed out noise-cancelling headphones to everybody in first class, along with a note apologizing for any noise their children would make during the flight, People reported. Each pair brandished the logo of Casamigos, the tequila brand that George Clooney founded and recently sold. Quentin Tarantino wore the branded headphones during the flight, according to page six. However, “sources” on the flight told page six, the babies “didn’t make a peep”. Perhaps if they had, everybody in the cabin would have received a free shot of Casamigos. What are celebrity children but an opportunity for advertising? Celebrities or not, George Clooney and Amal Clooney were well-meaning parents handing out headphones to their fellow passengers to apologize for having their six-month-old twins, Ella and Alexander, on board. The considerate parents George, 56, and Amal, 39, surprised passengers on board with their fine gesture. Knowing that sometimes babies can get a little cranky, they gave all their fellow passengers headphones featuring the logo of the tequila brand Casamigos, co-founded by the fellow actor, using it as a fine way to advertise the product. Neat right? At this point, the Clooneys are pros at traveling with their children. A little less than a month after the twins were born, the family went on vacation to their house on Italy’s Lake Como.

Photo Of 15-Year-Old Meghan Markle At Buckingham Palace Proves Dreams Do Come True1m26s

Photo Of 15-Year-Old Meghan Markle At Buckingham Palace Proves Dreams Do Come True

She is the new public’s favorite at the Royal Palace. Meghan Markle has all makings to become the new Grace Kelly, a Hollywood actress on the path to become a royal princess! She might not look it, but Meghan Markle is living proof that royal dreams can become reality. Meghan and her now fiancé Prince Harry announced their royal engagement to the world, which caused fans everywhere to experience just a tinge of jealousy that it was happening to her and not them. Now, a photo has been published of teenage Meghan, showing that once upon a time, she was just like the rest of us - taking a tour of the Buckingham Palace like a regular tourist. The front page of the Daily Mail was graced with a photo of 15-year-old Meghan, sitting with her friend Ninaki Priddy outside the palace, waiting for a tour. Ninaki has presented herself as a “childhood best friend of Meghan”, saying how she is not shocked at all by the engagement. “It's like she has been planning this all her life,” she said. “She gets exactly what she wants and Harry has fallen for her play. She was always fascinated by the Royal Family. She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. She will play her role ably, but my advice to him is to tread cautiously.” Meghan, however, remembers things differently. In her joint interview with prince Harry for BBC, she said: "We talk about it now. Because I'm from the states you don't grow up with the same understanding of the Royal family, I now know there's a global interest in them...I didn't know much about him [before]." If she did, in fact, plan her royal engagement wince childhood, then all the kudos to her for making it happen!

Here's Why Prince William Can’t Be Prince Harry’s ‘Best Man’1m06s

Here's Why Prince William Can’t Be Prince Harry’s ‘Best Man’

As the next royal wedding in the Buckingham Palace is approaching its date, more and more details and royal rules come out on the surface. Many of them still unknown for most of the people around the world, however we are about to get a glimpse of the fine details surrounding the big event. According to the royal tradition, Prince William can not be Prince Harry’s best man. It is not because the royal family’s rules say so, but because according to British tradition, there is no such thing as a “best man”. Instead, the best man or groomsmen get the official title of "supporters". Although this title seems to sound like a downgrade, the supporter’s role is a significant one. The groom’s supporter completes all the tasks that a best man usually does. However, Prince William most likely will serve as a de facto "best man" at his brother Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. He will also be responsible of planning Harry’s stag weekend, the British version of a bachelor party. As for the next royal member, Meghan, same as the Duchess of Cambridge, she can choose to bring on a maid of honor. Kate Middleton chose her sister, Pippa Middleton, who had the honor of playing that role. Now, all that remains is to await Meghan’s decision and see who she is going to choose to escort her on the way to the altar. As lots of news websites say, one thing is for sure; Prince George and little Princess Charlotte will be playing part in the nuptials that will take place in the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May.

Here’s What You Can And Can’t Steal From Your Hotel Room1m30s

Here’s What You Can And Can’t Steal From Your Hotel Room

Every vacation, sadly, comes to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little something home with you to help you remember it. For most of us, this means picking up a tiny souvenir from the gift shop, a small piece of jewelry, or a work of art to hang on our walls. But for the more rebellious ones, that little keepsake can be downright criminal. From the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner to the comfy slippers and robes, hotels are filled to the brim with souvenirs just waiting for you to steal them. Amazingly, people will steal just about anything they can. Bathrobes, coat hangers, bed linen, mattress covers, towels, pillows, toilet-seat covers, pretty much everything there is in the hotel room. Sticky fingers? Ever wondered if those extra toiletries you stuffed in your suitcase could get you arrested for theft? You're not alone, people often wonder how much they are allowed to confiscate during their stay in a hotel room. But what we can we legitimately get away with and what's crossing the boundaries between holiday souvenir and plain theft of property? Hoteliers frequently don't mind if you take little things like toiletries. In fact, they're counting on it. Using them later could remind you of your stay and convince you to come back. So, if you really want to “steal” something, go for the little things that hotels are happy to share with you, like the soap you already used, or even a mug or a few coffee pods if you are feeling brave. Leave the sheets, artwork and electronics where they are because that is considered a crime, inform from the Metropolitan Police. Major hotels have a computer data base with a “no stay list” filled with previous patrons who have stolen one too many coffee mugs and are no longer welcome to book a stay. Actually, hotel chains are happy to share their customer intel with others. The extensive databases of individual hotels’ blacklists are being systematically centralized.

Bird Strike On Flight To Miami Leaves Bird Stuck To Nose Of The Plane1m09s

Bird Strike On Flight To Miami Leaves Bird Stuck To Nose Of The Plane

American Airlines Flight 1498 from Mexico City was on its way to Miami around 11 a.m. local time on November 14, when a bird slammed into the nose of the plane. Bird strikes are not uncommon, however what made this instance unique was that the bird was left stuck to the plane for the rest of the flight, breaching the hull on the plane on impact. Birds can be a hazard for planes in flight, but this time it was the plane that posed a very serious hazard to a bird. The aircraft was able to land and taxi without any problems, and no injuries to passengers or crew were reported. Unfortunately, the bird did not survive. Local outlet ABC News 10 reported that an American Airlines employee called this particular bird strike is unusual. “It is true that we deal with bird strikes, that does happen," they said. “But never like this." After landing, animal services retrieved the bird from the plane, which was then taken in for repairs. The bird had punctured a hole in the nose cone on impact and its head got stuck inside. According to the FAA, there have been more than 160,000 bird strikes in the last 25 years, Miami's ABC 13 reported. Most of the time, they do not disrupt flights.

Actress Angelina Jolie Just Took Her Kids On A Life-Changing Trip52s

Actress Angelina Jolie Just Took Her Kids On A Life-Changing Trip

If there is one thing the world can’t get enough of, it’s all the small details about the life of Angelina Jolie. The famous Hollywood actress has been known to do a lot more than just acting, with numerous humanitarian activities and a filmmaking career being on her resume. She has started her acting career as a child, playing alongside her father, actor Jon Voight, so she is not new to the world of glamour and paparazzi, but the famous actress doesn’t let the fame define her. She has been infamous for her many visits to refugee camps and warzones and for her desire to help out as many children in need as possible. In fact, Jolie is a mother of six children, three of which have been adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. They have been the apple of her eye ever since she laid eyes on them. She has been doting on them, trying to give them all the love and affection they could ever need, as well as showering them with the not so usual Hollywood gifts. One of those gifts was a visit to the Louvre. You might think that there is nothing special about it, but risking one’s security for the education and well-being of one’s children is a pretty mighty feat in Hollywood. Prior to their visit to the Louvre, the female part of the Jolie household went to a visit to the Zataari refugee camp in Jordan, and amazingly it wasn’t their first time. So what do you think? Is it too early to make her children face the bad things in this world, or is it absolutely remarkable that she treats them like adults and nurtures their humanitarian aspirations from such a young age? Tell us more about what you think in the comments down below.

This Is Why You'll Never See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat42s

This Is Why You'll Never See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat

The gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge is well known for her distinct, polished, and truly regal fashion sense. Though it turns out, some of her looks may not be by choice. Apparently, there is an old-fashioned rule that states if the women of the royal family wear a coat in public, they may not take it off! According to Harper’s Bazaar, this is royal protocol. “When Kate turns up to an event wearing a coat (or a coat-dress, as she so often does), she won’t ever take it off while she's there. Even though she is most definitely wearing a chic dress underneath, taking off a coat is apparently an unladylike action and probably disrupts her outfit choice,” the magazine states. When she was traveling to Sweden and Norway, Kate showed off the chich she is so well known for with her buttoned-up array of coats. She wore a same black belted trench coat when she played hockey in Sweden, and a red and white houndstooth piece later on. Another thing that is on the royal protocol is nail polish, or rather specifically, no one of the royal ladies can be seen in public wearing a brightly-colored nail polish, as it is considered ungraceful. The same goes for wearing sheer pantyhose! Apparently, the Queen insists on the ladies being covered up! So it doesn’t matter if Kate becomes a sweaty mess underneath her coat. She certainly looks used to these guidelines, graceful as ever.

Check Out The Glorious Sight Of Flamingos On Lake Bogoria2m14s

Check Out The Glorious Sight Of Flamingos On Lake Bogoria

A stand, a colony, a regiment of pink flamboyance. What is it? A flock of flamingos in Lake Bogoria, Kenya. Such a sight! Pink, wading birds with their necks into the water. The most striking are the numbers in which they appear and their color. The word ‘flamingo’ comes from the Portuguese or Spanish language, from the word flamingo that literally means ‘flame-colored’. It is a feast for the eyes to see flamingos in such large numbers, however there is a reason for it - flamingos stay in large colonies on purpose – the large colonies are a precautionary measure against predators, and they are a favorable environment for breeding and growth of the young. So, not only beautiful, but they are also sociable birds. An interesting fact is that their color comes from their diet. Young flamingos hatch with greyish or light reddish feathers, but adults range from light pink to bright red depending on the plant plankton and beta-carotene obtained from their food supply. If you happen to be a bird lover and you enjoy bird-watching safaris, Lake Bogoria is the place to visit. It is an alkaline lake with natural steam jets, hot springs and geysers, having a natural reserve status since 1973. It is also widely known for the large flamingo colonies visiting the lake. They tend to arrive when the waters are low – around late August to early October, just before the short rains. When there, remember to take your camera, it is a breathtaking sight.

Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship In Record-Breaking Numbers1m08s

Americans Are Renouncing Their Citizenship In Record-Breaking Numbers

Americans are renouncing their citizenships in record breaking numbers. Since that start of the year more than 4,400 Americans have renounced their citizenship. In order to renounce their citizenship, a person must appear in an US embassy or consulate and sign a note in front of a diplomatic officer. Renunciation is irrevocable and once it has been relinquished, a person cannot re-obtain American citizenship. Renunciations have been on the increase ever since the government passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) in 2010. FACTA was passed in an effort to curb tax evasion, but has made it more difficult for Americans to open bank accounts abroad. The Act requires foreign financial institutions to report assets and financial information about U.S. citizens living and working abroad, to report their accounts or to withhold a 30% tax on them. Under this provision, a US citizen choosing to live abroad is obliged not only to pay American taxes but also the taxes in their selected country of residence. Instead, this measure has proven to be unproductive and forced people renunciate their citizenship for financial reasons. The Treasury Department reports state that 2011 was the first time that yearly renunciations surpassed the number of 1,000 citizens. This year the figures have more than quadrupled - 4,400.

Meghan Markle Helped Prince Harry Kick A Life-Threatening Habit57s

Meghan Markle Helped Prince Harry Kick A Life-Threatening Habit

Meghan Markle helped Prince Harry kick a life-threatening habit. Reportedly, Meghan Markle has influenced her fiance to quit smoking. Prince Harry used to go through a pack of cigarettes daily, according to Business Insider. Quitting now is perfect timing because smoking inside their home at Kensington palace is banned. Royal household sites have been smoke-free since November 21, 2016. This includes Kensington, Buckingham, Windsor Palace, St James’s Palace and all other homes of the Royal family. Their wedding in May at St George’s chapel in Windsor castle could also be a smoke-free affair. Prince Harry, the once famous party boy seems to have completely changed his ways and habits now that he is engaged to American actress Meghan Markle. Of course, everyone expected Prince Harry to give up a few of his wild child habits, like partying in Vegas and hanging out in nightclubs, but his fiance has reportedly influenced her future husband to drop one of his worst habits - smoking! Just a few years ago, this party boy couldn’t go without a pack of cigarettes a day, but now he lives an exceptionally healthy lifestyle and kicked this nasty addiction for good! Harry isn’t the only royal affected by the smoking ban and in need of a cigarette intervention. His stepmother Camilla once had a bad habit of smoking ten cigarettes a day, which Prince Charles hated. She quit smoking after visiting an alternative health practitioner fifteen years ago and has since remained smoke-free. Luckily for Markle, this strong initiative will make her royal wedding smoke-free and there will be lots of fancy wedding cakes to compensate for the inconvenience.

Prince William Advised His Newly Engaged Brother To ‘Stay Out Of His Fridge’43s

Prince William Advised His Newly Engaged Brother To ‘Stay Out Of His Fridge’

When asked in an interview during his last visit to Helsinki, Prince William had but one advice to give to his newly engaged brother, Prince Harry - to stop scrounging in his fridge. After expressing his delight over the news of his not-so-little brother Harry tying the knot to American actress Meghan Markle in May this year, he jokingly added that he hopes that Harry will stop visiting his fridge for food. When asked about his younger brother’s upcoming nuptials, the Duke of Cambridge said he wished the couple "all the happiness in this very exciting time", adding “For me personally I hope it means he stays out of my fridge, it will stop him scrounging off all my food, he's done over the last few years." The exact date of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding is yet to be confirmed, but Kensington Palace announced yesterday the wedding will take place in May. The high-profile ceremony is to take place at Windsor Castle's historic St George's Chapel, an event which is sure to attract a host of A-list celebrities as well as the extended Royal Family. Plans are being made for the public to “feel their part of their day”, as it is rumored that the happy couple will take a carriage ride through the streets, just like the Earl and Countess of Wessex did on their wedding day in 1999.

This Is The Reason Why Hotels Use White Bed Sheets1m09s

This Is The Reason Why Hotels Use White Bed Sheets

There are several things people really look forward to when checking into a hotel: the breakfast in bed, the housekeeping and the pristine white bedding. But have you ever wondered why is it that ALL HOTELS use all white bed sheets? We decided to let you in on this well-kept secret of the hospitality industry. Since we all know how clumsy human being can be, it seems a little bit redundant to use bed sheets in the color that is the easiest to stain, right? White may be the easiest color to mess up, but there is a genius behind the idea. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed dressed in a color that easily hides stains, right? Besides, how can you know that the bedding is clean if stains can be easily camouflaged on it? White is the color of cleanliness and luxury; it shows an establishment’s standard of cleanliness. Just how the wealthy used to be able to wear all white because they could afford to keep their garments clean all the time, hotels use white linens to instill a sense of luxury in their guests. Besides making you feel like you are sleeping on a brand new bed, white has a very practical advantage as well. First and foremost, when hotel staff do the washing, they can throw all the used white fabrics in the same washer, without having to worry about the colors mixing. Not to mention that some stubborn stains can easily be bleached away. Now that it’s out, it makes much more sense, doesn’t it?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Date Conflicts With FA Cup1m08s

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Date Conflicts With FA Cup

Prince Harry will marry former actress Meghan Markle, the American 36-year-old who has transformed some embedded royal traditions after just over one year of dating Harry. Whether you have been hiding under that rock, in desperate denial that Harry isn’t actually now off the market, or if you just can’t get enough of our Royals and want to recap on what we know about the wedding so far, prepare for a Royal rundown! Harry and Meghan announced their engagement on Monday 27 November. A statement was released via the Clarence house on behalf of Prince Charles of Wales. Now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle on 19 May 2018, the Kensington Palace has announced. The pair will tie the knot at St George's Chapel located inside the grounds of Windsor Castle which is one of the Queen's main residences. The 15th century building has hosted many royal ceremonies, weddings and burials and is more intimate than Westminster Abbey, where Harry's older brother William married Kate Middleton in 2011. If the wedding date sounds familiar to you it is because it is the exact same date as the The Football Association Challenge Cup. It may not be a big deal that a soccer match is happening on the same day, except that Harry’s brother, Prince William, is actually the FA Cup president and is typically on hand to present the trophy. He attended this year's match and presented a trophy to the winner, Arsenal. Moreover, the date is yet another move away from royal tradition as May 19, 2018 is actually a Saturday. Typically, royal weddings take place during the week. Prince Charles married Princess Diana on a Wednesday, while Prince William married Kate Middleton on a Friday, and Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip on a Thursday. So why the change? According to a Kensington aide, the couple wants the public to be able to join in on the wedding celebration by watching at home. Some Britons aren’t happy with the date as it means they will not be given a “bank holiday” or a day off from work for the event.

The Newest First Class Perk Is Not Having To See Another Human Being On Your Flight1m15s

The Newest First Class Perk Is Not Having To See Another Human Being On Your Flight

The newest first class perk is not having to see another human being on your flight. Emirates is taking privacy to the extreme. Their new first class suites are designed for passengers who want to spend their flight not having to interact with another human being. The airline revealed their new suites, which are the first in the industry to be fully closed with sliding doors that extend to the cabin ceiling, at the Dubai Airshow over the weekend. The 40-square-foot suites are outfitted with a number of impressive technological features, but perhaps the most unique selling point is the privacy. An in-suite minibar allows passengers to serve themselves and there’s a service window through which they can receive food and drinks. Inside the suite there’s a 32-inch HD screen with in-flight entertainment and noise-cancelling headphones. The seat reclines completely flat and can be also put in a “zero gravity” position. Suites located in the middle aisle are fitted with “virtual windows” that stream live views from the outside of the plane. The 6-suite first class cabin will premiere next month on flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva. Isolation is the new luxury in travel, and Emirates is taking privacy to the extreme with new first class suites designed for passengers who want to spend their entire flight without having to interact with another human being.

Beyoncé’s $13K Airplane Outfit Proves She’s The Queen Of Travel1m01s

Beyoncé’s $13K Airplane Outfit Proves She’s The Queen Of Travel

Once again, Beyoncé proved that she is the queen of everything with a simple Instagram photo of her in-flight outfit. The star, showed off this killer private plane look: $10,000 Saint Laurent glitter boots adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals, a pair of mini Y Project shorts (likely just under $500), and a Balenciaga T-shirt. She accessorized the look with a long white belt and five hoop earrings in each earlobe. For the final touch Beyoncé carried a $1,495 MCM Berlin crossbody body bag. Simple Jay boy, looked cool in an off-white sweatsuit and orange hat. Even though there’s no word yet on where the couple was headed on their private plane ride, it is nice to see the duo happy and together after their turbulent past. In fact, Jay-Z recently revealed in a raw and heartbreaking interview with The New York Times that he did indeed once cheat on his superstar wife. Shame on him! This famous couple is known for their long and tiresome struggle to keep their marriage. It is maybe their children that keep them together. Beyonce is struggling to move on and forgive, but she knows that keeping her family together is very important. It is good that the new addition to the family, the twins Rumi and Sir, has further cemented the couple’s commitment to one another. We are very proud that they overcame their huge marital issues and were able to move on as a family! Good job guys!

Six Things Pilots Always Notice When They Travel As Passengers That You Don’t1m52s

Six Things Pilots Always Notice When They Travel As Passengers That You Don’t

For most of us, air travel is an opportunity to sleep, work, read, or watch a movie with fewer distractions than you'd find on the ground. However, for pilots and aviation experts this experience can be different. We talked to airline pilots to find out what they notice when they are flying in the main cabin. First thing that they notice is Ice accumulating. Planes are coated in materials to prevent ice from building up, but it lasts a limited amount of time. As weird as it may sound, they have an eye for detail. Next, they notice suspicious scents, because they can quickly hint at problems with the engine or fuel-storage systems. In addition, the angle from which light comes in from the window is also something aviation experts would notice. A sudden change in the angle of the light can be a sign that the pilot is changing course. When communication about delays occur many travelers don’t expect clear explanations, but aviation experts do and they should. Also, pilots can predict the timing of the plane’s landing routine before the announcement comes, and often put tray tables back in place first. Last but not least, they notice where emergency exits are located. Pilots know that in the event of a crash landing, you may not have the time to figure out where the exits are. While you’re struggling to find which seat is closest to that hatch, pilot passengers can find them in seconds, especially during a disaster. If you have such a person on board in the event of a crisis, make sure you follow that person. Unless you’re specially trained in a particular field, you won’t notice the little things that an expert would, that is why this input from experts who revealed their professional secrets is very handy. Some air travelers worry about the turbulence, jet lag, queasiness, and pure nerves. Others just want to relax, nap, or cruise through a peaceful flight free of peculiar smells, sounds, sights, or problems. This insider info won’t prevent every mishap, but it is sure helpful to have some things in mind.

Ambitious Skydiving Santa Has Unfortunate Crash Landing37s

Ambitious Skydiving Santa Has Unfortunate Crash Landing

The magic of being impersonator of Santa Claus could not save one man dressed like Father Christmas from an unfortunate crash landing during a skydiving experience. This event occurred in Gulfport Florida on December 2nd, 2017 when this holiday impersonator, wearing Santa’s clothes, was struggling to skydive above Tampa Bay beach in Florida. Now, this is a sight you don’t see very often. Santa’s inglorious attempt to nail skydiving, ends up in complete failure. A surprise that leaves the surpriser surprised! Suited up like Santa, George Krokus was planning on making a festive surprise entrance to a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa Bay by skydiving down to spectators, where he planned to drop off the elf toy to a nine-year-old girl. While this Santa did break his leg, everyone else was otherwise unharmed, except for the Elf on a shelf doll he was attempting to deliver as a present, which also suffered a leg injury. However, misguided by reindeer Rudolph, Krokus found himself crashing into a tree and light pole before landing on the beach. What a Clausastrophy! The Elf is named Kristoff and is an old friend of local resident Madison Spiers, the daughter of the event organizer. She told local news that Kristoff regularly “visits her house” around holiday time, leaving notes and engaging in pranks. Unfortunately, now both Kristoff and Krokus have a bandaged leg and won’t be able to spread the Christmas spirit this holiday season. It looks like Santa needs the reindeers after all!

This Pilot Flew The Fastest Flight From New York To London Since The Concorde54s

This Pilot Flew The Fastest Flight From New York To London Since The Concorde

January 15 was a day to break records and we have just the one. A flight that usually takes five hours and 45 minutes non stop from New York to London was flown in just five hours and 13 minutes! A Norwegian flight had the honors to be named the fastest flight since the Concorde. Captain Harold van Dam flew his Boeing 787 Dreamliner, reaching speeds of 776 miles per hours on the 3,458-mile flight. Surprisingly, the captain also admits that the plane could have gone even faster, if they didn’t encounter turbulence. “'The 787 Dreamliner is a pleasure to fly and it’s a great feeling to know that we have set a new record in this aircraft,” van Dam said in an interview with the Daily Mail. With the allotted time being six hours and 30 minutes to get from New York to London, passengers had more than an hour to spare when they reached their destination. Flights from the US to Europe are usually shorter during the winter, since the jet winds are more intense. This happens when the temperatures on the northern hemisphere are significantly different from those around the equator, causing strong winds to push across the Atlantic. In turn, this makes flights from Europe making them slower. The previous record for fastest subsonic flight from New York City to London was set by British Airways in January 2015, when it managed to complete the journey in five hours and 16 minutes.