Cats share precious moment caught on camera35s

Cats share precious moment caught on camera

Sefid the white cat awakened from his sleep and started grooming himself. Mallows, the black cat says: "Groom my paws, too." Sefid heeded to her request and gently licked Mallows' paws. Sefid and Mallows are called yin yang cats because of their contrast in color and how they sleep together. Their personality differs too but they complement each other.

Kitten rejected for allergy hair loss now lives happy life1m53s

Kitten rejected for allergy hair loss now lives happy life

Like the legend story of the ugly duckling, Sefid was rejected as a kitten but now, he has grown to be a super cute, adorable, lovely cat. When Sefid and his sibling was up for sale at two months old, many showed interest in buying him. Then, he looked very cuddly and innocently cute. But with stroke of misfortune, he suffered an allergy that caused him to lose hair mostly on the parts of his head - around his nose; above his eyes; on his ears; in between his ears and on his nape. This had a big impact on his overall appearance. He was given medication for his cat allergy and it was gone but it left those patches of no hair area seemingly permanent. His first buyer refused to get him when he saw how he looked like after the allergy. He was rejected. This girl in the picture insisted to get him and gave the name Sefid. She also got Sefid's sibling who had also suffered from the same ordeal. Seen in this video are Sefid's pictures and video clips when he just arrived in his new home. He is very active and inquisitive. He loves discovering things. As shown in the video, Sefid was treated with a plant extract that was taken from a forest. This plant was used by the girl's grandmother in treating scabies and wounds. Chemical analysis was also conducted on this plant extract as part of grandma's science project when she was still teaching Biology in a village high school Will the plant extract work? Certainly, it did! It took only two applications for Sefid's hair to be back to normal. The first treatment was given to him after few days from the time he arrived at his new home and the next was two weeks thereafter. After the first application of the extract, Sefid's hair was observed to start growing in few days. Second application was necessary for his ears, the portion above his eyes and around his nose. Fortunately, his hair grew well in all the areas affected. The plant extract really works. Now, look how gorgeous Sefid had grown! The supposedly first buyer who rejected Sefid must be shocked to see him now. Thanks to the girl who loved him unconditionally despite his hair loss. Today, Sefid is seven months old. Just like when he was an adorable kitten, the very first time he arrived at his new home, Sefid is very active, most of the time naughty but sweet, adventurous and obedient. Yes, he is a very obedient cat. He uses his litter box and makes no mess around the house, he does not break stuffs inside the house and he does not scratch sofas or other furniture. Like the ugly duckling, prejudgments do not lead to a wise conclusions. Adding to this, judging fellow living organisms with factors that are just skin-deep usually leads to regret. Lastly, do not underestimate the power of plant extracts – some extracts are more potent than pharmaceutical products several folds.

Cat and bullfrog share totally bizarre friendship1m09s

Cat and bullfrog share totally bizarre friendship

After wandering outside after a heavy rain, Sefid the cat was found on the porch with his new best friend... a bullfrog! Amazingly, the bullfrog showed comfort sitting next to Sefid. And it seems that he will swear to protect his new friend from anyone. When his owner attempts to get near it, Sefid put his paws over the frog. Unusual friendship? Nature has lots of surprises!

Kittens Engage In An Epic Battle For Tiger Toy Dominance 1m45s

Kittens Engage In An Epic Battle For Tiger Toy Dominance

It is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millenia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. But let us return to the present. Youtube is brimming with videos of cute kittens and every video is becoming an almost instant sensation. There are a lot of channels dedicated only to striped purring creatures, memes, gifs, demotivators, avatars with mustaches , tails and cat muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks, there are oceans of groups of feline lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of pet enthusiasts. People who have not been dragged into the pool of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question: "What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats? ". Both the very culprits, doing the campaigns for promoting cats online, and the viewers and loyal cat fans, even though they do their best to unravel the mystery of cat interest, they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from: "But they are soo cuuuuute - don’t you just want to squeeeze theem?", "Cat is my spirit animal, and I think that half the world agrees with me", "Cats ...hmm ... I just love them!", "Cause they are so funny and adorable." Do you think it's really so simple: do cats attract us with their charming charisma? And that's all? Watch for example, the adorable video of the two kittens who cannot decide who actually included in the fight. Malos and Sefid are two young kittens who have engaged in an epic wrestling match for tiger toy dominance. Who will win? The black one or the white one? Watching kitty play can never be a boring experience, and we are addicted to their charm. Check out the two precious little munchkins doing kitten stuff in the most adorable way! These two little kittens, named Malos and Sefid, get involved in a classic sibling play fight with a toy tiger boy serving as the prize and as the referee. It has to be one of the cutest confrontations you'll ever see. You can't help but smile while watching that! Now, do you finally understand why cats are the supreme rulers of the Internet?

Tug-of-War with Kitten who Refuses to Give White Tiger Toy, Kisses it and Guards it 38s

Tug-of-War with Kitten who Refuses to Give White Tiger Toy, Kisses it and Guards it

Tug-of-war with Mallows, the 3 months old kitten. She stole this white tiger plush toy and played with it over a pink pillow. Her owner wanted to get the white tiger toy away but she refused to give it. She pulls it closer to herself and kisses it; played with it. She then carried the toy to a puzzle mat and continued playing with it. Noticing her owner to have come closer, she positioned herself in front of the white tiger plush toy as if saying: "Stayback! Deal with me before you can touch my friend."

Flirty Bird in the Garden 49s

Flirty Bird in the Garden

This bird was grooming itself when it heard another bird in a nearby tree. It opened its wings and its tail in a beautiful display of its feathers to attract the other bird but the other bird simply flew over its head and headed to another tree. The bird in the video continued grooming itself until the other bird flew back to where it originally was. Our flirty bird then followed.

Kitten Enjoys Sunbathing Until a Pesky Fly Bothers it 41s

Kitten Enjoys Sunbathing Until a Pesky Fly Bothers it

Kitty enjoyed this part of the yard to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun but today he was bothered by a pesky fly. He flipped in an attempt to catch it. He then transferred to the other side but then the fly is so pesky and is so determined to bother young kitty. Cute Sefid is a three month-old kitty that enjoys staying in the yard for most of his waking time.

Walking Stick Shows How it Pretends Like a Stick 1m26s

Walking Stick Shows How it Pretends Like a Stick

At first glance, one may miss to realize that there is an insect on the ground until it will start moving - it is a walking stick insect. This walking stick was resting on a stone then it walked to a nearby plant and positioned itself in a way that onlookers will think there is a stick near this plant. It moved again - this time, it hung itself in a stem and it became totally unrecognizable. After its demo on how to pretend like a stick, it went back to the stone where it originally was standing. Have you seen a walking stick insect? You may have seen a green specie resting on a green stem or leaf or one that is deep brown on a tree trunk that its color totally blends with the tree bark. These creatures are interesting - they can evade pursuers or predators by camouflage.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass: Twin Cats Played with Plants and Eats Some Grass 1m14s

Why Do Cats Eat Grass: Twin Cats Played with Plants and Eats Some Grass

Cats are carnivores, aren't they? But, today while Sefid and Mallows were in the garden, they started nibbling on grasses - they played with plants, bite twigs and swallowed some leaves. Should you be worried when you see your lovely kittens are eating grasses? Cat experts say that this is a normal behavior that serves several purposes. In fact, if your feline is totally indoors, it would be clever for you to buy grass for your cat. Cats eat grass for dietary benefit and for their digestive system. The juice contained in the grasses or plants contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for their growth. One very important nutrient they can get from juice of plants is folic acid. On the other hand, eating grass can relieve their upset tummy. In fact, it could help them expel fur that accumulated in their digestive system that is not broken down. Finally putting out these fur or other hard objects in their stomach such as bones will surely relieve them of tummy pain. In this video, Sefid, the white cat, was biting the stem of a stevia, a plant that is used as sugar alternative for people who are suffering from diabetes. He was earlier spotted nibbling on tiny grasses (not shown in the video). Mallows, the black one, was eating bermuda grass and was playing with the dried stem of snake plant flower. Enjoy Sefid and Mallows videos in these links: Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up Confused kitten tries to find his mirror reflection

Kitten Grooms and Kisses his Sister Before Grooming Himself 44s

Kitten Grooms and Kisses his Sister Before Grooming Himself

This is Sefid, three months old kitten. After his sister got irked during their cat fight, he manifested his "please forgive me" message by licking, kissing and grooming his sister. His sister accepted his peace offering and by licking him back then she left. If you want to watch their cat fight, you may watch it here: Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up Sefid then continued grooming himself for the next quarter of an hour before slumbering on the sofa. He spent more time grooming as he had just visited the garden so some mud were sticking on his fur near his paws. Sefid enjoys playing in the garden and exploring while Mallows, his sister is complacent indoors.

Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up1m45s

Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up

Sefid and Mallows are twin kittens but they portray different personalities. Sefid, the white cat is adventurous, bold, energetic and usually displays hunting instinct. He is always moving around with his ears upright, checking out each corner of the house and enjoys playing in the garden, chasing insects he could find on the ground. Mallows, on the other hand is timid, reserved, calm and prefers to scratch on wood to sharpen her claws and climb curtains. Both Mallows and Sefid are sweet and lovely 3-month-old kittens. In this video, Sefid wanted to engage Mallows in a cat fight play. He had been provoking her but Mallows simply tried to run before owner started filming. When Mallows found her peaceful spot on a sofa, Sefid came and started provoking her. She retaliated and they engaged in a playful cat fight. At a certain point, Mallows was not responsive to Sefid's provocations but Sefid ensued which turned mallows to hiss and she snarled and growled. What happened next.... Sefid pinned Mallows hard and started licking her head. What a wonderful sight! He is trying to offer peace. And the most wonderful part of all, Mallows showed irritable expression at first, you can judge it by looking at her closely in the video, but quickly accepted Sefid's offer of peace by licking him back. Lovely!

A Dozen of Creepy Sea Creatures Hiding under a Stone 34s

A Dozen of Creepy Sea Creatures Hiding under a Stone

Looking at this stone, nobody can imagine that there are about a dozen of creepy or even scary sea creatures underneath. One may think that there are octopi that sought refuge under this stone but when overturned, many brittle star were uncovered. There were more - we also found a sea cucumber, a sea urchin and a crab. Among these creatures, the brittle star appears to be the most interesting. This creature would deliberately shed off its arms in order to evade a predator or pursuer. It has the ability to easily degenerate its arms. There are more than 2000 species of brittle star that exists at the moment. Wow! Have you seen one? Some of these 2000 species are hermaphroditic. So interesting!

Red Beak Black Swan Prepared Throne for His Queen 34s

Red Beak Black Swan Prepared Throne for His Queen

In this bird garden, these two love birds drew attention of visitors as the male black swan collects dried leaves around and carefully places the dried leaves in a pile. Curious on what it was trying to do, we looked closer and there we realized that it was making a comfy bed for its sweetie that was resting comfortably on the bed of leaves as if she is a queen sitting on her royal throne. It was winter in this place and so the air is cold but the warmth of this black swan's love radiates which certainly tempered the coldness. How lucky is the queen to have a comfy, warm and dry bed of leaves.

Spectacular rainbow captured with drone1m17s

Spectacular rainbow captured with drone

Rainbows are mesmerizing. When they appear, our hearts are captivated in a magical moment; our feet seemingly goes off the ground for a moment and we can not help but to fall in a spell of fantasy. Check it out in this amazing footage!

Amazing Giant Bubbles in a Beautiful Island/Best Family Fun Beach Activity for Family 1m20s

Amazing Giant Bubbles in a Beautiful Island/Best Family Fun Beach Activity for Family

Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines is now our favorite beach destination after we saw this beautiful place in 2017. In one of our visits, we made giant bubbles in this island. The island is not far from the mainland where locals reside. Nonetheless, since it is a little-known white beach destination, no other guests were present here. Making giant bubbles while vacationing in a beach escalates the fun. Imagine creating really big bubbles that would fly up in the air, into the blue ocean and disappears before our eyes. The solution is homemade. If you wish to know the ingredients, comment below. It was one of a kind beach experience for us.

Dinosaur Island: Life-Size Giant T Rex; Male versus Female T Rex Compared 38s

Dinosaur Island: Life-Size Giant T Rex; Male versus Female T Rex Compared

Dinosaur Island, a family friendly option for family outing, is located on a mountain slope in Tuba, Benguet, Philippines. It is less than 20 minutes drive from Baguio City, the tourists' favorite city in the northern Philippines. Several kinds of dinosaurs are strategically placed on this mountain and guests are entertained as they climb and find these dinosaurs while reading important information about each; listening to the sound they make; and watching them move. Of course, the gigantic T Rex catches most attention. Little children may get scared of the T Rex because of its loud roaring sound, accompanied by the horrifying gigantic display of carnivorous teeth as they move as if these dinosaurs came to life. Nonetheless, the overall experience is awesome and going back to this place again is something a guest would consider. During the tour, one of the crew of Dinosaur Island accompanies the guests and narrates more details about dinosaurs. Regarding the T Rex, she mentioned that the male T Rex, the one that appears at the start of this video, is smaller than the female T Rex. See the life-size 10 year old female T Rex; gigantic animal at only ten years old. T Rex may live up to 30 years.

2-year-old Boy Cries to Hold a Giant Starfish: See What He will Do to This Amazing Sea Creature 1m08s

2-year-old Boy Cries to Hold a Giant Starfish: See What He will Do to This Amazing Sea Creature

He insisted that he will hold the giant starfish. When he held it in his hands, he started walking away. In this video, Michael, a two year old boy, was island hopping in Tondol Beach, Anda Pangasinan, Philippines. In shallow waters in one of the islands, visitors will find many starfish around. They differ in color. Some are dirty which, some are pinkish and some are orange. Giant starfishes has spikes. It is not as sharp as it looks in the video. Thus, one may hold it without getting hurt. Michael went straight towards the sea and released the starfish into the water. Then he paused for few seconds. We wondered what he wanted to do next. He grabbed the giant starfish again and continued walking towards the deeper part where another starfish was. He did released it right next to it. He felt happy with what he did. Indeed, this amazing creature belongs there. Michael's sister just wanted to see how the starfish will walk on beach that is why she got it to the shore. But, Michael does not want it that way.

Ultimate Tasting Challenge: More Challenging than Bean Boozled or Super Hot Noodles Challenge 1m39s

Ultimate Tasting Challenge: More Challenging than Bean Boozled or Super Hot Noodles Challenge

Have you watched or tried the bean boozled tasting challenge or super hot noodles challenge or super sour for challenge? Try chewing betel and you will conclude that all the other challenges are not as challenging as this. Toots teens kids are up to the challenge of trying the betel for the first time. They were curious to know how this taste like after they heard someone say that Igorots are like vampires. Igorots refer to a tribal group in the Northern part of the Philippines. Toots teens kids are Igorots. Although they were born and raised in the city, they frequently visit the village where their mother came from. It is not uncommon that Igorots are subjected to ridicule, senseless comments and being discriminated upon. People usually think of Igorots as barbarians, uncivilized and whatever there is to degrade the reputation of these tribe. The latest we have heard - Igorots are like vampires! They are like Dracula. Whoa?! What is the basis of this? Fake News!!! Igorots have black-tainted teeth and their tongue, gums and mouth are red - just like a dracula who had just feasted on its prey? This traits are caused by chewing betel. Until today, many Igorots, young and old are chewing betel. Traditionally, this is used as a way of keeping social connection or social interaction. They chew betel nut as they gather around, chat and spend moments together. Sometimes, a neighbor will visit his neighbor purposely to ask for one of the ingredients and they will be chatting while enjoying their betel. When they chance upon each other in a trail, up the mountains, fields, or anywhere - they pause for a chat and share their betel nuts, lime and betel leaf. There are other uses of betel for the community people. Betel leaf and betel nut have medicinal values. Lime, on the other hand, is prepared by burning river univalve shells. It is rich in calcium. Despite all these benefits, it must be noted that chewing betel has health hazards and thus, it must not be used frequently. Toots teens kids credited this activity as their homeschooling project in Science because our topic is about chemicals. Some chemical reactions are observable in this traditional activity of Igorots - Chewing betel. In addition, they also credited it as their project in Philippine History - knowing their roots and understanding it better. They were proud Igorots and they wanted to know more. Dare to chew betel and tell us how was the experience. Warning! For toots teens kids, this is their Ultimate Challenge in tasting something - they have tried bean boozled but it is not as thrilling as this! The tobacco is an optional ingredient - toots teens did not use it because of its nicotine content.

2 Minutes Flower Arrangement Challenge: Boy Made One that Melted His Mom's Heart On Mother's Day 2m14s

2 Minutes Flower Arrangement Challenge: Boy Made One that Melted His Mom's Heart On Mother's Day

Boys are not interested in learning how to arrange flowers? Not this boy. He was enjoying what he was doing and he challenged himself to arrange the flowers in a short time - two minutes. Homeschooling boy, 12 years old at the time this video was taken, was up for the challenge of gathering flowers and leaves from their garden and arrange it for mother's day. He picked birds of paradise, carnation, roses and some leaves. His mom's heart melted with seeing his output placed carefully at her working table. What a nice gift for mom not only for mother's day but also for other occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other parties or events. Boys may show disinterest in arranging flowers but should they not? Well, practically speaking, men spend for flowers as gifts during their lifetime. It would be economical if they know how to arrange flowers. If you are looking for more mother's day gift ideas, stay tuned. Click the subscribe button because we will be posting easy to do, DIY gifts using pearls, flowers, cute items and more.

What is this? Starfish Tube Feet Exposed: Amazing Sea Creature 1m23s

What is this? Starfish Tube Feet Exposed: Amazing Sea Creature

You may have seen a giant starfish but have you seen how it moves? It was not our first time to see a starfish. We have seen these amazing creatures before in Manila Ocean Park. They lazily lay down on a sand inside a glass box where the level of the water was about one foot deep. Encountering these creature in their natural habitat however, is a totally different experience. In one of our family fun travel in Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines, we saw lots of giant starfish on shallow waters. We picked up one and observed how it moves. For few seconds, there was no movement. Then, when it started to open and extend those tiny pink extensions, we watched in excitement! For the first time, we have seen these tiny structures extending out like a thousand tentacles. Because of sheer ignorance, we thought these are tentacles until we reached home and consulted Mr. Google. These are its tube feet. Starfish moves using its hundreds, maybe thousands tube feet. Do you know how many tube feet it has? Starfish are not the only creatures with tube feet. Urchins have it too. Do you know another animal that has tube feet? Comment below :) We have taken footages of urchins and sea cucumber and we will be posting it soon, so stay posted! Plus a close encounter with another specie of star fish - surely, all are exciting to see and watch!

Name this Super Sour Fruit Challenge/Toots Teens Just for Fun Video/Family Fun Travel Vlog 49s

Name this Super Sour Fruit Challenge/Toots Teens Just for Fun Video/Family Fun Travel Vlog

If you know the English name of this fruit, write it down on the comment box. During our recent family fun trip, we saw this tree with lots of fruits. Toots teens have tasted this fruit before but forgot how it tastes so we pick a few and tasted it. Oh my! It is so sour. In the Philippines, this plant thrives in jungles and forests. Some would plant it in their yards. Aside from enjoying it with salt on a hot humid day, this fruit is also used in cooking sinigang, a sour stew. Do you know other uses of this fruit? We will be glad to know. Will you dare to taste this super sour fruit? Homeschooling project in Science -- unique plant identified.

How Chinese Roast the Famous Peking Duck 1m16s

How Chinese Roast the Famous Peking Duck

You missed the best part of Beijing if you leave the city without tasting the famous roasted Peking duck or Beijing duck. Upon an exhausting climb to the scenic spot of the amazing wall of China, the Great Wall, it would be necessary to re-energize your body with a sumptuous meal. The restaurant shown in this video is found at the heart of Beijing which is hours drive away from the Great Wall. The good thing is, it is few steps away from the Forbidden City. This restaurant is so famous that if you want to dine their, you may have to reserve ahead of time. You may do so in a machine where you can input your desired time to dine, what are your orders and how many diners will go. Even with this reservation, you may find yourself waiting for your duck to be roasted. We sat right in front of the grilling area. It is fueled by firewood and the heat can be felt in the area where we sat. Nonetheless, we did not mind the heat because we observed closely how they were roasting the duck. After our order was ready, they prepared it in front of us. You see here the restaurant crew slicing the duck before our eyes. As you see in the video, even the skin is served. We never thought that it is delicious too. Truly, roasted peking duck is a must try when you are in Beijing. And yes, contrary to what you may have been watching about food preparation in this country, they prepared it well, neat and clean.

Fun Math: Fast Math Trick in Multiplying Numbers Using Lines/Love Math/Enjoy Math/Math Shortcuts 10m05s

Fun Math: Fast Math Trick in Multiplying Numbers Using Lines/Love Math/Enjoy Math/Math Shortcuts

Did you hate math as a kid? Had you been wishing that math is not one of your subjects in school? In this video, Mehdi demonstrated how to multiply numbers really fast using lines. This math trick is said to have originated in Japan. Before teaching this to kids, it is recommended that they should have memorized their multiplication table already because one they come to know this trick, they will never attempt to master their multiplication table at all. This trick is so precise that you do not need a calculator to multiple more than 2 digits multiplicand and multiplier. That is amazing, you might say. Amazing as it is, the downside is that children will not take the pain of committing into their memory what is 7x8 or 5x7. They will feel so comfortable just drawing lines. Math is life and life is not always with pencil and paper where one can make lines. If you are in a grocery and you need to calculate 70% of an item worth $80, would you look for a pen and paper. Arriving at my point, I would like to emphasize that this trick must be used by learners only to confirm if they answered correctly or not. They have to manually calculate their math homeworks. I have written more about raising kids who will love math and prioritize it over their other subjects in this link: Another toots teens fun video we hope you enjoyed. Do you love math? Ink your comments below.

Steal Mimosa Pudica Leaves Challenge: Who can Pick the Leaves Without Causing it to Close 4m22s

Steal Mimosa Pudica Leaves Challenge: Who can Pick the Leaves Without Causing it to Close

Toots teens kids took the challenge of picking the leaves of makahiya without causing it to close. This plant, called makahiya in the local language (Philippines), is known as shy plant, shame plant, sleepy plant. It is called as such because when the leaves are touched, it reacts in a seemingly shy way - it "closes." The scientific name of this plant is Mimosa Pudica. The link to the first video is here - After we posted our first video of Michael having fun with this plant, facebook friends reminded us of a challenge that children in the village used to do with this plant. Retired science teacher, Irenea Sannad, mentioned that when she was a child, kids compete on a challenge: Who can pick the leaves without causing it to close. Another friend also mentioned this challenge so we went out and do the challenge too. Michael does not want to join the challenge - he just enjoy poking the leaves and watch it close. Mehdi and Helen tried their best -- see who was able to do it well. The trick of doing it is found at the end of the video. We hope you enjoyed it.