Check Out What Really Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Gas3m57s

Check Out What Really Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Gas

If you happen to drive a car, then you are probably familiar with the low gas warning sign. The warning usually comes when there are about 50 do 65 miles worth of gas left in the tank, according to manufacturers, but people have long believed that that is just as a pessimistic precaution and there are probably 10 extra miles in the tank before it runs off completely. Rob Dahm, a sports car connoisseur, says that the fuel economy on today’s cars is actually pretty accurate and that there is no such thing as a “pessimistic precaution”. He made a bet that the car has a hidden gallon of gas in reserve. So, with the odometer on his Cadillac at 57069 miles and the gas tank showing at low, with estimated 50 more miles to go, Rob goes out on the highway to see how far will he get. Surprisingly enough, the car starts to shake and eventually shuts off completely, with the odometer stopping at 57139 miles. If you are good at math, then you will figure out that Rob managed to pass 20 more miles after the low gas warning. There you have it! GM is giving you a few ‘undocumented’ miles, probably to let you get to safety or to a gas station. However, Rob is advising you not to rely on it; even though this is a real world example, you should never leave your car running ‘on fumes’. Better safe than sorry! Official Rob Dahm Video of What Happens When You RUN OUT of GAS? Subscribe to Rob Dahm: Watch More Rob Dahm: Follow Rob Dahm: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Published: July 15, 20174,865 views
I crashed my Lamborghini9m14s

I crashed my Lamborghini

I never wanted to make this video. I crashed my 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0. I have plenty of pictures scattered throughout the video. I'm disappointed that after 2 years of owning it, and many years of handling high powered RX-7s that I lost control of my baby. Be careful when it rains.

Published: July 17, 20162,018 views
Washing my daily driver47s

Washing my daily driver

I'm working on my next big videos! It takes time to film awesome action shots. Here is my rock in my automotive stable. My 2005 Cadillac CTS is a beast and gets me places reliably. I bought it when everyone was getting the new CTS style.

Published: July 16, 2016952 views
RX-7 slotted brake rotors5m15s

RX-7 slotted brake rotors

Working on the rear brakes. Replacing rotors with slotted rotors. New wheels installed. Body improvements sized up.

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A trash truck slid into my parked RX-7!!!39s

A trash truck slid into my parked RX-7!!!

My poor baby. My RX-7 was minding its own business when a trash truck slid into it. In my parking lot! What a random event. My fellow rx7 owners, and former owners, please leave me some of your accident stories in the comments to cheer me up.

Published: July 16, 2016286 views
Nissan GTR Bikini Run3m26s

Nissan GTR Bikini Run

Watch all of the hot action as Kev takes a bikini model through the streets. Please subscribe if you havent already to see more madness like this.

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Lamborghini Diablo vs. GTR R35 on dragstrip2m12s

Lamborghini Diablo vs. GTR R35 on dragstrip

It was my first time EVER running a quarter mile dragstrip. The car is a 12 second car stock. I am not a 12 second driver. The gated shifter messed me up when it was needed most. Who else has ran the 1/4 mile and what times did you get? What advice would you give me? I think im going to take m

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The Most Romantic Auto Show Proposal!2m52s

The Most Romantic Auto Show Proposal!

My friends Francis Fiel and Emma Stack make a cute couple. Their first date and first picture together was at the Detroit Auto Show 4 years ago. What more romantic way to bring it back to where it all began? Subscribe here! DAHM Shirts

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Where I make my money7m49s

Where I make my money

I take you on a walkaround through our computer company. You get to see what it's like at Computer Works.

Published: July 17, 2016139 views
Why you shouldn't daily drive a classic car5m46s

Why you shouldn't daily drive a classic car

Hey, it's OurMine, don't worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information THE BIGGEST HACK IN YOUTUBE HISTORY

Published: March 3, 2017121 views
Fastest Car Wash Ever!3m51s

Fastest Car Wash Ever!

Zone out for the next 5 minutes and watch Executive Auto Care wash the exterior of a car. This is an actual process, not glamorized just for a camera/commercial. Its what we do on the exterior of the car when you get a standard detail. I don't know why I am so entertained by this footage. lol

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It sucks owning a Lamborghini1m55s

It sucks owning a Lamborghini

This video is a joke! I love this car more than any other car. the problems were easily fixed. And I don't ride thug in any car haha

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