This Is The Type Of Athlete To Respect42s

This Is The Type Of Athlete To Respect

While the mainstream media chooses to focus its cameras and coverage on those NFL players who choose to disrespect the very flag and ideals that allow them to have the freedom to enjoy the success they have obtained, let us take a few moments to show true examples of pro athletes showing courage and recognizing what is right. The NFL and other professional sports will fast learn that many of their fans are more loyal to the colors of their country than the ones worn by the athletes who fail to show the proper respect for the flag.

Hillary Clinton 'Hopes' Trump Hasn't Killed Anyone58s

Hillary Clinton 'Hopes' Trump Hasn't Killed Anyone

During a recent interview, failed contender in the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton compared Trump to none other than Vladimir Putin with “tendencies toward authoritarianism.” Clinton said she hopes Trump has not “ordered the killing of people and journalists” like former KGB Putin whose critics – journalists or otherwise – have wound up dead under suspicious circumstances. She didn’t stop there, either. "I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie," Clinton said. This is a bold statement considering Hillary Clinton's post-election efforts to remain relevant and in the spotlight. Even bolder is that unlike Hillary Clinton – whose loyals have thus far failed to pin any Russia conspiracy to Trump beyond fake opposition research and false analogies – Trump does not have a body count list connected to his family name. Nevermind the other victims of Hillary’s political ambitions. #Benghazi.