Cute Dog is Gaming and Reacts to Finding a Dog in the Game! 48s

Cute Dog is Gaming and Reacts to Finding a Dog in the Game!

Dog Gamer Reacts to Finding Dog in RDR2! Meet Sasha, our fun and beautiful 12 year old Staffy cross Kelpie. This cute dog has been part of the family since before Michael and Sienna were born, and loves doing everything with them! Today, Michael and Sienna let her play a little bit of Red Dead Redemption 2!! In this cute and funny pet video, Sasha comes across a dog in the game! It definately captures her attention when the dog in the game begins to bark! Watch as Sasha focuses on the screen and turns around trying to find where the dog is! Sasha looks so cute with her headset on, and enjoys sitting in the gaming chair playing the game! This cute dog loves playing with the kids and getting involved with whatever activities they are doing, so gaming is no different. She enjoys having the headset on and listening to the game, and finding the dog in the game was a funny moment to see how she would react. You can see how it caught her attention and she was staring at the screen, then turning around to try and fin the little puppy. Such a great pet video of Sasha the dog playing a video game and reacting to seeing a dog in the game itself! Red Dead Redemption 2 has become one of our most favourite video games, with the whole family watching through the storyline and free play. Most fun is the free roam that leads to some incredibly fun random acts such as this one. Seeing this dog enjoy the game and find an in game dog was a funny moment! Enjoy this cute and funny pet video of our dog gamer reacting to some in game action and finding a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2!

Little Diva is Frustrated and Epic Rants About Mom and Dad 3m31s

Little Diva is Frustrated and Epic Rants About Mom and Dad

Little Diva is Frustrated and Epic Rants About Mom and Dad. Every now and then Mom and Dad go through Michael and Siennas iPads to see what they have recorded. On Sienna's iPad they found this little gem!! Watch as Sienna rants about being frustrated at Mom and Dad and how they won't let her wear her makeup outside of the house. Sienna is in full voice about being so frustrated at Mom and Dad. In the background, Michael asks her if she is actually recording this, and you can even hear Dad tell her to be quiet as she is ranting loudly about how frustrated she is and how dare her parents tell her that she is not allowed to wear makeup outside of home. Sienna goes on an epic rant talking about how frustrated she is and it is hilarious to watch her reactions and expressions throughout this little rant about Mom and Dad. On this particular day, the family was going out to a function, so Sienna went to the effort of putting her makeup on, only to be told by both Mom and Dad that she is too little to wear makeup outside of the home and to go take it off. Sienna was angry about this and couldn't understand why it was a big deal for her to wear it, given the effort she went to. This is a hilarious rant video, which will no doubt continue to be shown back to Sienna as she gets older to show her what a little diva she was, and how great a rant she could go on! A hilarious epic rant from a cute young girl acting like a diva about her parents telling her no! We hope you enjoy this little bit of fun from Sienna, which was footage found on her iPad by her parents and made then laugh. We hope this will make you laugh too! Enjoy Sienna being a little diva and expressing her frustration through an epic rant at Mom and Dad!

Christmas is Coming! The Coca Cola Christmas Truck in Australia! 1m24s

Christmas is Coming! The Coca Cola Christmas Truck in Australia!

It’s a sure sign Christmas is coming when the first Coca Cola Christmas truck video pops up on and this year it’s from Australia, where this lucky viewer got an up close look at the Coke Christmas Truck before the tour! This year the ‘It Feels Good to Give’ tour, a collaborative effort between The Salvation Army and Coca-Cola Australia, will see an International ProStar travel over 10,000 kilometres in the coming weeks. The tour stops in Perth, Adelaide, Broken Hill, Melbourne and Hobart to host community Christmas events, before returning to Sydney in time for Woolworths Carols in the Domain on December 22. The ProStar sleeper cab prime mover in 550hp and ‘Ultrashift Plus’ AMT configuration, will tow a single trailer holding gifts for distribution at each event as part of one of Australia’s largest ‘Secret Santas’. Guests can register to participate in the Secret Santa, with all gifts provided by Coca-Cola. Guests simply select a bauble from the Christmas archways on entry to the event, which contains a gift tag of a recipient at the next location. They then choose a gift for them from the present station and handwrite a message on an accompanying Christmas card, and the truck will deliver it to the recipient at the next stop. In return, the gift giver receives a gift, wrapped by someone from the previous stop. Guests can then share in a festive meal and Coca-Cola No Sugar, and enjoy entertainment from The Salvation Army. “It’s fantastic to assist in spreading some Christmas cheer at this time of year,” said Darren Swenson, Iveco Marketing Manager. “By all accounts the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour was a huge success in 2017 and this year it’s traversing a lot more of Australia, doubling its stops. The ProStar is an ideal truck for the task, providing ample horsepower, the convenience of an AMT and a full standing height cabin, providing the driver with plenty of space when they’re parked-up. And of course the trailer has just about as much payload as Santa’s sleigh. “We’re also very pleased at the level of detail that Coca-Cola have gone to in preparing the truck for its Christmas tour, with its colourful wrap and extensive use of lighting, the ProStar looks exceptional and we know that attendees throughout the tour will get real enjoyment from seeing it up close.”

Little Girl Does The Zombie Dance 51s

Little Girl Does The Zombie Dance

Little Girl Does The Zombie Dance. In this funny and cute video, Sienna dresses up as a zombie and does her own adorable version of the Zombie Dance which she has made up for you to see. The video begins with Sienna introducing who she had dressed up as and why, using her best Zombie voice! Sienna then proceeds to show the dance that she has made up for us to watch, in which she sings that she is a zombie, and that you can do the zombie dance with her. Sienna is a six year old girl who loves dancing and playing dress ups so this combines both of those together into a very fun and adorable video. Sienna’s makeup and hair have been done to look like a zombie, as well as her clothes ripped and with fake blood to create the zombie look. Sienna is very excited by this scary look and hopes to be able to scare her audience through this video. She plays the zombie character throughout with her voice in particular, and it is quite an entertaining little video to watch of her telling us about her look and then doing the zombie dance. Sienna was very excited leading into Halloween, and this was the look that she ended up choosing for the day, and even went trick or treating with this look. She also hilariously did the zombie dance for each house that gave her a treat on Halloween, much to their amusement and provided us with some fantastic entertainment for the night!! Sienna loves dressing up in different characters, however this was probably her favourite and one that she was excited to do! A very adorable and scary little zombie dance from this cute young girl who was very excited to be all dressed up in character!

Catwoman makes Little Girl Laugh 38s

Catwoman makes Little Girl Laugh

Catwoman makes Little Girl Laugh. Watch as Catwoman circles around this little girl and talks to her, making her nervous and laughing by the end of it. This scene is set at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast in Australia. The young girl, six year old Sienna from Australia, is excited to see a character out on the street and approaches her for a photo. What follows is a great capture of some funny moments of Catwoman talking to Sienna and asking her if she’s a naughty girl. At first, Sienna gets quite nervous and unsure how to act. She then finds Catwoman funny and is laughing at what she says. Following this you can hear Sienna’s parents laugh too as they get the photo they are after but also some great footage to remember the day and to show Sienna as she gets older. A fantastic funny little video that demonstrates the fun and adventure that happens at Movieworld and a great performance put on by Catwoman in this short footage to entertain the public that were there on the day. Sienna’s laughter is contagious, as you can see how nervous she is to begin with and then how happy she is by the end, and how this short part made her entire day and experience at the theme park so great. In the background, people are watching on in amusement and enjoying the spectacle that Catwoman is putting on. Movieworld is situated on the Gold Coast of Australia and Sienna was recently there for a family holiday and said this was the best day of her holiday mainly because of this moment, which was unexpected for her. Sienna is a six year old girl from Perth, Australia and this was her first family holiday that she had been on outside of Western Australia. Such a fun, cute moment between an adorable young girl and an entertaining great character in Catwoman!

Dolphins Play Catch with Beach Ball 1m17s

Dolphins Play Catch with Beach Ball

Dolphins Play Catch with Beach Ball. The scene is SeaWorld in the Gold Coast of Australia. It is a rainy day however still reasonably humid so the a nice day to head around Seaworld to see if we can find the dolphins and get a nice view of them. We we got was an unexpected show by these smart lovable animals. In this video, see three dolphins playing catch with their trainer one at a time and then together. At the start of the video, you see one dolphin with the trainer playing catch with the ball. She throws the ball out to the dolphin who catches it with it’s mouth and returns it to her. After three goes of this, a second dolphin comes in to join in on the fun that is going on. I couple of rounds later and the trainer throws the ball out into the open water, when a third dolphin appears and grabs onto the ball to return it back to the trainer. An amazing insight into dolphins and a really great up close look at their relationship with one of their trainers. You can hear the children in the background in awe of the dolphins and were lucky to be able to get so up close and personal with the dolphins. Even though it was raining and you can hear that the wind effecting everything, this did not effect the dolphins desire to play and have fun, which was fantastic for those back there, and nice up close to see a really good view of these beautiful dolphins that are a real favourite animal and crowd pleaser for most. Enjoy seeing these beautiful dolphins in action playing around with the ball and entertaining a small up close audience which Included eight year old Michael and six year old Sienna!

Girls Adorable Reaction to Flying for the First Time 34s

Girls Adorable Reaction to Flying for the First Time

Young Girls Reaction to Flying for the First Time. Sienna is six years old and this is her first time on a plane, flying for the very first time. Prior to the flight, this young girl went through a range of emotions, from very excited, to very nervous and anxious to having a panic attack before boarding the plane. In this video, see her adorable reaction to take off for the very first time. The nerves have left and have built to an extreme excitement about taking off. Sienna giggles as the plane begins to launch into full speed preparing for take off. You can hear her whisper to herself ‘stop’, just before the plane takes off but once the plane takes off you can hear this cute girl saying with excitement and fear at the same time ‘We are going into the air! Oh my god!’. She then calls out ‘We’re in the air!’ Sienna then looks out of the plane in awe of how small everything on the ground is becoming and how high we are going into the sky. Sienna has then completely overcome her nerves and her first flight becomes a positive and memorable experience for her. A fun and cute video of a memorable day for this young girl getting on her first flight and watching her adorable reactions to the event. It a moment that Sienna will never forget and a video moment that she will cherish for the rest of her life. From this point, six year old Sienna enjoyed a weeks holiday on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia, visiting theme parks and staying at Paradise Resort on the Sunshine Coast. It was the family and her first vacation outside of the state of Western Australia so this is why it was Sienna’s first flight and her first time flying. An adorable video and reaction from this young girl!

Dog plays dead then scares kids by awakening 32s

Dog plays dead then scares kids by awakening

Dog plays dead then scares kids by awakening. In this cute dog video, watch as this beautiful dog plays dead at the petting zoo, allowing the kids to pet him, and then jumps up scaring the kids. It is the Perth Royal Show, and the petting zoo is a favourite location for most people to go through and visit at some point in their time at the show. This dog was a particular favourite on the day. The dog would lay in the playing dead position and enjoy people patting him for hours on end. In this particular case, the children are patting him, and the boy on the left is reaching around to pay him. For some reason the dog decides he needs to get up, and because it is unexpected, it scares all the children, but particularly the boy on the left. In a funny moment, once the boy realises there is no danger, he clutches his chest in a sign of how scared he was. You can hear the people around laugh at this. The dog is beautiful and harmless, however due to the quick movement, this was what was scared the children. The dog is an adorable animal, and as you can see, so very patient as multiple people pat him at the same time. This is a really cute and funny animal video showing the beautiful nature of this fun dog, as well as the funny reaction from the kids getting scared by him jumping up! Watch in normal speed to begin with, and then in slow motion at the end, focusing on the funny reaction from the boy at the left in particular who clutches his chest after being scared out of his wits!! Enjoy this cute and funny animal video of this beautiful dog playing dead and then awakening to scare the children around him!

Funny Camel With Bad Breath Growls 30s

Funny Camel With Bad Breath Growls

Ever been growled at by a Camel? Especially one with bad breath? This funny video can give you insight into what it would be like!! It’s the 2018 Perth Royal Show, which is an event that goes for a week every year in Western Australia. Country comes to the city, and one of the most enjoyable parts of the show is seeing all the farm animals. In this video, the record button is pressed and this camel delivers some great entertainment to those around at the time. He lets out a big growl to start with, and you hear a person in the background saying that he has a bad breath problem. This is because the growl has projected his breath across the area. The taker of this video similarly notices the bad breath and has a laugh about it. Then the camel gives a sideways look toward the camera. After this he once again let’s out a large growl directly at the camera with his mouth fully open, once again projecting his bad breath across the room as the audience laughs at this. A really fun and hilarious camel video which is sure to make you laugh as you can imagine his breath being projected out towards you. There were many animals on display at the Perth Royal Show, however this camel seemed to be the most popular of all the animals. You can see why! The personality of this camel shines through in this video and he was a showstopper! Pity about the breath! A funny animal video showcasing the brilliant growl of the camel and a bit of a laugh of how his breath smells violently bad! Anyone who enjoys animal videos will be sure to love this one and have a laugh at the great personality of this beautiful camel and enjoy his growl!

Little Girl Fails at Handstand at the Silent Disco 31s

Little Girl Fails at Handstand at the Silent Disco

Watch this little girl fail at a handstand at the silent disco which nearly led to catastrophic consequences. Wait for it! It is getting towards the end of the day at the Perth Royal Show in Western Australia, which is an annual carnival which goes for a week. After spending a number of hours walking, going on rides and petting animals, it was time for a bit of respite. Enter the Coca-Cola Silent Disco. Sienna, six years old, wanted some time to dance alone and the silent disco was the perfect option. Sienna is having a great time with her headphones on dancing around and decides with the space around her it is a great chance to try her cartwheels and handstands. Sienna rolls through a number of attempts before the very last one. Those attempts are cute and funny as she has limited success but causes no damage. On the last try however, Sienna gets very close to achieving her goal of a full handstand, until she overreaches and ends up going over and landing on her neck. She could have been seriously hurt, and one May have expected her to be a bit scared, however it is funny to see Sienna turn and laugh at herself!! Sienna is a six year old girl from Australia and had such a fun day at the Perth Royal Show, full of great memories and this very funny moment which will no doubt be shown back to her over and over in the future to remind her of the time she nearly seriously hurt her neck or back. Her fun attitude is contagious and this cute video gives you an insight into Sienna’s fun ways. A cute video with an almost seriously bad ending!! A funny and cute fail video that will be sure to make you laugh! Wait for it!

Little girl hilariously fails at bouncy ball race44s

Little girl hilariously fails at bouncy ball race

This little girl is all excited and ready for her first school carnival as a preschooler. A little competitive soul by nature, she can’t wait to impress her peers and parents, as well as all the family that has come to watch her. First activity is the Bouncy Ball Race. What happens next will make you undoubtedly laugh! Little Sienna begins so well, nearly getting to the first cone without any hiccup. You can hear her Mother encouraging her along and telling her what a great job she is doing. As Sienna gets around the first cone it all starts to go wrong! She first comes off the Bouncy Ball with her face hitting the floor first. She quickly gets up, determined to continue as fast as she can to get the end. This only lasts for another bounce as she then overreaches and lands on her bottoms, to the laughs of her Mother who can’t help it watching this funny scene unfold. Sienna get up again and takes off, falling off and onto her face for a second time. What is very cute is seeing Sienna turn to the camera at this point and laughing at her own misfortune, as her Mother starts to laugh uncontrollably. She gets on again, falls backwards on her bottom again as the laughs are escalating in the background! Up she gets one more time and almost immediately plants her face on the floor and the laughter has become so much that the camera is no longer under control, as you can hear the hilarious laughter of Sienna’s Mom. Such a funny and cute video, as well as a great memory of Sienna’s first school carnival, and her hilarious fail! Bound to be shown back to her in years to come!

Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm45s

Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm

Have you ever seen Snow White? This little girl may just be her in real life. You know, Snow White, loved by and communicated to by all animals? You’ll see some similarities in this video. In this adorable kids and animals video, six year old Sienna is at her cousins birthday party. At this party there is a small petting farm and Sienna is taken by it. I mean, what kid doesn’t love a small baby animal farm? So Sienna goes inside, takes a seat and picks up the cutest little bunny rabbit in there to pat. As she does this, other animals begin to surround her. It is almost like they are drawn to her. First comes another bunny, then a guinea pig, even a baby pig comes along to see what all the fuss is about. Sienna then is surprised by the llama who comes too, then turns his back on her. A very funny sequence in which Sienna begin to become nervous. Everyone is surprised and laughing about it, so much so that the attendant turns to Sienna and says ‘My, they all seem to love you, you are just like Snow White!’ Such an adorable kids video and one for Sienna to remember. Sienna is a six year old cute little girl from Australia who loves having fun and sharing it in videos. This video was filmed on a beautiful sunny day in Perth, Australia on a Sunday afternoon at the park. This was at Sienna’s cousins birthday and comes only a week after her own Birthday. For those who loves watching cute little animals and adorable kids, this one is a must watch. Sienna will make you smile with the reaction on her face as all the little animals come towards her at the same time in this fun cute kids video.

Beating Dad at Call of Duty! Son vs Dad Challenge 5m19s

Beating Dad at Call of Duty! Son vs Dad Challenge

Beating Dad at Call of Duty! Can I Beat My Dad At Call of Duty?! Son vs Dad COD WWII Challenge. This video was too fun not to share! Michael and Dad had a best of 3 game challenge 1vs1 while Michael was streaming Call of Duty WW2 on his twitch channel. Picture this scene - Michael has never beaten dad before. It is 1-1 is a best of 3 game series. Down to the last minute and scores are even! Can Michael get the last kill to beat Dad for the first time ever, and how will Dad take defeat?? A rare insight in Michael/Dad time which is a definitely a funny moment to be remembered! We all remember the first time we beat our parents at something. For seven year old Michael, he has been playing computer games versus his Dad for years already and has not been able to beat him. So picture the jubilation for him, and humiliation for Dad, when Michael finally beats his Dad in a game of one versus one. This is the third game of a best of three series. Dad has won the first game convincingly. Michael has won the second game convincingly. And we are down to third decider. One minute to go and scores are tied - is is coming down to who can keep the focus in the dying seconds. This is usually Dad's strong point, and Michael's weakness. What happens next and who takes out the win? Either way it is going to be an extremely exciting end to a fun challenge that has included plenty of laughs and lots of great exchanges between son and dad. Will be a time to remember, capturing the fun and time shared between a father and son in a funny video of them together.

Little Girl Gives Life Size Barbie Doll a Makeover 8m49s

Little Girl Gives Life Size Barbie Doll a Makeover

Little Girl Gives Life Size Barbie Doll a Makeover. Life Size Barbie Doll Makeover at Sienna's Salon. Sienna has a new customer in her salon today and it's her large Barbie! Sienna does her hair and makeup in an adorable makeover. Sienna loves her Life Size Barbie Doll and just had to share it! Isn't it adorable to watch kids play and pretend they are adults. Watching them mimic what they see is hilarious. This video is no exception! Six year old Sienna loves giving makeovers and says she is going to be a beauty artist when she grows up. In this video, Sienna does a makeover with her favourite doll, the life size Barbie! Sienna starts off by placing her Barbie in the tiny beauty chair she has, and then proceeds to do her hair and makeup. Starting off with her hair, Sienna brushes Barbies hair and pretends give it a colour. Once this is finished she then does Barbies makeup, putting on blush, eye shadow and then her lipstick. Once this is done, she shows Barbie how her makeover has become. It is adorable watching Sienna explain to the audience the steps she is doing. Sienna is a six year girl from Australia who loves sharing her fun times and adventures in videos. This cute video of her pretending to be a beauty artist is adorable. She loves her Life Size Barbie so much and plays with it all the time. Barbie is an obvious choice for all young kids to play with and Sienna spends a lot of time with her favourite toy and doll. But the real pleasure in this video is watching is watching Sienna playing and her reactions and expressions. Siennas expressions in this video are priceless and she is so happy with the result of her makeover on her Barbie. An adorable kids video of a cute little girl doing a makeover of her life size barbie doll!

Cute Girl Doctor Treats Patients Elsa and Ariel 5m08s

Cute Girl Doctor Treats Patients Elsa and Ariel

Doctor Sienna Treats Elsa and Ariel. Watch as Kid Doctor Sienna treats her patients Elsa from Frozen and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Sienna loves playing doctor with her dolls and these two are her favourites! In this cute kid friendly video, six year old Sienna pretends to be a doctor and Elsa from Frozen comes in with Ariel from The Little Mermaid to be seen by the doctor. Sienna then proceeds to give them a diagnosis, checks their ears as well as their blood pressure. Sienna then moves on to tell them what they should due to use their disease which she has diagnosed. Such a funny and cute video from Sienna as she explains to her two favourite dolls what they need to do in order to get better. The was in which she role-plays and mimics what she has seen from her own doctor is hilarious and very adorable. Sienna is a six year old adorable character from Australia who loves to make videos and share them. This video features Elsa, her favourite doll, who is from the movie Frozen. Sienna has grown up with that movie and continues to watch it to this day! Also in the video is Ariel, who stars in The Little Mermaid, which is a fun classic video that kids love watching to this day. It is no surprise that these two dolls are her favourites to play with. Sienna loves to play doctor, and if she's not doing it with her dog, dad, mom or brother, she will be playing with doctor with her dolls. This fun, cute kids video starts off with Sienna doing a little doggy dance after she found her cute doggy ears. She then proceeds, with legs crossed, to start an examination with her two favourite dolls, Elsa and Ariel, and then gives them their diagnosis and treatment. So much fun and such an adorable video of this cute little girl pretending to be a doctor.

How not to do the floss - little girl gives it a try 9s

How not to do the floss - little girl gives it a try

The Fortnite dances have taken the word by storm and everyone has had their try and replicating the dance moves. Little six year old Sienna is no different. There is no doubt the most challenging and gripping move that has taken the world by storm is the floss. A dance move in which the arms move side by side versus the hips moving in the other direction. However the hardest part about this dance move is to get to coordination of the arms going back and forth and around the back of the body. In this adorably funny video, Sienna gives her best impression of the floss. She has claimed for days that she has nailed it, and wants to show her audience just how good she is at doing the floss. As she begins, she seems to be filthy coodinated and going well, but it doesn’t take long for her to become disoriented and she starts to flap her arms around resembling a bird almost. You can hear her parents enjoying this with a bit of laughter in the background, and so much so that Sienna begins to laugh at herself and even gives a little snort. Such a cute, funny little dance performance from Sienna that will make you smile and laugh while enjoying her attempt at the floss at the same time. Sienna is a six year girl from Australia who loves making videos and sharing them, and loves creating memories to view for when she is older. This is such a fun video that it was too cute not to share, and we hope you enjoy Sienna’s attempt at the floss as much as we did! Watch Sienna’s attempt to do the floss and enjoy the laughter that comes from this hilarious attempt of the dance that has taken the world be storm!

Fans Funny Reaction to Australia's Goal versus France in the World Cup 2m02s

Fans Funny Reaction to Australia's Goal versus France in the World Cup

Fans Funny Reaction to Australia's Goal versus France in the World Cup. France versus Australia in the World Cup was always going to be a tough proposition for the Australian Socceroos with not many fans even in Australia giving them any hope of coming away with any points or keeping to score down to a few goals loss. In what turned out to be a great opening game for both countries at the World Cup, Australia punched well above their weight and ended up unluckily going down 2-1. In a monumental moment of the game though, Australia were awarded a penalty after a handball in the penalty area from one of the French defenders. At this stage of the game Australia were down 1-0 and this was the opportunity to draw level. For these passionate Socceroo supporters, the emotion was almost too much! Watch this Dad and Sons funny reaction to the penalty and the goals which came from it to draw level in the game at 1-1. First the excitement of the penalty being awarded to Australia, and then the fantastic moment of the goal which had son and dad jumping in the air for joy, screaming, and rolling around hugging eachother. A funny reaction video involving son and dad from Australia which is a fun memory for them, and a good laugh to watch for everyone! Featured in this video is Michael Raffaele and his Dad David Raffaele. They are passionate football/soccer lovers and follow their national team with pride. Their reaction to this goal would have mimicked across the country in houses, pubs, sporting clubs and city centres. Dad is wearing a national team jersey and Michael is still in his soccer clothes from that day after playing for his local team Fremantle City FC. They were both extremely excited for the opening game of the World Cup for Australia, and it didn't disappoint as a great spectacle for the game and for the Australians who held their own against one of the best soccer nations on the planet. Which made this reaction video so much better even as there is almost disbelief that Australia has scored a goal against one of the best countries in the world that they were not expected to be even competitive against!

Little Girl takes Dog for a Drive 57s

Little Girl takes Dog for a Drive

Little Girl takes Dog for a Drive. Watch as Sienna takes her cute pet dog Sasha for a drive in her toy electric car. In this adorable video, Sienna tells Sasha they are going for a drive. We then see a priceless moment between this funny pet and cute girl as Sienna chats and pats Sasha. She then takes her for a little drive and Sasha enjoys the fun! Look at the fun they are having! Sienna loves driving her toy car and Sasha always walks along or jumps in as protector of Sienna. It is so cute to watch the two of them play as well as enjoy each other's company. Such a fun way to spend a beautiful and sunny day in Australia. Sasha is a twelve year old beloved dog to Michael, Sienna and their parents. She is a staffy cross kelpie still full of energy and looking for fun play at her age. She has been part of this family since Michael and Sienna’s parents were married and was their first pet and part of the family. She is now much older but still very cute and acts like a protector and friend to the children in the family. This is sure to provide a great memory in years to come to remember her, and a fun, cute video for all to watch. Such a loving and calm dog Sasha is, how could you not want to continue to pat her over an over? Sienna is a five year old girl from Australia, and loves making videos, especially ones that involve her pet dog Sasha. The bond between the two of them is adorable to watch. Sienna loves playing with Sasha as is evident in this video. Such an amazing thing to watch the bond between pet and owner. Enjoy this cute pet video which any pet lover or owner will adore!

Dog Wants a Pat and Won’t Take No For an Answer 1m14s

Dog Wants a Pat and Won’t Take No For an Answer

Dog Wants a Pat and Won’t Take No For an Answer. Dog’s just love to be patted don’t they? And often they just way it to continue and continue. One pat is just never enough? In this cute pet video, Sasha, a beautiful twelve year old staffy cross kelpie, approaches her owner for a pat. She is pat for about five seconds and then the owner pulls his arm away. In a funny moment, Sasha shows her displeasure and then proceeds to rub her head and manuvour it under the hand of her owner to get him to continue to pat her. Adorably, this continues multiple times over the coarse of the next minute. To gain further control, Sasha then put her arm over the arm of her owner to keep it in position so that he can’t take it away! Sasha knows what she wants, and that is to continue to get a pat!! Such a beautiful and funny pet video showcasing an amazingly smart dog who knows how to get her way from her owner. Sasha is a twelve year old beloved dog to Michael, Sienna and their parents. She had been part of this family since Michael and Sienna’s parents were married and was their first pet and part of the family. She is now much older but still very cute and acts like a protector and friend to the children in the family. This is sure to provide a great memory in years to come to remember her, and a fun, cute video for all to watch. Such a loving and calm dog Sasha is, how could you not want to continue to pat her over an over? Such an amazing thing to watch the bond between pet and owner and the funny ways the pet will ensure they get what they are after! Enjoy this cute pet video which any pet lover or owner will understand!

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations! Ooey Gooey Slime Fun 8m29s

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations! Ooey Gooey Slime Fun

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Review! Ooey Gooey Slime Fun with Michael and Sienna. In this unboxing video, Michael and Sienna unbox their Craz-Z-Slimy Creations. Follow this how to tutorial, and see if this slime works out. Will be sure to be Ooey Gooey fun if it does! A fun kids video! One of the latest kids crazes is creating slime. DIY slime can be fun, but does it always work out? How much effort needs to go into it? Well, what we can tell you is that after countless fails at trying to create their own slime, these adorable kids gave up! That was until they came across the Cra-Z-Slimy Creations kit. In this video, watch as Michael and Sienna open their kit and follow through on the instructions to see if it works out and they actually get slime. The comments and looks on their faces are priceless as they finally create slime! 'Yay, it finally worked!' is the last comment in the video in which you can see their excitement at finally being successful at creating slime. Michael is a seven year old boy and Sienna is a five year old girl from Perth, Western Australia, Australia. They both love creating videos and watching themselves back a later date, creating fun memories of their adventures and fun times. This is definitely one of those cute videos which they will enjoy watching back in years to come. They have watched many other kids create and enjoy slime so failing on so many occasions had then upset. When they get to the point in this video that you can see the slime coming together, the joy in their eyes and faces is amazing as they finally feel a sense of achievement from completing their own slime! Such a fun and adorable kids video which shows their personality and adorable nature.

Preschool Term 1 Favourites with Cute Girl 5m40s

Preschool Term 1 Favourites with Cute Girl

Preschool Term 1 Favourites with Sienna. In this video Sienna shares some of her favourite works from Term 1 in Preschool. she shares her paintings, favorite songs, her rice baby and others. A cute video which will be sure to be a precious memory in years to come. What a great way to remember some of the most fantastic things about young minds learning and developing. Most of us lose these memories over the years, however for 5 year old Sienna, these will forever be here to remind her of the fun and fantastic things she created in her first term of preschool. Sienna is an adorable young girl from Perth, Western Australia, and attends school at Mater Christi Catholic School. This video showcases the work done in term 1. You will see Sienna's drawings and paintings, but the most precious piece within this video is the picture Sienna has drawn of her family as part of a house craft that was created over two days. In a very funny moment, Sienna describes the family picture in which her Daddy has the 'longest legs'! Such a precious and fun video from Sienna recording history for her. Sienna loves making videos and sharing her fun times and adventures and gets real enjoyment from watching them at a later date when she has forgotten the content. She also loves sharing all the work she has done and loves her preschool teachers and friends. This shines through in the video and Sienna has fun talking you through her achievements and crafts for Term 1. We hope that Sienna will continue on this same journey through school, enjoying all the challenges and fun that will come along the way. Her confidence shines through, and this is something that she has worked on, to become better at presenting at school in show and tell, and creating videos has helped with this. Such an adorable way to end a term at school and highlight all the great things that happened along the way!

FREMANTLE WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A fun day with Michael and Sienna 8m32s

FREMANTLE WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A fun day with Michael and Sienna

FREMANTLE WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A fun day with Michael and Sienna. Join us for a tour of Fremantle, or Freo for short, and take a stroll down the famous cappuccino strip, see some of the famous sights, enjoy Timezone the Arcade, Kailis Fish and Chips for lunch, as well as Bon Scott''s statue and a little play at the Esplanade Park. We had a lot of fun today in Femantle and would love you to watch a little about the port city that we call home! Fremantle is a major Australian port city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle Harbour serves as the port of Perth, the state capital. Fremantle was the first area settled by the Swan River colonists in 1829.[2] It was declared a city in 1929, and has a population of approximately 27,000. The city is named after Captain Charles Fremantle, the English naval officer who established a camp at the site on 2 May 1829.[3] The city contains well-preserved 19th century buildings and other heritage features. The Western Australian vernacular diminutive for Fremantle is Freo.[4] The Nyungar name for the area is Walyallup. Fremantle offers a wide variety of dining experiences, with a strong emphasis on Italian and Asian cuisine as well as seafood. Various cafés and coffee shops are situated around Fremantle, particularly on the 'Cappuccino Strip', a section of South Terrace known for its alfresco dining culture.[50] The Fishing Boat Harbour has become a tourist precinct, with a mixture of microbreweries, restaurants and some of Australia's largest fish and chip shops.[50] A number of old buildings on the harbour have been renovated, including Little Creatures Brewery, which occupies a former boat shed and crocodile farm, and contains a café and art gallery.[51] The harbour's annual Fremantle Sardine Festival on Esplanade Park attracts thousands of seafood lovers every year.[52] Other annual events held at the harbour include Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival, the Fremantle Boat Show, and the traditional Italian Blessing of the Fleet ceremony.[53] Fremantle—along with the inner suburbs Northbridge, Leederville and Subiaco—is one of Perth's major nightlife hubs.[54] It attracts people from all over the metropolitan region for its pubs, bars and nightclubs. There are several major annual festivals in Fremantle. First held in 1906, the Fremantle Festival is Australia's longest running community festival.[55] International street performers converge for the Fremantle Street Arts Festival, held over the Easter holiday period.[56] The Fremantle Heritage Festival celebrates local history with a variety of events, tours, concerts and workshops.[57] Yachts compete in the annual Club Marine Fremantle Harbour Classic, held within the confines of Fremantle Port Global attention turned to Fremantle when it hosted the America's Cup yachting race in 1987, after Australia was the first country to ever win the race, aside from the USA, in 1983. The unsuccessful cup defence was conducted on the waters in Gage Roads, and is considered a hallmark event of the late 20th century revitalisation and gentrification of the city. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fremantle

Adorable Mothers Day Message from Cute Kids to their Mom 25s

Adorable Mothers Day Message from Cute Kids to their Mom

Adorable Mothers Day Message from Cute Kids to their Mom. Happy Mother's Day Message with Michael and Sienna. Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there. Michael and Sienna wanted to give you a special message and share why they love their mom so much and the presents they got her for Mothers Day. A special video which will become a special memory in the future for their mother. In this video, Michael and Sienna start by wishing a happy Mothers Day to all. They also have their precious gifts that they made for their Mom. Sienna then shares how she loves her mom so much because she takes her dancing and shopping. Michael then adds to this by saying that he loves his mom so much because she plays Super Mario with him. These adorable kids then go on to tell their mom they love her so much. Such a precious cute video that will be loved by all and form a special memory. Michael is a seven year old boy from Australia and loves creating videos and enjoys playing soccer. Sienna is his five year old sister from Australia, and loves making videos as well as dancing and singing. These very cute and funny kids loved making this adorable video for their mother and in those gift bags which they created are some lovely presents to show their mother how much she is loved and appreciated. It is a beautiful mother's day video sharing their love and adoration for their beautiful mother, and thanking her for everything that she does for them as well as the whole family. Their Mother, Melissa, is yet to be away of this video and will be shown to her once uploaded. The kids are very excited to watch her reaction to the video and to her fantastic presents which they made for her.