What he discovers in a potato chip bag will shock you!34s

What he discovers in a potato chip bag will shock you!

WOW! Truly shocking and amazing! You may have seen the Emoji Movie in theaters, but what content creator Jordan Randomness discovered could actually be the first ever Smiley Emoji in the entire world found in a bag of potato chips! Have you ever discovered funny or cool shapes in your potato chips, cheese curls or other types of food? Leave a comment below! Oh, and in case you're wondering... Jordan did not eat the smiling chip!

New species of bird appears to 38s

New species of bird appears to "breathe" underwater

Have you ever heard of a bird that could breathe underwater? This grey yellow faced cockatiel appears to be doing just that. Even her little fishy friends are baffled by this amazing feat! Could this be a new species of tropical bird or just a trick of the eye? You be the judge!

Angry bird disturbed by pointing finger 1m00s

Angry bird disturbed by pointing finger

Be warned because this video may not be for the faint of heart! Happy birds are very playful and sweet, but don't let those bright rosy cheeks fool you. Underneath that feathery exterior of your favorite flying friend lies a little angry bird waiting to pounce at the first threat it sees. Especially if you point directly at them! Look at how fast she switches moods and goes for that finger. So funny!

Kung fu kitten battles 20s

Kung fu kitten battles "threatening" stuffed animal

This feline isn't afraid to step up and give this 'FurReal' stuffed animal a few solid kitty karate chops... That is if she can even figure out if it's truly alive or not. Hilarious! The FurReal Friends robotic toys from Hasbro were brought to the public 15 years ago, as a way for parents to provide their children with pet lookalikes that behave almost the same as the real animals, but without all the mess they leave in the house. They were made in a wide range of sizes, with some small enough to be held by a child, while other that are big enough for your little one to ride them. The robotic pets were so real, they could eat (the enclosed FurReal pet snacks, of course), and later they can poop it out, for your kid to pick up! Great way to teach your child the responsibilities of owning a pet; just this one doesn't play on it's own, like a real pet. This little kitty seems convinced enough that the gray FurReal kitty could be alive. A lot of people offer stuffed animals to their pets, because they can mimics the companionship of another mammal, like a litter mate or their mom. This kitty, however, isn't convinced :)

Nursery of raccoons enjoy epic gourmet feast1m29s

Nursery of raccoons enjoy epic gourmet feast

This gaze of five baby raccoons are enjoying their very own piles of gourmet snacks fit for a king! Watch as their tiny little hands pick up bits of kibble and eat them like tasty goldfish crackers. "I can't believe they all let me get so close to film them!", said Jordan Randomness. "These little guys are so cute!" If wild raccoons are frequent guests in your backyard, feeding them can be a highly rewarding experience. Watching them munch on the feast you serve can be tireless entertainment, to witness their antics. But since they can be a nuisance, you should take proper precautions as well. Here are some loose guidelines on how to do it without attracting a swarm of unwanted masked bandits in your home. Coons will eat pretty much anything, but they do have preferences. They will eat peanuts, sweets, fruits, baked goods, but they especially like dog and cat food. And why wouldn't they – these munchies are packed with all the right nutrients and look pretty appetizing. Just don't overload them with treats. Absolutely never feed them by hand! They may be cute and are genuinely wonderful animals, but they can bite your hand, mistaking it for the food it is offering. And if you think how many trash cans those teeth have been buried into, it should be enough of a discouragement. Not to mention rabies! By all means, do not let them associate your own house with the food they receive. You might get tempted to leave food out on your porch or in front of your door. Just remember that raccoons are adventurous animals, some more than other individuals and they might see this as an invitation to discover what other treats your house might offer! With this in mind, we hope your experience with the wild masked bandits will be safe and pleasant! Good luck!

Cockatiel has weird obsession with mini pizza table1m23s

Cockatiel has weird obsession with mini pizza table

Forget the fidget spinners! This video montage of Harmony, a cute little 6-month-old cockatiel, having a total obsession playing with a mini pizza box table from the local pizzeria will have you rolling with laughter! Every time the white plastic table is placed in front of her, she loves to pick it up, play with it extensively and then watches it fall to the ground for pure entertainment. Hilarious! Harmony is one of Rumble’s stars! Check out for some of our other Rumble stars!

Talented dancing raccoon gets away with tasty treats15s

Talented dancing raccoon gets away with tasty treats

This clever raccoon quietly gets away with the goods but not before challenging the other surrounding cats to a hilarious dance off! Watch in amazement when this masked bandit displays her victory dance moves and then nonchalantly walks off stage to enjoy the claimed reward. She approaches the unsuspecting cat, at first slowly and as if she is looking for something. As soon as she reached the cat’s food bowl, she snatches it right in front of the cat and goes away, but not before she does a little victory dance, accompanied by music from none other, than Jordan himself! They aren’t called “masked bandits” for nothing. Other than rummaging in dumpsters looking for food, raccoons are ready to steal the food right in front of another animal while it is eating in the blink of an eye, making them expert thieves!

Grumpy cat scolds raccoon for stealing cat food25s

Grumpy cat scolds raccoon for stealing cat food

This masked bandit decides to place pieces of watermelon into the cat's water bowl, but not without consequences. See what happens when the cat finds out! She looks at him, circling around and when she notices the fruit in the water, she smacks him on the head! How dare he? The consideration that raccoons are “washing” their food because they repeatedly dunk everything in the water is actually a self-perpetuated myth. Raccoons in the wild actually forage for food in water constantly, because their hands are their most important sense organs. So when you see a raccoon dipping every bite into water, do not be fooled that they are washing it or softening it. They aren’t called “trash pandas” for nothing!

Sleeping cockateil reacts to accidental gas attack33s

Sleeping cockateil reacts to accidental gas attack

We've all at one point had that embarrassing moment where we had no choice but to answer mother nature's call right on the spot. However, this sleeping cockatiel's hilarious reaction to its owner's sudden loud flatulence pretty much sums it up. Hilarious!

Baby cockatiel loves cuddling man's beard49s

Baby cockatiel loves cuddling man's beard

This baby cockatiel loves to get kisses and cuddle against this man's beard. The cockatiel is the most popular pet bird variety in the world, second only to the budgie. They are not known for their ability to learn tricks or to “talk”, but it is not totally unheard of for a cockatiel to whistle back to it’s companion. Cockatiels are knows as very sociable birds, so they might get depressed if you leave it alone for long periods of time. They may hit it’s head against the cage, pull it’s feathers, refuse to eat, or become angry. Are you away from home for long periods of time? Get a pair of cockatiels to keep each other company. This is just too cute!

Plotting raccoon gives spine chilling stare10s

Plotting raccoon gives spine chilling stare

Raccoons love the suburbs. The reason why is because of all of the trash bins that are left outside, giving them access to large amounts of food that was thrown out by us, the humans. This raccoon gives the person behind the camera a conniving look before getting away. Hide all your snacks and goodies! This sneaky raccoon will make you think twice before leaving that window open at night! What do you think this raccoon is capable of? It is best to not engage them as they are a hotbed for diseases out in the wild. For more funny animal videos, be sure to check out Check out this plotting raccoon.

Does this cockatiel have paranormal powers?1m49s

Does this cockatiel have paranormal powers?

The following video is not fake. It's 100% real, raw and unfiltered. Harmony, a 6 month old grey and yellow cockatiel appears to have telekinetic powers to distort her owner's smart phone video on command! Watch in complete shock as Jordan Randomness asks her to distort the video feed not only once, but twice in secession until the smart phone's battery overloads and transmission is abruptly interrupted. Truly a scary unexplained event!

Stunning up close footage of rare butterfly caught on camera39s

Stunning up close footage of rare butterfly caught on camera

An absolutely gorgeous Late Spring Fritillary Butterfly in its natural flower habitat is caught on an HD camera. A truly rare event considering most butterflies will fly away at the slightest of disturbances. "I didn't need a zoom lens at all with this little brave guy which is a shocker for me," said Jordan Randomness, "He took a real liking to the camera and gave us a really good show." Nice nature catch!

Mysterious video clip of Beavis and Butthead alluding to a new series in 2017?31s

Mysterious video clip of Beavis and Butthead alluding to a new series in 2017?

Could there a possibly be a new Beavis and Butthead TV series in the works? It could happen... but most likely not anytime in the near future. However, this fan-made video short that's cleverly animated with past episode video stills and voiced solely by voice actor Jordan Randomness will make even the original B&B creator, Mike Judge, consider bringing back the dynamic duo from the MTV film archives.

Grumpy 31s

Grumpy "talking" cat humorously argues with owner

In a great battle of the minds, pet owner Jordan Randomness attempts to reason with a grumpy talking cat through a glass door. After several attempts of complaining and knocking profusely, the annoyed cat gives up, but gets a few last comical jabs in before finally storming away.

Pouncing kitten determined to nab toy from older brother27s

Pouncing kitten determined to nab toy from older brother

We've all been there as kids - minding our own business and then all of a sudden we catch a glimpse of our siblings playing with toys much cooler than our measly hand-me-downs. Jealously takes over and we must take the toy from them by any means necessary. The feline world is no different apparently. Ah memories! Don't we all just want to play and have some fun? This is a classic case of "I want that". Children and animals alike have always wanted something that someone else is using, just like in this situation. Children and this kitten have a ton in common on that front. They both just try and get whatever it is that they want. This is probably the cutest kitty "fight" that you will see all day. This is just another cuteness overload! If your pets ever do anything cute, be sure to upload them to! Check out this adorable cat video!

Extremely energetic puppies hilariously chase each other1m24s

Extremely energetic puppies hilariously chase each other

Aren’t puppies just the greatest? So tiny and playful, without a care in the world. Our days will never be boring if we surround ourselves with teeny, tiny puppies! Can we have more than one? Because what could be more fun than watching two adorable puppies play chase at the local pet store? You won't be able to hold back as these happy puppies run around the playpen bursting with energy to spare! Man, these two really have bucketloads of energy! At one point we really thought that they will bust the walls of the playpen, spill over on the ground and continue all over the floor, like a whirlwind of ears and tails! So cute!

Playful cat sticks out tongue during live stream16s

Playful cat sticks out tongue during live stream

You've probably been there. You're in the middle of a live stream and something funny or embarrassing happens. Owner Jordan Randomness caught this unexpected moment when his cat, Raymond, faces the camera and sticks out his tongue at his live stream audience! The playful cat is fully aware of his mischievousness and finally puts the raspberry away after a few laughs. Hilarious!

Published: April 17, 2017Updated: April 19, 201736,636 viewsVirality: 63%
Hungry kittens refuse to give mother a break40s

Hungry kittens refuse to give mother a break

Just when this mother cat thought she could take a refreshing milk break from nursing her own growing litter of kittens, they all find her hiding out, pry at her belly and keep on chugging. The exhausted expression on her face is priceless. As is with the gift of being a loving mommy cat. So cute!

Published: April 10, 2017Updated: April 12, 201756,550 viewsVirality: 20%
Amazing new way to make microwave popcorn1m49s

Amazing new way to make microwave popcorn

All out of microwave popcorn on Saturday night? Have plenty of popcorn in a jar, but concerned with the safety of pan frying your buttery treat around the kids? Jordan Randomness discovers a NEW and healthier alternative to bring back the fun of movie night with just a paper lunch bag!

Baby raccoon receives 'Spring Cleaning' from his mother1m18s

Baby raccoon receives 'Spring Cleaning' from his mother

Your heart will absolutely melt as you watch this youngster raccoon taking a bath beside a big red water bowl. His mother appears to want to get to that hard-to-reach dirt he missed behind his ears... and everywhere else. Mother obviously knows best! But embarrassed in front of his other siblings by his mother's 100% no dirt policy, he scrambles and waddles to shoo his maternal figure away returning to the ropes of washing himself once more.