Kindhearted Tree Farmer Saves Little Boy's Christmas1m34s

Kindhearted Tree Farmer Saves Little Boy's Christmas

Christmas is not Christmas without the perfect Christmas tree. Luckily for Bentley, a Christmas miracle was just around the corner to save this little boy’s holiday. If a Christmas tree is already cut down, it is not a real Christmas tree, at least that’s how six-year-old Bentley sees it. This has became a real issue when he and his mom went to pick out a tree and none of the pre-cut trees would do the trick. Bentley’s mom thought all was lost since all the trees were pre-cut, ready for sale. That’s when a Christmas miracle named Kevin knocked on her car window. Kevin, who works at the tree farm, said that he has found the perfect tree for Bentley. Actually, Kevin dragged a tree into a field and set it up in a hidden tree stand. In front of Bentley, Kevin pretended to cut the tree down and a smile popped up on little boy’s face, which was worth the trouble! What Kevin didn’t know was that Bentley has autism. Autism refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. This disorder is caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences. “You completely saved our Christmas tonight and never complained once about all the extra work to sell me a Christmas tree you already had ready”, said thankful Julie Watt, Bentley’s mother. “You took some of the ‘hard’ that goes with raising a child on the spectrum and lightened my load. You made him laugh, and you made him happy”, says the grateful mother.

Elf On The Shelf’s Mischief Sends Him To The ER1m30s

Elf On The Shelf’s Mischief Sends Him To The ER

Holy Holidays! We’ve got an elf emergency! The Elf on the Shelf that has for years lived happily in the Thelen family has one morning been found a little undone. The blame was soon discovered to befall on Zoey, the German Shepherd, who has 'ruffed' it a bit around the house. She ripped off the elf's right arm in a fit of holiday season induced crazies. Luckily, mom Thelen is a nurse in the emergency department of their area hospital. He was rushed in the operating room and the ER team started to work on him immediately. They called in a team of doctors that specialize in elf limb loss. Like true professionals, the team carried out the entire procedure by the book, and not any kind of book. 'The North Pole Magical Surgery' is a guidebook to be taken out only in special emergencies. It mandates the use of special elf surgical gloves and magical emergency glitter, found only in Santa’s special supply. The worst has finally passed. The Elf on the Shelf was very soon returned to his favorite spot in the house where, he again managed to shine that Christmas sparkle on the faces most near and dear to him. They saved the day, the elf and probably Christmas.

Boy's Reaction To Pregnancy Reveal Is The Most Relatable Thing1m13s

Boy's Reaction To Pregnancy Reveal Is The Most Relatable Thing

Children do not often get overjoyed upon learning that their family is awaiting the arrival of another child. That is quite understandable, especially if they have long enjoyed the status and attention of an only child and the arrival of of a baby sister or brother would surely mean the end of it all. This definitely is not the case with our adorable little hero. His mom and dad have prepaid a surprise announcement of their pregnancy. On the table, they have placed a box containing a small cake in it with a ‘big brother’ frosting writing on it and turned on their camera to film his reaction. Going for the cake strait, the chubby soon-to-be-big-brother notices the writing and stops in amazement. His mind is slowly grasping the information and you can clearly see this in the change of his facial expressions: surprise, confusion, amazement to teary emotional meltdown. If you chance to possess a good imagination you can even see thought clouds forming above his head. However, despite all that surprise and heat-throb he cannot resist munching a piece of the cake! If you happen to remember how your parents first informed you of the arrival of your brother and sister, please comment in the section below this video. If you remember your reaction to it, please share it with us.

Fans Throw Hundreds Of Toys Onto Pitch For Disabled Children 43s

Fans Throw Hundreds Of Toys Onto Pitch For Disabled Children

Belgian soccer fans showed their rivals what they are made of by throwing hundreds of toys onto the soccer field right before kick-off. This was one of the times when it is allowed to throw things onto the soccer field because the toys were collected for underprivileged kids ahead of Christmas. Even though the match was tied, the game was overshadowed by the heartwarming generosity of these supporters. Watch as these fans in Belgium throw hundreds of cuddly toys onto the pitch for disabled children as early Christmas presents. This act of kindness sure deserves to be praised! Apparently, nothing unites football supporters more than doing something nice for sick children. Passion can be considered a great characteristic in any person, but also has its limits. Throughout sports history, fans have flooded stadiums with their passion and belief in their favorite team. Being a fan has its ups, like when your team beats a hated rival or wins the championship, and it has its downs, like when your team loses to a rival or loses a championship. This time we witness a different kind of passion presented by soccer fans! A campaign was launched before the match, arranging supporters to bring their toys to the clash. Footage shows that the message was certainly delivered loud and clear as supporters from the home side covered their side of the pitch with stuffed toys.This was the one time when kick off was delayed due to members of staff collecting the huge pile of toys on top of the goal net and around the field. What a nice initiative! These are some great people with good hearts who lovingly donated these cuddly toys to give to charity as Christmas presents for underprivileged children. What a wonderful gesture! Just imagine if every football club did something like this? What a great Christmas every deserving child would have?

Regretful Indiana Couple Adopts Daughter They Gave Up 39 Years Ago1m31s

Regretful Indiana Couple Adopts Daughter They Gave Up 39 Years Ago

Roger Roth and Marcie Keithley had been dating for about eight months in 1978 when they found out they were pregnant. Unfortunately Roger was incapable of being a father and wasn't ready for the lifelong commitment to the child, or to Marcie. That is why they signed papers to give their daughter Jessica for an adoption after she was born because they didn’t think that they could give her the life she deserved. Marcie and Roger also parted ways but were filled with regret and eventually returned back together admitting they had made the biggest mistake of their life by giving up their child. Years later, the couple fiercely searched for their baby girl but had no luck. They posted a letter on an adoption website and a woman ended up reaching out and offering to help. After locating their long-lost daughter, Roger and Marcie sent her a plane ticket to Louisville and a bouquet of 29 yellow, white and pink roses, to represent every year they had missed, for her birthday! Jessica's parents were devastated to discover that their daughter had endured a very tough life, suffering with drug and alcohol addictions and having five children by five different fathers. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! When family's attorney Anna Murray called Jessica to give her the good news, the 39-year-old didn’t know they had prepared a special surprise for her. Their biological parents have agreed to readopt her and show her how much she is loved with this symbolic gesture. After hearing the good news, Jessica was left speechless and overwhelmed with emotion. Now, after 39 years Jessica and her parents are a family again! Roger officially became a dad at 72 years of age, and says it was the best day of his life! Talk about second chances!

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From Homeless Drug Addict To Epitome Of Health1m32s

From Homeless Drug Addict To Epitome Of Health

Once homeless drug addict, now on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. This is the true story of a man who found the light at the end of the tunnel. A life transformed for the better is a life well-lived! From a drug addict at death’s door to the cover of a popular fitness magazine. This is the remarkable story of 30-year-old Michael Dubree! His "perfect body" is a result of the strong determination to ditch the poor life he once lived. Louisville native Michael Dubree is the epitome of what it means to be physically fit and mentally healthy. He made the November cover of Men's Health Magazine as the winner of the magazine's 2017 Ultimate Guy contest. His sculpted pecs and steel biceps are the result of spending six days a week at Powerhouse Gym on Shelbyville Road. Dubree grew up in a home with a drug dealer stepfather and a drug user mother. Living in such environment, it was only a matter of time for him to get hitched. He started smoking pot and drinking alcohol at the age of 13 and had a heart attack when he was 20 due to his use of methamphetamine. With his life in turmoil, Dubree entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and spent four years recovering from his addiction. It was then when a friend suggested they visit a gym together. Several weeks after his first visit to the Sheppard Square Community Center's gym, Dubree became devoted and gradually, both his mental health and physical body began to transform. Seven years after losing everything, Dubree has traded his drug addiction for a determination to continue improving his life and support other addicts on their road to sobriety. Michael is the picture of health and fully deserves it!

Sister In Tears After Her Airman Brother Surprises Her At Graduation1m31s

Sister In Tears After Her Airman Brother Surprises Her At Graduation

At this graduation ceremony, one high school student is receiving more than a diploma. Miranda is about to receive the sweetest surprise of her life, from someone she didn’t expect to see. Her brother Derek, who is an Airman, had come home just in time for Miranda graduation ceremony. After a band played the school’s anthem. Derek climbed on the stage, approached the cue and addressed everyone present at the gym: “Good evening everybody. Would you please join me for the Pledge of Allegiance?” While the graduate raise their right hand and start reciting, Miranda can be seen trying to silence her happy sobs in the second row. When Derek asks everyone to take back their seats, Miranda runs towards him and climbs the stage for a firm hug, while the rest of the graduates greet them with a thunderous applause! when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school or to protect our country, the leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We know they will eventually come back to stay, but until then, we feel their absence and it makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there - there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected, to rid us of the misery.

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Son’s Surprise Wedding Moves Terminally Ill Dad To Tears1m01s

Son’s Surprise Wedding Moves Terminally Ill Dad To Tears

When terminally ill Tommy DiPaolo couldn’t make it to his son’s Thomas Jr. destination wedding, the nursing home he was staying at threw one on their property, so that he may attend the greatest moment in his son’s life. For the past two years, Ellen Tyndell and Thomas DiPaolo planned a destination wedding in Disney World. When it became clear the Tommy Sr. couldn’t get there, the nursing home brought the wedding to him. They threw an impromptu ceremony in their courtyard in October, four weeks before the main event in Orlando. Tommy is suffering from late-stage kidney cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Hepatitis C, but that did not stop the loving father of the groom to stand up and ask everyone attending to raise their glass in a toast to the happy couple. “This is the highlight of my life,” the grateful dad told the assembled crowd of about 50, most of whom were Imperial residents and staffers. “I’m just so overwhelmed by your love, and I hope I give you love, too.” Everything went so quiet, one could hear a pin drop. ‘Life still happens.’ The idea was “hatched” by Tommy’s mom Kim, who says that all they had to do was ask the administration of the care facility if they can have a ceremony there. They took care of the whole thing; all Kim had to do what pick up the cake.

Doors are opening for workers with autism1m30s

Doors are opening for workers with autism

People with autism are typically underemployed or struggle finding work, despite being more than capable of doing the job. JPMorgan Chase is expanding its autism program.

Published: November 30, 2017Updated: December 2, 2017
Strangers Band Together To Support A Man In Need1m31s

Strangers Band Together To Support A Man In Need

When a man stood on the edge of a building, passing-by citizens gathered on the ground to hoist encouraging signs and sing words of support. These strangers who showed simple act of kindness by gathering to support a man in need will reaffirm your faith in humanity! “You are valued”, “You are loved”, “You are not alone” these are some of the messages that strangers held in for a man standing on a ledge of a building. They didn’t know the man or his circumstances, but that didn’t matter because they decided to help and get involved, after noticing him standing on the edge of a building for hours. Of course, they assumed that there is something bad going on, so they decided to join forces and help in the best way they can! The sights and sounds of the holidays spirit were joined by an unusual scene as strangers sang for a man in need. They stood a few feet away with signs, songs and compassion. Stopping their daily routine when they saw someone who could use their help. “I don’t have the heart to leave this guy”, said Timber Daniel, one of the onlookers who witnessed the horrible scene. Police and firefighters were alerted that a man was on top of a three-story building and the situation lasted for more than 15 hours before the man was successfully brought down and taken to the hospital. Eventually, police got the man off the roof and to safety. Simple acts of kindness can sometimes contribute to saving someone’s life and these wonderful people took the time to be brave, compassionate and generous by putting their lives on hold and trying to be of help to a complete stranger.

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Officer Donates Money To Buy Car For Hard-Working Woman1m35s

Officer Donates Money To Buy Car For Hard-Working Woman

Do small things with great love, said Mother Teresa, implying that people should do random acts of kindness for strangers. That was the case with officer Arnold who decided to set up a surprise gifting a 2007 Ford Taurus to help out Meade who rides her bike to and from work for a total of 16 miles. Jo thought that officer Arnold was giving her a ride home and she had no idea what was in store. For eight years Jo biked 16 miles round trip every Sunday to wash dishes at Cracker Barrel which took more than an hour each way. Other days she would take three buses for a four-hour round trip. Officer Arnold spotted her riding, red and sweaty, on a hot summer day and was inspired by her work ethic and wanted to lend a helping hand. “I see a lot of hard-working people, but that’s when they are at work. Can you imagine spending four hours getting to and from work?” says Officer Arnold from the Lansing Police Department. He decided to give $1000 of his own money towards a car for Jo. Soon, other donations started pouring in, some donated insurance, others offered detailing, even the police commissioner was in. “I wanted to have my own car, but I haven’t been able to afford it. Trevor is a very good guy”, says Jo Meade.

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Boy Is Surprised With Adoption In The Most Magical Way1m40s

Boy Is Surprised With Adoption In The Most Magical Way

A boy was presented with the most magical surprise of them all at Disney World, when he was presented with the news that his step-dad will adopt him and give him his last name! John Marcus was with sister Ellora to greet Jack and Sally, characters from his favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, when his mom gave him a badge to read out loud. The badge said “I am celebrating my step-dad adopting me". It was John Marcus’s dream for a very long time. Normally, the 10-year-old was moved to tears, as he was hugging everyone around him. His step-dad Ryan Patterson, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, filmed the video of his step-son’s reaction after planning the special moment. He said: “John Marcus mentioned to us that he really wanted to be a Patterson, as his last name was Costa and he felt left out. “We thought it would be a magical idea to surprise him during our Disney trip, and we decided to do it with Jack and Sally as they’re from his favourite film The Nightmare before Christmas. The moment was so moving, that even other people waiting in line to meet Jack and Sally were crying! Truly magical.

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 Husband Wearing Nothing But Pink Tutu Fights Against Breast Cancer1m05s

Husband Wearing Nothing But Pink Tutu Fights Against Breast Cancer

If you came across a grown man in public wearing nothing but a fluffy pink tutu, you probably wouldn’t think much, other than maybe “this man needs some serious help". But when Bob Carey did it in public, he wasn’t the one in need of help. Bob started taking pictures of himself in a pink tutu to make his wife Linda laugh during her treatment for breast cancer. It might an unconventional method, but it worked for Linda. Just imagine: a burly, hairy man balancing on the edge of Hessian Lake in Bear Mountain State Park, contemplating the fall colors in Harriman State Park, hanging onto the side of the Kensico Dam in Valhalla. But why the tutu? "This is the kind of guy he is. He is an artist. He takes care of things through his art," says Linda, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. "During my treatment, anything he could take to make me laugh was worth it." The Careys have published a book of photographs called "Ballerina," and four tutu calendars. With the net proceeds, the couple created the Tutu Project, a breast cancer nonprofit that raises funds for women, men and their families to ease the financial burdens that come with breast cancer diagnoses. Now, he's making millions more feel the same way with his photos.

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God and ink saved this man's life1m54s

God and ink saved this man's life

Tommy Kirschbaum was locked up four times. When he started his tattoo business, Mid-West Tattooers, he found a passion and a vocation that has helped him change his life.

When The New Principal Joined The Step Team, The Students Were Floored1m35s

When The New Principal Joined The Step Team, The Students Were Floored

At the last scheduled pep rally of the football season last week, Lake Mary High School students gave members of the school's step team, Unity Revolution, an enthusiastic reception when they took center stage on the gym floor to perform. But what really made everyone present jump out of their seats in cheer and awe was when their principal Dr. Donna Reynolds joined the team on the floor and nailed every move! She even got her own uniform! "I didn’t know how the students would react," said the 49-year-old principal in an interview for TODAY. "My expectation was that they would be dying laughing, that they would think it was hysterical. But I have never heard such cheering. I was so blown away by how much they were cheering." Lake Mary in known for their outstanding dance and cheer teams, with Mickey, as the principal is called, being an alumna of the dance team. "We were so happy when we heard she wanted to step with us," said Coach Kelly Lupis. "Just really flattered." Some students booed when Reynolds came out for her performance, but she said she expected it. After the performance though, students were so impressed with Reynolds’ dancing, they made the caption "THAT’S MY PRINCIPAL" on social media.

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The Iowa Wave through a child's eyes2m22s

The Iowa Wave through a child's eyes

For the children and families in the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital including 6-year-old Will Kohn, the end of the first quarter marks the beginning of their brief escape from the hospital walls.

Father runs to keep children's memories alive1m40s

Father runs to keep children's memories alive

Rik Zortman never liked running but his 3 year old son Armstrong did. When he died from cancer, Zortman used GPS to track a run spelling out his son's name. He started getting more names to run and hasn't stopped since.