These High School Sweethearts Marry By The Lockers Where They Met2m03s

These High School Sweethearts Marry By The Lockers Where They Met

Most of us can vividly remember our first love, but only a few can say it turned out like this. In 1989, two high school freshmen fell in love by their lockers. There was talk of school work and gossip, but mostly flirting. Their lockers were directly across from each other. The young love-stricken teenager called his sweetheart from the phone in his grandmother’s bedroom on New Year’s Day, 1990, and asked her to be his girlfriend. The stuff of teenage romantic movies! Almost three decades later, they are meeting by those same lockers, with the same flutter in their hearts that they felt when they were teens where they met twenty-nine years ago. Chris Gash and Jenn Sudol dated on and off during high school. As they grew older, they went their separate ways. But every few years, without fail, their paths would cross again. And every few years, without fail, that spark was still there. In 2016, each of them realized something life-changing: their one true love was someone they already knew. Together, they decided that first high school romance was worth trying again. And not long after reuniting, they knew they wanted to be married. And what more fitting place to exchange vows then next to the lockers where it all began. The wedding ceremony was small with just the closest members of the family and was performed by the Mayor of Clifton, who came out of retirement for this ceremony only, after retiring from wedding officiating a few years ago.

The Twin Sisters’ Legacy To Feed The Hungry Continues1m45s

The Twin Sisters’ Legacy To Feed The Hungry Continues

Helen’s vision to provide the hungry with food, comfort and love took off in a church basement. Helen found her inspiration and strength in God’s providence. She said: “The Lord gave me this ministry in a dream, and I am just like Dr. Martin Luther King – I had a dream. This dream is working and you all are helping us keep it going, okay?“ Helen and her twin sister Ellen fed 22 people their first day. They made home-cooked meals for the homebound and the homeless. “When you come in here, you are coming to your grandmother's house. And you are always welcome,” says a regular guest at the sisters’ community meals. Helen was widely known as a hugger, and Ellen is a bit of a sass. Jokingly, there would always be some measure of rivalry and competition between the two generous twin sisters: “Yeah, but you and her have taken pictures of you two and I wasn’t in any!” Both were beloved by their community. In 2011, they appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. National fame never distracted the sisters from their mission: feeding and caring for those who need it the most. And it has been such a blessing Both sisters have passed away, but their legacy lives on. The Love Kitchen continues to feed both body and soul. Today, Love Kitchen serves more than 3,000 meals a week. There are people out there you love no matter what, will help you no matter what, and that is what the sisters personified. They were always there whenever you needed anything.

Mother And Daughter Bond Over A Heart Transplant 1m10s

Mother And Daughter Bond Over A Heart Transplant

In 2012, Mia had a heart transplant, due to dilated cardiomyopathy. In 2017, she found out that her baby daughter Malaya suffers from the same condition and would be needing a heart transplant. She just felt utterly devastated and scared, because she knew that her daughter would go through the same pain and suffering she did. In the same time, she also felt relieved that the daughter would get her life back, just like she had, after the lifesaving operation. Mia’s 7-month-old daughter Malaya waited just 13 days for a new heart. It was harder for Mia to see Malaya go through it that to have her own heart transplant. She was terrified because she never knew if she would see her daughter alive again. Malaya was already ventilated but Mia still had a little talk with her to let her know that everything would be okay but also that she had to be strong through the whole process. That this was to be a hard battle and she would be fighting for her life. On December 14th, lovely Malaya got her lovely heart and since the operation, she is doing amazingly. As she grows up, she will know she is not the only one in the family that had a heart transplant, that she is not the only one taking heart medicine for the rest of her life. Her mother is doing it too. Little Malaya gets to grow up with a motherly bond unlike any other.

A Refugee Flees War And Brings Peace To Others1m20s

A Refugee Flees War And Brings Peace To Others

Winnie “Mama” Bulaya has seen evil and goodness in the world. She chooses to focus only on the good. Her energy is simply contagious and she spends it helping refugees, like herself, to feel right at home in their new country. "It was like a dream," Winnie says seven years later, in halting English. "We don't know the place we are going, but what do we know is God is with us. He protect us." Winnie and her children escaped the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When they arrived in Indianapolis in 2010, Winnie closed her door and did not open it for three days. Her family gathered together, stayed awake many nights and then tries to catch some sleep after the sun came up. Their world was inside out. She was jetlagged and shocked by everything in their new country. She only spoke a few words of English. On the third day, she opened the door to a charity worker and opened her heart to all the people who would come to America after her. “The good thing to help people, God will always reward you in different ways.” Within weeks of arriving there, Winnie began reaching out to other families, coaching them on what she had learned, sharing what she had been given. People soon started calling her "Mama Winnie". Her garage is a drop-off for diapers, coats and household items. Winnie is the first one to welcome people to the neighborhood. She does not always speak their language or know their customs, but she communicates a lot with her smile, gifts and her loving heart.

Patience And Kindness Helped Her Find Happiness Again1m26s

Patience And Kindness Helped Her Find Happiness Again

It has taken Gloria years to find happiness. She was deeply affected and broken upon hearing that her mother and only caregiver has tragically lost her life in an accident. For three years, Gloria, who has Down syndrome, rarely left her room. But, little did she know, hope and happiness were not lost for her. Rosa met Gloria probably at one of the worst times of her life, when her mom had passed, and she took over the task of Gloria’s caregiver. They had never previously had anyone in their home. Rosa was a bright ray of sunshine in Gloria’s life. “Sometimes you are in situations and you do not see the clouds, and I know. And I say, oh, there is going to be some sunshine. And I get that from her,” says Rosa, Gloria’s caregiver and friend. With mountains and mountains of love, devotion and patience, Rosa slowly encouraged Gloria to come out of her room and try to find happiness again. Her recuperation started with a few minutes of just sitting in the living room, changing the grave environment of her bedroom. Then, step by step, Gloria eventually found the courage to leave her house entirely and step outside in the sunshine, together with Rosa. Rosa and Gloria have been together now for more than 20 years. One of their favorite things to do is sing and dance together. What is Gloria’s favorite song? It is a song that best describes the way she feels now: Happy.

One Woman And A Truck Are Changing Lives1m27s

One Woman And A Truck Are Changing Lives

For people in this neighborhood Erica is a miracle worker. She makes the things they need magically appear. “Clothing and food and some toothbrushes and tooth paste. We basically collect gently used clothing, furniture items and take them to people’s homes in Detroit who cannot get to a thrift store because they do not own any means of transportation, or they do not have any funds to shop at a thrift store at all, so they sit for months without beds,without a kitchen table to eat at. Without furniture, they are sitting on the floor, sleeping on the floor, eating on the floor,” says Erica. Erica doesn’t have a big operation, there is no corporate funding, warehouses, employees or hauling trucks. She is just one woman with her pickup truck using social media to find out who needs what, and she delivers! “We take it rift to their home. And then, they have my phone number, I am a person in their life, they become like family so we kind of go that extra mile.” For Erica, it is about showing the world that her town is full of love. And her town is thankful to have her. “It is not only about what she does, it is the reason she does it. She thinks about herself last, and I mean, I really, I humbled myself, and she seems like the same kind of person like me,” says a neighbor. Do you know of similar stories of kindness and compassion? Do share them with us in the comment section below.

She Cut Off Two Feet Of Hair And Changed Someone's Life2m18s

She Cut Off Two Feet Of Hair And Changed Someone's Life

She teared up when she talked about cutting her hair, and when she explained why, we teared up too. Ashley’s long blond hair hasn’t had more than a trim since elementary school. “I always said I would never cut my hair unless I knew someone that needed it.” She found out a teen she guided as a camp counselor is fighting cancer. Alissa lost all her hair after chemotherapy. Ashley will certainly be astounded by the change of her looks, taking into consideration how long she has been wearing the same hairstyle. This is why the hairdressers approach carefully, consulting with her for every inch they are planning to cut. But Ashley does not care. It all for a good purpose, it is for the wig they are making for Alissa. “I never thought I would want to wear a wig, but after sitting here and seeing my hair falling out everywhere, I just wonder just what I am going to do every day at school, what I am going to do for prom? So I think that I might, it just would be something that kind of switched things up,” says Alissa. After hearing that Ashley got the urge to shave her head and cut it off for Alissa because she had it and Alissa didn't. The average person who donates hair cuts off 8 inches at a time. Ashley chopped off 24 inches and had it rushed to be made into a wig for Alyssa. Many people jumped in to help raise the money to have a wig made for her in time for prom. “It has been a roller coaster of emotions and appointments. Everyone at school, my work, family, everyone’s just being so supportive. It has been a lot but it’s going pretty good so far,” says Alysa, overwhelmed with emotions. When the salon owner heard about Ashley's gift, she added a donation of her own. She allowed Alyssa to pick out a prom dress at her boutique for free. We cannot wait to see Alysa go to the prom!

Stepping Up From Being Homeless And Helpless To Fashion Show Stars 2m23s

Stepping Up From Being Homeless And Helpless To Fashion Show Stars

Berta has had a long journey, but she finally feels free. “I just want a fair shot at being away from the people who hurt me, so I can really see who I am as a person,” says Bertha. Bertha is a survivor of physical and emotional abuse. She lives at a women and children’s center. Now she feels stronger thanks to a loving volunteer. Kay was once in her shoes. She lived in a shelter with her family after her mom escaped from an abusive husband. “Being that I came out of a shelter myself, with my mom and my twin sister, I always said to myself that I would never want to see other people go through what we went through. And if they are in their particular situation, just encourage them,” says Kay. Kay knows how important it is to feel loved and cared for, so she decided to host a fashion show at a shelter. She believes that it is possible for the women there to feel good and look good while going through the process. This is why she took them on a shopping trip all in the cause to make them feel beautiful and confident. Wearing her new business suit, Bertha feels more ready for job interviews. One day she hopes to pay it forward to other women in need. “I really never knew how to stick up for myself, and today and the days after this I am going to speak up for girls that cannot speak up for themselves. I want to reach up to those people because I know what it is like, and I want to help them,” Bertha adds.

This Outreach Worker Is Helping The Homeless Overcome Freezing Weather1m06s

This Outreach Worker Is Helping The Homeless Overcome Freezing Weather

Have you ever thought about whether you could survive outdoors even for a few days in sub-zero temperatures, day and night? As freezing air has settled over Central Indiana, agencies working with the homeless people are in a race to save lives. Melissa Burgess is an outreach worker for the Horizon House day shelter. She is on the streets almost every day and most nights checking on the welfare of people who live off the grid. It is when the temperature drops, Melissa knows she is needed more than ever. “The worse the weather gets the harder we work because it is a matter of life or death. The hardest thing for living out here is sometimes is like when it gets really cold and you do not have a place to be inside.” Melissa has a ready supply of hand warmers, blankets and gloves, thermal underwear, hats, tampons and water in the back of their donated van to distribute as needed. She is also there to help while also assessing any critical needs — mental health issues, substance abuse or injuries. “Some folks just are not comfortable being indoors and that is where our role is to come in and just make sure they are going to survive through the night, survive through the day.” The invisible people are always happy to see Melissa, and she loves letting people know that someone cares for them. “Whether they are sleeping on the streets or they are sleeping in houses, people are people. A simple ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ can open up the door for a conversation.”

This Is How A Girl And Her Bottle Caps Create Friendships1m38s

This Is How A Girl And Her Bottle Caps Create Friendships

Standing alone at recess is heartbreaking. So this little girl fixed it, one bottle cap at a time. Sammie is on a mission to make sure no kid is lonely. She wanted to create “buddy benches” made of plastic for her school. “If somebody is lonely, or if they are new to the school and do not have anyone to lay with, they can sit on the bench and when other people will see them on the bench they will come up to them and ask them to play, and they can play together.” Sammie says. Each bench requires 400 lbs. of recycled plastic. So Sammie and her mom collected bottle caps at school and in her community. Word quickly spread and donations poured in. She soon had enough plastic for three benches at her school and enough leftovers to help other schools get started. The benches allow kids to sit comfortably instead of standing alone. “My son came home from school very excited the other day because he got to ask somebody to play, and they played,” a local mom says. Sammie’s plastic benches are also a safe space from bullying. A kid can sit there and teachers know to keep an eye on it. “I am beyond proud. I just cannot stop smiling when I think about it,” Sammie’s mom says. Sammie got a Certificate of Excellence for her hard work, but she is mostly excited that other kids can feel included. Choose kind people!

Baby Steals The Spotlight Being The Youngest Member In The House Of Representatives1m17s

Baby Steals The Spotlight Being The Youngest Member In The House Of Representatives

Representative Megan Jones is bonding with her daughter, Alma, at the Iowa Statehouse. Alma goes to work with mom since she is too young for vaccinations and child care. She doesn’t talk much in committee meetings - just a few sounds here and there to let you know she’s upset. Alma is quickly stealing the show in the Iowa House of Representatives as its newest (and smallest) member. Her mom is gently rocking her in a bassinet on the House floor and balancing bottles, blankets and bill numbers as she runs up and down stairs. While Jones recently leads all kinds of debates, her daughter Alma lays sleeping in a rocker next to Jones' desk on the House floor. As Alma started to fuss, a colleague of her steps in to help and feed Alma with a bottle while mom finishes her work. “I’ve joked that she needs to get a secretary,” said Alma’s mom. “Because there have been a lot of requests to hold her.” Though other legislators supported Megan taking more maternity leave she says that her folks deserve to have a voice and she adds that they had elected her to do a job, and she just needed to be there. She also says that her husband is a farmer and is virtually impossible for him to strap a Baby Bjorn to his chest and hop in and out of payloaders and tractors and chasing after cows. Let’s hope that this will send a message to moms telling them that they, too, have a place in Iowa’s citizen Legislature.

Inspiring Story Of A Boy That Drops Out Of College For A Dying Friend3m11s

Inspiring Story Of A Boy That Drops Out Of College For A Dying Friend

It only took a moment for Dillon to decide to drop out of college. It all started when his friend called and told him that he was dying. After about 7 years of remission, his friend Chris’s leukemia was back. Doctors predicted that Chris had only 1-2 years to live. Chris was scared that he won’t be able to experience the things he wants to do in life. Dillon couldn't imagine sitting in class while his best friend was dying. He knew immediately what he wanted to do. That was the moment he decided to drop out of college and dedicate his time to his friend and allow him to experience his one list and his one life. They choose to live their life like it was their last. They created a bucket list of adventures. They did a lot of fun activities together like flying a helicopter, and a boat rides and all sorts of things. Their list went viral and grew even longer from suggestions. And soon they began crossing off things they’ve never expected. They even got a matching tattoo that says: “ I don’t know how many years on this earth I have left, but I’m gonna get real weird about that”. They even got to meet Danny DeVito. And break a world record They also inspired 3,715 people to sign up for a bone narrow donor list in one day. The more things they checked off the list the more lives they were changing along the day. They hope other people can get started on their own bucket lists. Amazing and inspiring story!

Couple Holds Wedding In Walmart To Honor The Place They Fell In Love41s

Couple Holds Wedding In Walmart To Honor The Place They Fell In Love

Don’t let anyone tell you that your wedding should be this way or that way. You do you. A wedding should only represent what you want it to represent and nothing else. If you want to stick to traditions, go ahead, do it. If you don’t want to make a fuss about it, you can do that too. Weddings are ceremonies in which two people promise to nurture and grow their love for one another until the end of time. It’s up to you to decide who attends the ceremony, where it takes place, will the cake be chocolate, literally everything up to the decoration on the flower girl’s dress. This footage proves us that it is of utmost importance to personalize your wedding ceremony. The happy Pennsylvania couple decided to marry each other in the garden section of the Walmart where they met. They refer to it as the place where they worked together and fell in love. They opted for this choice when they realized that most of their colleagues won’t be able to attend, so they brought the party to their doorstep. They proved to the world that the where and when don’t matter if the who makes you happy. Let’s leave Disney weddings in the cartoons and make the most of what the present offers us. What do you think about their decision? Would you be able to pull this off, most importantly, would you be willing to do it? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below.

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To Dad's Kiss10s

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To Dad's Kiss

A baby is a gift that keeps on giving. Just when a parent thinks things can not get any better than this very moment, their child does something incredible, raising the bar! Many babies come to this world far too early, due to unforeseen complications and need special love and attention. They need to feel their parents around them constantly, to feel their scent and heartbeat. It is really sad to see one’s child attached to a machine that keep it alive, but with a lot of love and energy from mom and dad, these babes grow up to live rich lives. They say that while they are still fairly newborn, babies rarely distinguish things in the world around them, other than the voice and scent of their mother. But in this remarkable video, a prematurely born baby felt his dad’s loving peck on his forehead and shined a bright, albeit toothless smile for him. Such warm and fuzzy feelings washed over us as we watched this amazing family moment unfold before our very eyes! Don’t let the title fool you - premie babies are no different from regular babies. What they do need is some extra love and affection from mommy and daddy. They will have plenty of challenges to face in their young lives, but with some TLC like this baby gets, every baby will grow up to be a healthy adult with an amazing life.

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A Wheelchair Dancer Is A Ballroom Champion 2m00s

A Wheelchair Dancer Is A Ballroom Champion

Wheelchair ballroom dancing is a great possibility for people with disabilities to enjoy dancing and have both physical and psychological benefit of it. This video of a man born with spina bifida dancing with a woman in a ballroom is amazing! Spina bifida is a congenital birth defect in which the spinal arch doesn't develop properly, leaving a hole at the ending of the spinal cord. Take a look for yourself! The dancing duo of a woman and a man in a wheelchair has inspired many a heart, showing incredible strength and flexibility during a ballroom performance. The feeling that overfolws the spectator only when looking at the dancing couple is awesome! Marisa Hamamoto and her dance companion, Piotr Iwanicki, demonstrate a lot of talent and grace during a ballroom dance in Los Angeles, California. Marisa is the founder of an inclusive dance community called Infinite Flow. This is America’s first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company and it is aimed at erasing the boundaries between dancers with and without disabilities. The passionate couple refuse to allow their health conditions to stop them from doing what they do and love best – dancing! Marisa said: “I have a vision to build a world-class inclusive dance company that leads a global social movement for inclusion through dance.” Watch this video as their captivating and elegant dance celebrates dancers of all physical abilities. It is truly inspiring!