Dissolving A Rubik's Cube And Lego Bricks In Acetone4m30s

Dissolving A Rubik's Cube And Lego Bricks In Acetone

Here's a fun little experiment for those of you you like to melt things! Even wondered what would happen if you put LEGO cubes into pure acetone? Acetone is an organic solvent that can be found in any household that includes women. it's most commonly found in nail polish remover, although it can be used for other purposes. In this episode of Household Hacker, we are shown how styrofoam, packing peanuts and LEGO bricks behave when submerged in pure acetone. You guessed it - they all turn into goo and dissolve completely in the chemical. Even a Rubik's cube is no match for the mighty acetone! He first puts about half an inch of the colvent into a glass container. Packing peanuts have the quickest and most intense reaction when they come into contact with acetone. This is mostly because they have a foamy consistency, meaning that most of it is air. If you have some nail polish remover and some of the packaging laying around, you too can do this experiment at home. Just make sure you do it in a well ventilated area. Curious to see what will happen to a larger block of styrofoam ? As long as there is more acetone in your container than the goo that’s left behind by the styrofoam, you can use it over and over again. Just break off a chunk of packing material that will fit your container and watch it disappear before your very eyes! How about something denser. A Rubik’s Cube maybe? If you had any trouble with it, trying to solve it, then this little experiment will bring you all the satisfaction you craved. Fill a cylindrical container with enough acetone to cover the entire cube and then watch. Due to its density, it won’t be as fast as the styrofoam, but the results will be equally as satisfying, not to mention colorful! It took 12 hours for this Rubik’s Cube to dissolve into the glass. The plastic cube held its form for most of the time, but it swole up and began to decompose. If you disturb it slightly after the 12-hour period, you will notice that the entire thing has turned into a cube of goo. Since it is used as a solvent for certain types of plastic, professional LEGO builders use the stuff to help bond bricks together when they build all those mega structures. It makes them extremely difficult to break the pieces apart. So, LEGo bricks are next in line to see how will they react when completely submerged into acetone. The Household Hacker dunked four bricks and one minifigure. It took about five hours for the pieces to dissolve into the solvent, reacting in a manner similar to the Rubik’s Cube. They start to sag and bloat, eventually coming to a standstill, unless disturbed. With a quick shake to the container, the piece break apart in a pile of colorful LEGO rubble. If you ever wanted to remold this plastic, all you had to do is drain the liquid and pour the swollen plastic into a mold of your choosing. If you want to try this experiment at home, just make sure you do it outside or in a well ventilated area and steer clear of flames. Happy experimenting! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks: DIY Pranks: Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests:

Clean The Bathroom With Ease Using 7 Genius Tricks3m32s

Clean The Bathroom With Ease Using 7 Genius Tricks

Cleaning might just be the most boring chore in the household and the reason for this is that we are used to doing everything in one day, while the rest of our time we seem to spend in accumulating garbage. But nothing scares us witless like when the times comes to clean the bathroom! The stains, the grime, sometimes there is even mold there...not to mention the limescale! To improve your technique, make finishing time for your chores shrink and simplify the cleaning of the house, we decided to collect the best household lifehacks. In this video you will find budget ideas for replacing expensive detergents, and even learn how to extend the life of your favorite things and easily get rid of stubborn stains. All in express mode. If you are like us and would love to know of some neat and time-saving tricks that will help you get a cleaner bathroom for a fraction of the time, then take a seat! The Household Hacker is here to teach us of 7 awesome tricks that will slightly take the pressure off the nasty bathroom cleaning chore. Scrubbing the shower has to be one of those tasks that we run especially fast from, but someone has to do it. Take a dish wand and fill it with half distilled vinegar and half dishwashing liquid. Now every time you get out of your second favorite spot in the house, just run the mixture along every nook and cranny. Clean shower forever! Got nasty limescale that you just don’t know how to remove? If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals, then all you need is a half of lemon! Run that sour juice all over the stained fixture and rinse. The acid will degrade the mineral deposits, but not your skin! If it’s a tougher buildup, soak some rags in trusty old distilled vinegar and let them sit on the spot for a few minutes. Then grab an old toothbrush and scrub away any hard to reach the place, then just rinse. Watch the rest of the video for more awesome tricks for when it's your turn to clean the bathroom! 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid Of Ants! -- Many people find the bathroom the best room in the apartment. It is here that the owner of the apartment an completely relax, run away from the everyday worries, and in order to rest you must make this room feel most most comfortable. Apart from reaching the perfect and of course, do old repairs and fixes on the ceiling to complements this room’s appeal, you need to keep it clean! This is why you really should take our advice and learn 7 awesome life hacks to quickly clean your bathroom, leaving it looking shiny and new! Many common household items can be used to clean up even the worst messes and stains so save your cash. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Get Daily Updates @

In These Ten Situations Vinegar Should Be Your Best Friend3m16s

In These Ten Situations Vinegar Should Be Your Best Friend

Life can be pretty challenging. There is all these responsibilities, chores and other tasks that you have to do that can be very overwhelming. What if there was some way to make those everyday tasks easier? Well as a matter of fact there is, they are called life hacks! They are exactly what they sound like, hacks to make your everyday life easier! They are are so easy to use that anyone can do it! Here are some awesome life hacks that you have to try! The Household Hacker put together this list of ten interesting ways to make that bottle of vinegar work for you. Diligent as ever! Topics covered in this edition of the HouseholdHacker are the following: unclogging a drain, removing adhesive residue, getting rid of awful smells, DIY cleaning products, DIY fruit fly trap, getting wrinkles off your clothing without the use of a flat iron, and so much more for which you will have to watch the video and find out! It is incredible how a simple vinegar trick can make our lives easier! Check out these amazing life hacks and you will be thanking us for disclosing these household secrets to you! You are welcome! Who knew that vinegar could have so many uses! These hacks are so easy, that anyone could do it! They will surely make your life a whole lot easier! Please share this with your family and friends as there is bound to be a hack in here that they could surely use! Audible Trial:

10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home5m11s

10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home

From killing weeds to shining your shoes, vinegar is one of the most useful things you can find around your home. Here are 10 awesome life hacks you can use to solve common problems with VINEGAR! Casper: - Use code "household" at check out for $50 off! -SUBSCRIBE HERE-

These Tips Will Keep Your Kitty Happy And Save You Money6m24s

These Tips Will Keep Your Kitty Happy And Save You Money

We admit it, cats are an acquired taste. But have one such feline friend to roam around your house can be very rewarding. Still, keeping a pet of any species is an obligation and having a few tricks up your sleeve is always a good idea. They might be independent, but they still rely on you, their hooman, to give them their best life possible. If you haven’t heard by now, cats have a magnetic attraction to a plant called Nepeta Cataria, or catnip to you and us. They also have some weird attraction to bags as well. That is why someone clever thought to infuse paper bags with some catnip. Can you imagine the fun your cat will have with those? You can check them out on Amazon! If you don’t feel like splurging on a pack of three, just purchase a catnip spray and sacrifice a paper shopping bag to your feline. It will work just the same and will last longer! Every cat loves a good toy and the truth is, homemade toys are better than the store-bought variety. Put those mismatching socks to good use by filling them with catnip and a few jingle bells, secure the end and let your cat have it! You can add extra stimuli to the toy by tying it with a colorful pipe cleaner and tying another bell to the end. Now watch Mr. Whiskers go loco for it. If you want to help your cat cough up those nasty furballs easier, just feed her some pumpkin puree. Just add a teaspoon to the bowl of kibble a couple times a week. Your pet redesigning your furniture? Get her a scratcher! Those cardboard scratchers can be pretty pricey, but making your own out of a cardboard box costs virtually nothing. You can make equal piece with a yardstick and a good box cutter. Wrap the pieces of cardboard with duct tape and give it some extra inviting oomph by spraying some of that catnip spray. Hello, new kitty scratcher ! There is more where these tips came from, so make sure to watch the clip for more ideas on how to save some coinage while keeping your furball happy! SUBSCRIBE → Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money6m21s

Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money

People frown upon the idea of buying something for just $1, when other stores sell them for far greater prizes, but have you stopped to think which products are actually worth buying here? No need to fry brain cells, watch this clip instead! The holidays are coming and that means a lot of greeting cards ! Why splurge of a piece of fancily printed cardboard paper, when you can get the same Forget Me Not card for a buck or less. Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, they’ve got them all! Why spend so much money on Advil, when you can get store brand Ibuprofen to kill that headache. It only costs a buck for a lot more dosages; just make sure to check the expiration date. Same goes for the bandages, and their pack holds 2 to 4 times the amount bandages inside! You can purchase cosmetics and lipbalm at the dollar store too! You can even find popular brands, like Blistex, Chapstick and Carmex, all which cost far more elsewhere. Did we tickle your saving spirit? Save your cash! Get the essentials at the dollar store instead! Start earning extra money and gift cards by clicking here: Huge thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

These 60-Year-Old Life Hacks Are Still Relevant Today10m03s

These 60-Year-Old Life Hacks Are Still Relevant Today

Many of us can relate to this video. Do you remember the first time you hit treasure when you were sorting through your grandparents’ junk in their basement? Those old soggy boxes didn’t look like a nuisance anymore. How about the time when you saw your grandfather fixing something and his tricks looked totally crazy, but they turned out genius at the end? Well, this video might have the explanation to everything. Sorting through the basement , the HouseholdHacker found an interesting edition of 1001 - How-to Ideas from 1957. He was wondering whether these tips and trick no less than 60 years old would still work today, so he decided to give them a try. He chose sixteen hacks he thought would still work today and decided to make them. He started with a paint cleaning mechanism using a U-shaped magnet. He then followed with an interesting mechanism to help you move heavy objects without leaving scratches, a DIY lamp and the most delicious way to cook some bacon. Number five was a very clever way of pouring liquids down a funnel, followed by a nifty door mechanism, a potato hack and a staple remover. He informed us about various uses of hand soap, iron and brass wool. He also gave a few tips on screwing and hammering nails, as well as hiding your valuables and taking your loaf of bread out of the oven, even protecting your wood surfaces from scratching.

Here Are Seven Sneaky Ways For Hiding Items In The House2m47s

Here Are Seven Sneaky Ways For Hiding Items In The House

If you have snooping parents or roommates, or if you want to protect your belongings from burglars, we present you with seven sneaky ways to hide anything using common household items. Watch this video and learn how to stay protected! If you’ve got four-legged pets, grab one of their toys and cut a slit through the seam. Squeeze the toy to open up the inside and place items inside. Just keep it away from the dog and it will appear as a boring dog toy. You can also hide a house key inside and stow it away in the backyard so it seems like fido just got lazy. Next up is the sharpie safe . Get a sharpie and remove the tip from the base. Just wiggle it a bit. Go ahead and cut the refilling tube to a shorter length and then add small items inside. My B-12 vitamins fit nicely. Put a small cotton ball in the tube to hold the items in place then simply reassemble the marker and place it back where you found it. If you stumble on a cheap thermostat, they make great hiding spots . Detach the casing from the base with a screwdriver and separate the two. I found this would be perfect to fit my prized coin but you can adapt it for anything small. Once placed, just seal up the thermostat and mount to it a wall. Your item is locked down, safe and sound. Get yourself a tube of premade dough like rolls or bread. Cleanly slice around the edge until the top pops out from the pressure inside. In a bag or small plastic container, hide your items that can be frozen. Keep the dough inside so the weight feels right and add your items to the mix. With some super glue you can quickly make the seal look like it never came off and then add your dough tube back to the freezer for a little ice cold protection. Many large hair brushes have a bristle pad that can be removed. Find one that suits you can pull up the pad with a screwdriver, revealing a little alcove inside that’s a good spot for a little emergency cash. Get the pad back into place by tucking it under the plastic and then you can keep it wherever you want in plain site without anyone being the wiser. This is a soft door stop, you’ll see them all over the place but many have the ability to hide belongings. If you flip it over and pry the pieces apart, you will find a nice little area to store those secret data files. Place an items inside and just snap the backing into place again so it looks good as new. Install the door stop where you need it and enjoy protection from the door and thieves. If you need to hide something long term and aren’t afraid to get messy get some spreadable butter. With a knife or your hand, loosen the butter up and get it into a microwave safe container. Place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds at a time until it is all melted. Now get the item you want to hide and protect it in a container. Place the item at the bottom of the butter container and pour all the melted goodness back on top. Stick it back in the fridge and after about 30 minutes it will look like it did beforehand but with your item secured inside giving you easy access if needed. Business Inquiries or Media Requests: Subscribe here: More updates at: FACEBOOK:

7 Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Ants4m00s

7 Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

Stop the ANT INVASION! We've put together 7 of the most effective and surprisingly simple methods to control your ant problem. Prevent ants from climbing on a picnic table, how to track them to their source, how to make a home made ant killer and more! Daily Updates @ FACEBOOK - Business Inquiries or Media Requests:

Hack Your Soda Can With These Simple Tricks4m42s

Hack Your Soda Can With These Simple Tricks

The world consumes over 200 billion aluminum cans each year. The thing is, these cans can provide good raw material for those who are kind of thrifty or creative. You can seriously find something clever to do with every part of the aluminum can so next time you are finishing that soda, save the can and think about these hacks. Do you have an art piece that you would love to hand but it seems impossible without the necessary accessories? Create a makeshift hook with the pop tab in less than one minute. Carefully remove the tab from the soda can by holding it up and bending it down. Just choose a central spot on the back to place the tab. We have a solution for you if you want to peel something, and we assure you that the top of a soda can can be perfect for peeling maneuver. Hey did you know that you don’t need a popcorn maker or a microwave to make popcorn, all you need is an empty soda can , heating source and a sharp tool. This may not be your first choice, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you haven’t had time to learn magic tricks, you should try this easy trick and leave your friends amazed! All you need is an empty soda can. Pour some water into it, and try to balance it by bending it to the side. This is one hell of a trick! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks: https://go

These Life Hacks Will Save You From Breaking The Bank4m46s

These Life Hacks Will Save You From Breaking The Bank

If you have found yourself in a pinch for money, but you still want to keep up the hygiene in the house, then boy, have we got you covered! The HouseholdHacker is back with 10 awesome money saving life hacks for you to try out at home. Dishwasher tablets too expensive? Mix 1 cup of washing soda, 1 cup of baking soda, ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of lemon juice, you will get a lovely mixture that you can pack into an ice cube tray and then use in the dish washing machine! We all hate carpet spills, especially the greasy ones, scrub some cornstarch and let it sit and do its job from 15 to 20 minutes. The cornstarch will absorb the liquids, and for cleanup just vacuum over the mess and call it a day! Stainless steel pan gathering oily gunk? Put the pan on the stove with some white vinegar covering the bottom and bring it to a rolling boil. After it cools, drop some baking soda and lightly scrub. Good as new! Bugs pestering your house? Soak a few paper strips in a cooked mixture of sugar, syrup and honey, leave them to dry and then hang them wherever those bugs appear. Watch the video for some other cool money saving tips and don’t break your piggy bank!

Seven Genius Uses For An Iron You Have To Try At Home3m20s

Seven Genius Uses For An Iron You Have To Try At Home

Unless you are a nomad, scouring the world for your next grand adventure, chances are you have that small triangular piece of domestic appliance with a metal plate on the bottom and it is gathering dust in a closet or on some shelf in your home. If you are one of those people who purposefully purchase their wardrobe so they don't have to iron it, then we will give you 7 ideas other then clothing that you can use your clothing iron for! Let's start with something simple. If you have an impression in your rug where your table was sitting, your iron will come very much handy to lift those fibers. Just put a damp towel over the impression and set your iron to steam. Quickly pass the iron over the spot a couple of times, until you are satisfied If you crave a quick snack, but are too lazy to turn on the stove , just use your flat iron. Bizarre maybe, but if you wrap your cheese sandwich in tin foil and put a hot iron on it, your sandwich will quickly turn into a hot and deliciously melted grilled cheese sandwich, without the grill! Have we tickled your fancy? Check out the video for some more inspirational uses for the domestic flat iron!

These Home Security Tips Can Help Keep Burglars At Bay5m52s

These Home Security Tips Can Help Keep Burglars At Bay

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds, are you protected? With these incredibly simple tips from the Household Hacker , you will sleep easier and protect your home… and maybe have a little fun in the process. The most basic thing you can do to prevent your home from getting burglarized is not to give those with sticky fingers the incentive to snoop around your house. If you have gotten yourself a brand new piece of technology, don’t leave the box as with the trash. Make sure to break down the box and throw it away in a black garbage bag or directly into the bin, instead of advertising about the awesome gadgets you have at home. If you have plenty of tiny gadgets that you don’t want to lose, make a boring fake bookshelf out of a few old binders, where you can stow away your precious items. Since leaving the lights on isn’t enough anymore, you can boost your home security to the next level by making a cardboard cutout of a person and put it near a window. Every burglar would think twice about entering someone’s house when they see a person’s silhouette in the window. Want a guardian dog to protect your home, without the nuisance of getting up in the morning to walk it? Just put up a “beware of dog" sign in the front door. Simple as that! Check out SmartThings

Here Are 10 Ways To Utilize Your Microwave To Its Full Potential4m13s

Here Are 10 Ways To Utilize Your Microwave To Its Full Potential

Not every household has one, but those who do can not stop praising the almighty microwave. This magical contraption has been heating our foods and popping our kernels since 1946 and we seem to be very emotionally attached to it. But what if we told you that there can be so much more than heating your dinner and popping popcorn in your microwave oven? First of all, let’s talk heating things up. Nobody else will tell you this, but the center of the oven is a dead zone, so if you want to avoid getting cold spots in your food, you can place it on the perimeter of the plate, if its rotatory. If not, make sure to leave an empty space in the middle of the plate, so that the food warms up evenly. You can bring life to stale potato chips by placing them in the microwave for 30 seconds. No more chewy chips, who wants that?! Cleaning the microwave can be a hassle, but not if you know this neat trick. Place a bowl of water inside with two tablespoons of vinegar and zap it in your stinky microwave for 5 minutes. The vinegar will evaporate along with the water, removing any caked up gunk on the walls and deodorizing the inside. The smell of vinegar will be gone in a jiff and your best friend will be good to go. Be sure to watch the rest of the clip for more ways to fully utilize your microwave oven.

These WD-40 Tricks Saved Us Precious Time And Money6m51s

These WD-40 Tricks Saved Us Precious Time And Money

We are here to unlock the secrets of the product we all know and love - Mr. WD-40! We have put together the best 10 WD-40 tricks to use around the house and save you time and money. Anyone that has laid eyes on the spray can with yellow and blue logo has instantly felt a certain ease in their soul, knowing that the lubricant and moisture repellent will always have their backs. But did you know that WD-40 can do much more than just stopping squeaks? You can spray your favorite shoes to be water-tight during those wet months in the winter. It is not the prettiest or the best smelling solution, but it will put your mind at ease. Got some marker stains that you can’t get rid of? Spray some of the viscous content on the area and let it soak, before wiping it off with some tissue paper. Stain-be-gone! The lubricant is also great for gleaning the oily tiles and grit in your kitchen, although the room might smell like a mechanic’s workshop for a while. Don’t forget to clean with detergent after, to remove the oil from the floor! You can remove burnt plastic off your appliances, get rust off your kitchen utensils, remove adhesives or adhesive residue from your surfaces without damaging them, even clean some caked up gunk on your stove! Watch more of Household Hacker’s clip for more time saving tips! - promo code household Business Inquiries or Media Requests: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- New Video - How To Make 6 Secret H

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets2m27s

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a fantastic and quick way to remove static, soften your clothes and give your laundry a nice clean scent. But nestled in that box of secrets are a ton of alternate uses that can save you money and get you out of a bind. Thanks to the Household Hacker , now you too can squeeze every last bit of dollar from your box of dryer sheets. When it comes to removing static, all you have to do is rub a sheet onto your ‘sticky’ garment to release the extra charge. Then you can go about your day with a fresh-smelling, static free look! Dryer sheets are good for scenting just about everything in your house! Stick a few behind the hanged clothes in your closet to keep your winter garment smelling fresh all season long, because, ‘winter is coming’. If you travel a lot, you can get rid of that nasty stale smell in your suitcase if you pop a dryer sheet on both bottoms of your case before packing for your trip. Then, when you reach your destination and pop that case open, your clothes will smell like they just came out of the dryer! Check out these and many more awesome ideas to get that dryer sheet smell in all the nooks and crannies in your house! SUBSCRIBE HERE →

Online Security Life Hacks to Protect Yourself4m53s

Online Security Life Hacks to Protect Yourself

Millions of online accounts are hacked each year, are you protected? Use these Life Hacks to protect yourself online, keep your data secure … and maybe have a little fun in the process. The internet offers access to a world of products and services, entertainment and information. At the same time, it creates opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves. Learn how to protect your computer, your information, and your online files. Watch these simple digital security life hacks for keeping your information safe online. Who new that just logging on to a public Internet account could leave you susceptible to hackers, or promoting your vacation on Facebook? Watch the video above by HouseholdHacker for tips on how to keep your information safe online. These are indeed quick, easy and helpful lifestyle tips. Never again will I use my everyday email address to log in to a shopping site that I don't visit often, or store my credit card information! Check out Privacy (it's free): List of Websites and Software we used: 1) http://haveibee

7 Money Saving Tricks For Your Car4m29s

7 Money Saving Tricks For Your Car

In this day and age, a lot of us rely greatly on our cars. We spend a lot of time in them, whether it is for our daily commute or a trip to the market and to the school. There are many ways to keep your car looking good and clean without spending a fortune. Check out these seven tips and save yourself some money in the process. If you don’t have a phone mount in your car, you can replace that easily with two binder clips and an elastic band . Thread the elastic through one of the prongs on each clip and the prop your phone onto a vent of your choice. Another simpler, yet not so pretty version would be to thread the elastic through two of the slots on the vent and slide your phone in. It is as simple as that. If you are fed up of buying air fresheners over and over, only to replace them a few weeks later, try cutting out a shape out of cardboard and adding a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Again, it might not be sightly, but it sure it way cheaper and you can always “refill” it with a few more drops. And if those nooks and crannies around your interior look dusty and grimy, all you will need is some cheap old Silly Putty! Buy it at the dollar store and keep in your car for a quick pass over those dirty areas. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Post your own Car Life Hacks in the comments! Business Inquiries or Media Requests:

These Super Helpful Hacks Will Make Winter More Fun4m07s

These Super Helpful Hacks Will Make Winter More Fun

Drafty doors and windows? High Heating Bill? Got the sniffles? Here are 10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks to keep you warm and cozy, and even save some money on your bills! Time to heat things up. Let's admit - winters can be amazing period of the year with all the holidays and everything, but the snow, rain, and wind can really spoil all the fun. So, here's a video that we really enjoyed watching, and you're about to find out why! If you have problems with your winter shoes or boots, and if you keep coming home all wet and cold, all you need is a simple, cheap candle. Start scrubbing the candle onto your shoe until you form thick layer of wax. Next, turn on the dryer and blast the shoe until the wax melts into the material. Next, test the shoe under the sink - see, it's waterproof! Next time your shoes come in contact with water, it will bounce right off them! Next time there's a layer of snow in the yard, try grabbing a broom instead of shovel. It's much easier to get rig of the thin layer of snow instead of using the shovel, and much faster! However, if there's a decent amount of freezing sticky snow, grab your shovel and spray it with non-sticking cooking spray. The snow will simply glide through it, and you'll be done in no time. Here's another useful tip - next time you cook something in your oven in winter months, don't close the oven door right away. Leave it to spread the heat all over your kitchen. Watch for some more awesome hacks! Vader Shower Head: Where to buy some of these items: Pipe Insulators - These can b

With These Tips, We Will Never Take Salt For Granted Again3m21s

With These Tips, We Will Never Take Salt For Granted Again

When we look at salt, we see this grainy, white-ish substance that makes our food bearable to eat. It has been around for so long, people seem to take it for granted. Well, not anymore! With these hacks, we feel you will be just as gobsmacked about all the ways salt can make your life easier as we were! If there is caked up gunk on your clothes iron, salt can help you get rid of them! Turn that iron on high and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on a sheet of wax paper. Rub that hot iron on the salty for about a minute in all directions to help that sodium pick up the molten gunk from the plate. Good as new! Did your greasy pan catch on fire? You can cut of the flames’ flow of oxygen by covering it with salt. It is that simple. Just like with the clothes iron, you can remove burned up gunk off your pans with a good amount of salt. Cover the bottom and add a bit of water inside. The salt-water combo will lift that gunk and burned food debris, allowing you to just wipe them off. But wiping that grease off your pan will probably leave you with a greasy sponge, so salt comes to the rescue once more! Dissolve a quarter cup of salt in two cups of water and submerge the greasy sponge overnight. In the morning, just wring and you are done! Keep watching to learn about more hacks with the almighty Salt! Join the List!

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money4m20s

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

Save MONEY and SOLVE Problems by utilizing the dollar store! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Want to make your own dryer sheets? What about a portable mini grill for a couple bucks? We'll show you how to do this an much, much more! ---------------------------- Our Top Playlist

How to Hide a House Key and Never Get Locked Out Again!2m17s

How to Hide a House Key and Never Get Locked Out Again!

How to easily and efficiently stow-away a house key on your property where no one will ever find it or even bother looking. You can put this project together quickly at the local hardware store and never again worry about being locked out! Keep in mind, you should use this as a base and build out your own version since we have it online and anyone can see it! Shopping List (for our specific version): 1. 2' / 2" PVC pipe 2. 2" L Pipe 3. Rubber Rain Collar 4. 2" PVC Screw Cap 5. Adhesive We are on Facebook at:

Egg-Tastic Cooking Tricks That Are Not A Tough Egg To Crack6m07s

Egg-Tastic Cooking Tricks That Are Not A Tough Egg To Crack

The egg is one of the most widely consumed foods on the planet, they are full of vitamins and protein, they help people lose weight, gain muscle and even improve your brain. So it's about time we put together a list of nifty tricks involving eggs. Included are a variety of ways to cook eggs in the microwave, how check an egg for freshness and fun tricks like how to balance an egg or bake an egg in the oven! These hacks are all pretty useful for people who love eating eggs! Most people don’t know that with some time and patience, you can balance an egg on an extremely flat surface, and carefully rocking the egg back and forth between the fingers. It can be quite frustrating and take some time to pull this off, but the feeling of accomplishment you get when it’s done it’s astounding. If you want to test if your eggs are still good there is a simple trick to help you find out. Fill a clear container with water and carefully put the egg inside. If the egg stands on its pointy edge, it is still edible but it is getting old. If the leg lays right on its side, that is a fresh egg indeed! This one trick is mesmerizing, if you want to scramble an egg in the shell, place it inside the long-sleeved shirt and tie both of the ends. By rapidly spinning the shirt in circular motion and pulling hard a dozen times, you mix egg’s contents right in the shell. Once that is done, you simply boil and enjoy! Watch and learn how to crack an egg with only one hand or to remove the egg yolk easily, all you need is time and practice. Practice makes perfect! Read more at

Genius Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier4m46s

Genius Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hard boiled eggs are delicious but they can be such a hassle to remove their shells. Over the years we have shown you several ways to peel hard boiled eggs easier and today is no different. With enough effort and long power, you can blow a hard boiled egg right out of its shell. Simply peel away small area from the top of the egg and peel away larger pieces of shell from the bottom of the egg so that there is a whole on each end. Make a small hole with your mouth and blow hard and be ready to catch the egg as the pressure forces it through the other end. If you like grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese sticks try this tip that practically combines the two. Start by melting butter in a frying pan, then take some slices of bread, use your palm of your hand or a rolling pin to flatten them off and put a slice of cheese on each piece or just use shredded cheese. You can add spices or other ingredients too, if you prefer. Start on one side and roll tightly to the other end and place each cheese roll stick in the pan and cook it until it’s lightly brown before flipping it over. They are best when served with tomato soup. Guacamole is great but it browns quickly and changes flavor when it’s exposed to oxygen. To prevent this put the leftover guacamole in a container and then add a thin layer of water to the top. The water acts as a protective barrier which also protects guacamole to react with oxygen in the air. To find out what are the other amazing kitchen tips, make sure you watch the video and if you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

These Outdoor Survival Tips Can Really Come In Handy5m28s

These Outdoor Survival Tips Can Really Come In Handy

These might not be survival tips per se, but they will come mighty handy next time you plan on visiting the great outdoors. We've put together an amazing list of Simple Survival tips that will make your next camping trip that much more enjoyable! Keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay has always been an issue, but you can make sure that they stay away if you bring some dryer sheets along with you. Rub a sheet on all of your exposed areas and stick one under your shirt to mask the odor of mosquito prey. Then just sit back and enjoy nature. If you are ever in a situation where food is scarce and you really feel like a fish dinner, all you will need is the tab of a soda can and some dental floss. The making of fishing hook out of a soda tab is a bit tricky, so make sure you pay close attention to that part of the video. Tie a good measure of floss on your resulting hook and give it a few tugs to make sure your catch doesn’t run off on you. As for bait, always look for worms in the moist soil. Fish love those. Need to build a bonfire to cook that fish you just caught? Empty a big can or any other metal container you find. Cut out the bottom and the rim around it, then try to cut 8 equal slivers all around. Bend every other sliver inwards to create legs for your bonfire. Toss a roll of TP or any other burning material you’ve got and light it up. It should be enough to cook a decent dinner. When in a pinch for a candle, and this goes for when the lights go out as well, is to light up a wax crayon. The melting wax will saturate the paper wrapping, which in turn will act as a wick. Here’s an extra tip for you: next time you empty a pack of TicTacs, don’t toss it. You can keep a few matches and a sliver of the striking panel from the original packaging inside, so next time it rains, those will keep dry. Be sure to share these tips with your adventurous friends, because you never know when they might need them. 7 Survival Life Hacks: | Winter Life Hacks: Logo by gart: | Baking Soda Life Hacks: