How To Make Rainbow Rose Cake1m52s

How To Make Rainbow Rose Cake

Let’s be honest for a moment here - when the door rings with some unexpected visitors in front of it, having a box of cake mix in your pantry will save you precious time, while also making you look like a hostess from a story book or something. As helpful as it may be, using boxed cake mix can make us feel a little bit guilty for using the stuff, instead of making it from scratch. The good news about the whole boxed cake ordeal is you are left with practically a blank canvas that you can decorate and embellish to the point where no one will recognize it has come from a box. While you ponder on the ways you can build a boxed cake mix to the next level, we will show you a very unique and trendy way to make a vanilla cake out of the box and turn it up a notch! Mix up a batch of your favorite buttercream (that’s easy enough) and divide it into 6 parts, then add some food coloring to each to get a vibrant shade. Assemble the cake with the buttercream, following the colors of the rainbow. When you are done assembling, add the rest of the buttercream into piping bags with a curved petal tip and begin piping petal in rows to create a rainbow rose on top of your cake! It is that simple! A few extra steps will take any old vanilla cake mix into a decadent treat for your guests and you will be crowned Queen of the Cake (from the box).

The coolest cake pops ever1m13s

The coolest cake pops ever

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