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BGMCTV MESSIANIC LESSON 992 Is the KINGDOM really the center of your life

THIS PAST SHABBAT WAS A TRUE BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM OF OUR ELOHIM! BGMC’S internet was not operational. The modem was not working. So we put on our armor and went to battle against the forces of darkness. We were finally able to stream almost an hour later using rabbi Andrew’s phone. We used the rumble streaming app for the phone to broadcast…Halleyluyah! We had never used this app before. Please take the time to watch this lesson to see why satan did not want the world to hear this lesson.

Scripture: B’midbar (Num) 2:1-2 YEHOVAH and HIS dwelling place was at the center.

SYNOPSIS: Today’s lesson is going to focus on “What is your life center around”. In 1963 a person read into record in Florida the plan of satan. This plan included 45 things the communists were going to do. To bring about the end of this nation. ‘The Communist Manifesto goes into great detail exactly the plan they were going to use. Do you think the body would rise to meet this challenge? Do you think we would go deeper into the WORD? Do you think we would fight this evil plan? Let us begin our study on in the KINGDOM really the center of your life?

BIBLE VERSES: B’midbar (Num) 2:1-2 YEHOVAH and HIS dwelling place was at the center. Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9 that I may live among them. Yochanan (Jn) 3:16-21 everyone desires this but does the KINGDOM become the center. 1st Kings 5:16-19 (RVR1960 1st Kings 5:2-5) the house for YEHOVAH…will it be the center of life? 1st Kings 6:1-13 the 1st temple becomes the center of Israel. Amos 3:3 do you agree with HIS word? 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 what agreement can there be between YEHOVAH and satan?

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