Repeal SB54 | UTAH | Scorecards Aren't Enough- Caucus

Published April 5, 2022 554 Views

Curious why SB54 needs to be repealed? We go over it here.
Scorecards are not enough and can be deceptive in results for representatives. You must engage with the candidates to truly find out who they are and what they stand for. THIS IS WHY WE NEED OUR CAUCUS RESTORED.

One correction we'd like to make - Brad Wilson did go to certain caucus meetings, but missed several that would have allowed for debate. He also missed the GOP funded one and had a stand in.

Two- HB284 not HB264 as she shows on the slide is the bill she's talking about in the video.

Brad Wilson sponsored bills source-
Michelle Scharf Disclosures can be found at the below link:

Please make sure you reach out to Bramble and McCay below: to request the repeal SB54

Also you may want to ask why HB284 in it's full original form was gutted and then killed by the legislature. It was an attempt to restore the good parts of the caucus that SB54 removed.

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