1 year ago

Jason Sullivan- TMCS & Liberty Report

The man, the myth, & the Legend himself, Jason Sullivan, joins TMCS & Liberty Report! He has an extensive background such as being a former advisor to Donald J. Trump. Jason Sullivan is the most banned individual with a target on his back by the Big Tech Tyrant Technocracy. He has become Public Enemy #1 to Twitter, as he pioneered an army of digital soldiers to crack the algorithms keeping public discourse shackled and sheltered from the free-flow of information. Tap into this critical discussion that sheds light on the very dark nature of how your perception of reality is manufactured. And how one man exposed this advanced digital warfare earning him the title of “The Wizard Of Twitter!”

Recorded Live from #ReAwakenAmerica Tour,
San Diego, March 11, 2022.

“I know I’m not the Wizard you were expecting but I might just be the Wizard you need.”




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