Part 1 of Davis County Meet the Candidates | 2022

Published March 25, 2022 20 Views

Please make sure you really vet all candidates and know exactly who you are voting for. As delegates you have been elected to represent your precinct. Please make sure you are asking questions the public cares about and wants answers for.

The 1st hour is Dave Adams, Jason Hackett, Brady Tracy and Andy Badger.
2nd hour is Tyson Plastow, Trevlor Lee, Lyle Mason, and Nate Affleck
Jason Hackett-
Nate Affleck-
Dave Adams-
Trevor Lee-
Tyson Plastow-
Andy Badger-
Brady Tracy-
Lyle Mason-

Part 2 is today at 4 p.m. - you can find more info at

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