1 year ago

Reclaim It Virtual Conference 2021 Part 1

Our mission is to equip the Church to discern the narratives undergirding the LGBTQ culture and how to best help individuals who want to leave that identity behind to grow in an identity in Christ.

Video recorded by Voice of the Voiceless with special guests Pastor Daryl Whiten, Full Proof Ministries, Emcee Tamara Scott, Nate Oyloe, Executive Director of Agape First Ministries, April Lockhart, Bonnie Gasper, Child Protection League, Walt Heyer, SexChangeRegret.com, Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director, American College of Pediatricians, Jon Uhler, LPC, SurvivorSupport.net, Dr. Judith Reisman, PH.D, The Reisman Institute, at www.reclaimitvirtualconference.com on February 13, 2021.

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