'Somebody Likes Me' color drawing time lapse

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This song got stuck in my head somehow, and since I’ve had fun making these time-lapse videos, I had the idea to do a drawing based on the video working backwards from there. . The main goal was to draw with the Primsacolor Col-Erase pencils of colour on the Strathore Toned Grey sketch paper. The second goal was to practice hair, it’s quite tricky in color, I have found. I took lessons with graphite, but I’m totally self-teaching myself how to draw in colour, so I’ve been over-saturating a lot of my reference photos on purpose, just to get used to mixing the extremes on paper. My process has been to draw things in white/chalk as detailed as possible, then using a fixative to seal that, then draw in colour on top of that. I’m sorry I missed recording that part on this one. I also forgot to use the fixative, so this was a bit of a b-word to get through. I also hated it with the grey background, but then loved it after the 2 dark layers as the background. Lessons learned: (1) turn on the camera! (2) don’t forget fixative after base white layer (3) beware with the paintbrush-edge effect on grey paper (at least not with a the drop shadow effect).



I drew this using Prismacolor's Col-Erase pencils and a Cretacolor White Chalk pencil on Strathmore Toned Gray Sketch Paper, finished with layers of Krylon’s Gallery Series Fine Art Finish.


Recorded with the iPhone SE (the old one) and IPEVO's VZ-R document camera. Video made with Davinci Resolve.


Reference Audio/Video:
 Xillions - Somebody Like Me (Mark With a K RMX)


Disclaimer from Jim:
For purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

I neither endorse nor condemn the subject matter of my drawings wholeheartedly, if at all. I'm trying to make the best drawings that I can, learning and having fun along the way, and hopefully these videos share a bit of the process.

Thanks for watching!



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