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Ep. 14 John McAfee- TMCS

[Original Air Date: June 16, 2020]

This never-before-seen interview I conducted with John McAfee, exactly 1 year and 7 days before his passing, is one of the last interviews he did.

Today on The Marcus Cohen Show, I am pleased to have the leading, world renowned expert on internet surveillance and former Presidential candidate stop by to speak with us all, from an undisclosed location. He has been on the run from the United States, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and most recently, Dominican Republic, for challenging the unlawful authoritative power that he became a target of. You may remember him as the mastermind behind McAfee Anti-Virus, which ultimately made him 100 million dollars. However, that software company is hardly the most impressive attribute of this man. He is determined to help facilitate bringing Privacy back to the common citizen of the world, not just the U.S., and strip these governments of their ever increasing power to surveil over its own citizens. We discuss the brand new Ghost Coin and Ghost Network being launched now to bring the Power of Privacy back to the people. We barely scratch the surface as this interview was short and sweet, however at the very end, Mr. McAfee had a special message directly for YOU. He is a maverick, and one badass individual! Introducing, the legendary, John McAfee! 
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