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Absolute Interference

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The 3rd installment of the Absolute Proof series produced by Mike Lindell.

It's the only video file on my computer, most is on my phone and that's a pain to upload to Rumble from, this is test upload to see how it goes on this platform, assuming it goes smoothly will be transferring files of my own content to the same PC for future uploads.

The series Lindell produced exposing key elements of how 2020 was stolen (cyber access, voter flipping, algorithmic guidance, etc.) is worth watching so if you haven't seen all of it yet I'd recommend taking the time to do so. You can obviously watch Absolute Interference right here.

As to the rest...

Absolute Proof (Pt. 1)

Scientific Proof (Pt. 2)

Absolutely 9-0 (Pt. 4)

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