Pfizer Murdering Babies to Produce their Poison Vaccine? Seems to be the case...

1 year ago

Why is this company not being shut-down for mass genocide?

Ignore the fact that when autopsies of those who had the Pfizer vaccine are done, they are finding spike protein in 100% of those autopsied, or the fact that anywhere from 3% and up (depending on the spin of the numbers) of those vaccinated with the Pfizer jab are dying outright or there seems to be evidence now that Pfizer jabs are ending up causing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) it's recipients

No, those results are bad enough but if the content of this video is true, if fetuses in the third trimester - a human being - were horribly and painfully murdered to get this vaccine, this company needs to be shut down.

Future vaccines could use the same process of aborted stem cells and murdering more children is totally a realistic assumption for Pfizer.

Who can condone murdering infants to get a vaccine that has a questionable success rate? Come on, please?!

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