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Doug talks to Robert Cahaly, one of the few accurate pollsters.

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Doug Truax: Welcome to the First Right podcast. Your weekly conservative news show brought to you by Restoration PAC. I'm Doug Truax, president and founder of Restoration PAC. So today we're delighted to have our favorite pollster on Robert Cahaly We've had him on the show  before, because he's right  lot when most of the pollsters are wrong a lot. So Robert, welcome to show!

Robert Cahaly: Not only is it good to be on the show.

Doug Truax: Good, good. So thanks for coming well. So, you know, we continue to watch the president flail around and it's, it's difficult for us patriotic Americans to watch. And you know, here we are eight months out from a midterm. So what's the current state of play politically in the country from your perspective.

Robert Cahaly: Yeah, there's a general lack of confidence in the Democrat brand. I mean, the the brand is really suffered. What's happened with Afghanistan, kind of started it where it just all kind of collapsed together. And people started to realize that everything they're doing is the opposite of what they want. I mean, that's, that's what we keep getting is that there's this, the government is in the middle of everything that we don't care about pushing, you know, using the right pronouns, a agreed agenda that raised their gas prices and people not to work. And the government isn't taking care of the things they ought to be taken care of. If you can, America strong, internationally people feeling safe in their homes, from crime, having their rights respected and being empowered to grow their families and their businesses. It's just the complete, the Democrats have all that hung on them. And that's why you see what you see now.

Doug Truax: Yeah. And so my take on it, and I'd like to get your take. So when you watch a political party kind of imploding in that way, and it's so obvious to, you know, most everybody that God they're doing the exact wrong thing, like you said, is that just the echo chamber inside there with their base. And they're just kind of wrapped up in it and the donors and just the small group of people are just keep driving it that direction.

Robert Cahaly: Yeah. I think that has a lot to do with it. There's a, there's a great deal of money that is used to on these campaigns and thunder party. And so, you know, most Democrats that are in like a swing district are faced with a choice. I can alienate my voters or I can alienate my funders. And it's an it very difficult choice then, you know, the Republicans are to blame when they don't make the Democrats face that joy. And we've seen that in too many elections in 2020, where they had that choice and they weren't faced it, but know that the Democrat party has an element, that fundamental element of it that is no longer the least bit in line with American mainstream. I mean, if anything, Pelosi and Schumer are trying to hold back a tab that is so much worse than they are.

Doug Truax: Yeah. Which is terror, that's terrifying, you know, it's that bad. Yeah. So we're watching at restoration pack. We're always watching inflation and crime and this, you know, demonization based on your skin color and stuff like that. There's all these other issues. Obviously COVID-19, you know, foreign policy failures, you know, what are the issues that you're really watching most when you're going after you're polling nowadays?

Robert Cahaly: Well, we see a lot when people look at the inflation, especially, and inflation, I guess in gas prices are tied up and they don't, they're not always traditionally that if they are right now, people just, what they're, what they're telling us is why is the government doing nothing to make this better? And when they put two and two together and they realized that some of the climate stuff is so far to the freedom that America not only whittled away, their advantage, you know, the American advantage in the domestic oil and gas production is being dissipated because we're not taking advantage of it, handing the stuff off the countries in the middle east, Russia, and it is causing them great harm. And they don't really understand it. Like this is an agenda that basically only America, maybe Western Europe seems to care about and China and Russia don't. So how does that fix the globe and about why is that making my life more difficult? That's what I keep getting him. America's, want clean air, clean water, and, you know, they don't want toxic waste, but they're not going to pay nine bucks a gallon to get it.

Doug Truax: Yeah. Right. And that seems to be, to listen to the Democrats now, this whole concept of, well, you know, there's sacrifices to be made. So just sit down and shut up and make them, and we'll let you know when this, when you're, when you're done with your, with your sacrificing and yeah. That's just not going to fly. So, so is there any advice that you would give at this point to Republicans? You know, I I'm encouraged by what I see, but I've also just like the rest of us, you know, we've seen situations where it's like, wow, we have this opportunity and we blew it in some way. So, so what would you say to Republicans now that you know, are getting kinda like, I don't know, lack of a better term kind of giddy about the whole thing?

Robert Cahaly: Well, recognize that you have a chance to actually win the majority's and there's two ways you win a majority and a close election, you run a bunch of candidates that are toward the middle, so you can win a few of those swing seats because the country's kind of at a middle place. And then there's the way you win a majority when you don't have to do that. And the first thing that Republicans need to recognize is this is not a year that you need to run a bunch of soft, moderate, Republican to win. This is a year that you're more conservative, Republican and win. And so don't squander this opportunity with image with the majority that's tied barely to people that you can't count on. It it'd be much better to have a majority of 25-30 Republicans that you can count on and 40 that you got to wonder about 20 of them. Yeah.

Doug Truax: Right. That's a great point. So, conversely, is there anything that you would tell the Democrats at this point, is there any, is there any way to save this for them other than basically I guess just the, you know, coming out and being like, Hey, you know, while we, we had it wrong, we're going to focus on inflation and we're going to figure out gas prices and stuff like that. I mean, is there any path for them at this point to salvage this a little bit before the midterms?

Robert Cahaly: Yeah. I mean, a lot of it's up to Biden, but if, you know, if I was telling Bob and I say, Hey, you need to talk about the fact that while, while we won't, we want to, we want to protect the planet. We want to deal with climate change. The fact is until we get the whole world on board, it doesn't matter. And, and we're not going to have America suffer just so the rest of, to the rest of the world can keep on polluting. And that people in Europe have given up so much control of their energy. And what's happening in Ukraine is the cost. This is the cost of the green agenda. And, and what, what he could talk about is how we have good people who want democracy like America don't produce energy, that we will fail you without strings, and you're not going to have democracy. And then you're really not going to have people being able to choose what type of government they have. Therefore you're never going to get the green agenda that you want in the long run. So address that and also take a strong stand against China. You'd be surprised how fast the American public would rally and baseball and completely focused and fixated on restoring our economy as it relates to production of energy and dealing with China, with it, with an iron fist. I think you'd be shocked at how quickly the pulse would change for.

Doug Truax: Yeah. We've had that conversation before about China is that I wanted to ask you, is there like one issue out there that, that you see a lot that people just aren't talking about enough? And if it is it, would it be China or is it something else?

Robert Cahaly: China is one of the few places that you have Republican and Democrats almost always on the same page. Nobody is for China. Everybody realizes the growing threat they represent. I mean, it is literally a few corporate masters and no one else. I mean, if you're not a professional athlete, if you're not, you know, who's making money off countries that take advantage of people and, and, and engage in slavery. If you're not a, that focused on a Chinese market, then you're not about China. I hear it every day, Americans restaurant, they can't buy what they want. They're spending more and more time looking for products that are made in America when they go online and they really don't want to empower China anymore. They want the supply chain back. They want the medical supply chain back. They want anything related to defending the country back. So a focus on doing something about China is something that is, I think that if the Republicans would own that issue would be very uniting. I mean, look at the Olympics. It wasn't just Republicans not watching the Olympics because the ratings to be so bad, that was a lot of people.

Doug Truax: That's right. That's right. And I think this whole concept around the COVID-19 and where it started, I it's just been so strange to watch it over the years now. It was just like, you couldn't really talk about the fact that China, you know, created this thing and let it go. And now we're getting to the other side, finally, the pandemic and, and that's, I think a lot of Americans are out there going, oh, wait a minute. These guys, what did they steal from us? You know, in terms of our, just our, our wellbeing over the last couple of years and just, you know, the people that you've known that died from COVID obviously, and even if you haven't just what we've been through, and then, yeah, you're right. Oh, the Olympics are still going on and they got Uyghur and concentration camps, and we're just like, acting like everything's fine. And I think that a lot of people are super frustrated with that. So we'll see how it plays out. If it's going to be an election issue coming up, certainly in the 24, would you say,

Robert Cahaly: I think it's gonna be an election issue both times, because I think China's gonna make probably some moves. In probably on Taiwan. And I'll tell you what I tell anybody else. If you see China go after Taiwan, you better go out and buy a new car and a new computer that day. Cause it's going to be awhile before any computer chip.

Doug Truax: Yeah. How about it? And then back to what you said about made in America, you know, and this is just that, that obsession with globalism, you know, and I I've said before, I think there's a lot of CEOs out there, these big companies that their grandparents who were part of the greatest generation, if they could see what they have done to this country, they'd slap them across the face. I mean, it's just terrible. What has happened over the decades of the farming out of everything that we've done in this country. That was so great in the, in the, in the name of just making another buck. And I think people are seeing that now, and it's really frustrating and we just let these guys do whatever they want. They get the Olympics and everything else. And, and, and that super aggressive, that hyper aggressive foreign policy, they had even leading up to here where their ambassadors were out.

Just beating everybody over the head. It's like, they're trying to call us all down and you know, Biden's going along with it. And the Democrats are too. So I, I couldn't agree more. It's going to be a big deal coming up and as well as should be. And so last question then, you know, did the Democrats, do they have any bench left as far as leadership goes? I mean, are we just, you know, we're just left with, you know, Pelosi, Biden, Harris. I mean, what do you see out there for them? I feel really strongly great about where we're going as a party, but what do you see on the Democrats? Did they have anything out there besides Stacey Abrams potentially?

Robert Cahaly: Oh, I don't know this Stacey Abrams of, is there a, is there best player? I think Stacy, everyone has been very defined more and more is coming out in Georgia. People are beginning to see a lot of what went down. I think the Lester is wearing off of Stacey. Didn't know him wrong. Stacey Abrams is a political, she isn't political operative, extraordinary. She is one of the smartest political operators I've seen in the Democrat party. She knows how to motivate people. She knows how to organize, but I think that this new face, a new direction has kind of worn off. And the last four years and people have kind of realized what else she might stand for things that weren't issues four years ago. You know, I would look toward the Democrats that some of the lesser known players that, that ha that aren't getting a lot of attention right now.

I still think that Klobuchar is probably one of their stronger leaders out there who has not been completely destroyed in the media. And they have a few, but not very many. And, and, you know, even she has a lock wall, their problem is they haven't developed a bench. They haven't worried about legislative races. They haven't worried about winning so many things in the, and there people in Congress are just tired. I mean, it's freezing. So ever leaving. I mean, they w the Democrat party is making the same mistake that the major league baseball is beginning to make. If you start squandering your, your minor leagues, you're going to end up having a negative effect on your major league.

Doug Truax: Yeah, absolutely. That's a great analogy. And I think that, that if you start canceling your minor league players too, you know, I think that's the great thing about what's happened. That's Republicans have finally stood up and said, you know, we don't care about the media. You try to cancel me. I don't care. It's one of the great things about Trump. You know, he led the way on that. He's like, he just, he just ran right through it, but the left there's still cancel each other all the time. You know? So you don't get sideways with the squad over there. You know, they may enjoy your career, but, you know, let them have it, let them have it. I it's, it's, it's in some way, it's fun to watch so well, Hey, Robert really appreciate all the work you've done over the years and how accurate you are, and looking forward to this next season that we're headed into. And I hope you're, you're dead on again.

Robert Cahaly: We're looking forward to it, Virginia and New Jersey this year were a nice preview of what's going to happen. And we, we, we're proud to lead the in both, both of those states in the poll.

Doug Truax: Well, amen to that good stuff. All right. Well, thanks for coming on.

Robert Cahaly: Thank you.

Doug Truax: All right. That's our show for today. Thank you so much for tuning in and for supporting conservative media. Don't forget that by working together and staying diligent, we conservatives can bring our country back to true greatness until next week. Let's all keep praying that God will continue to bless America.

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