Implicitly Biased Judges Waking Up to COVID Madness: Super Lawyer Tom Renz

Published January 26, 2022 2,584 Views
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Courts are the last lines of defense as Americans battle for their most basic freedoms against the dishonest COVID totalitarians but the recent string of victories is a good sign, super lawyer Tom Renz tells The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. Indeed, even though judges are the victims of implicit bias after the media propaganda campaign, the courts are slowly waking up to the lies as cases, facts and evidence make their way through the system. Renz is involved in multiple critical cases.

Despite the growing awareness, the lies are still out there. If Fauci says it, it's probably a lie, said Renz, who disclosed government documents proving massive harm from the ineffective COVID injections. "They are not for health and not for safety, so there must be an agenda," he says. "It's money and power." Renz cautioned that there would still be a lot of problems from the vaccines that would be appearing in the years ahead. But he urged Americans to get involved in the fight to protect themselves, their rights, their families, and the country itself.

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