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1 23 2022 Straight Shooting News Part 1
Introducing The War For Freedom Guidebook (in progress)
Education Communication Non Compliance

First, to be Victorious in the War For Freedom, we must stay focused on our goal to restore Freedom, and we must all accept that not everyone wants to be free and do not have the personal resolve to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions …

As Benjamin Franklin once paraphrased in one of his famous quotes about surrendering Liberty for Security will result in having neither.

By the time we finish with the information supplied in the guidebook you will be able to decide whether they are sincere, or phishing for information to use against you/us. Recognizing these people and their agenda will be most valuable in relation to knowing where to focus the time and energy you personally have to devote to the War for Freedom. You will discover your own intuition will not let you down, so avoid self-doubt.

Distance yourself from the willing slaves – politically, publicly and personally (Unfortunately that may include family members) - because they are at best a drag on your valuable time, and they may even attempt to inflict personal hardships in your life from spite, envy, and the form of misery that have accepted as their own life.

Learning how to recognize the enemy is imperative to achieving victory over tyranny. The middle ground or compromise you hear being spoken about has unfortunately has been diminished to the point it appears to no longer exists.

Second, Once you recognize the enemies of freedom: tyrants, to be victorious in the War For Freedom, we must learn how to counterpunch tyrants and their willing slaves/minions that serve them in a meaningful way by using their own words and by presenting solid evidence to discredit the falsehoods they are preaching. (We will explain more in part 1 on Education)

It is easier and more common for people to work against their own spirit of liberty than you may think. People may say they want to be free, but their policies or preferences logically lead to diminishing their own liberties under natural law, and are overtly embracing some measure of slavery over the body and mind. Understanding the inalienable Rights of the U.S. Bill of Rights becomes valuable tool when exposing their contradictions.

Third, stand firm in the knowledge you have gained, and know you have the ability to reject their arguments for control which is in reality about power as indefensible, will provide you with a form of confidence in your own convictions. You will soon discover that your knowledge will provide you with a degree of confidence some of you may have never imagined that you have.

For example, you find yourself nervously standing up to speak in front of a board or committee/commission that claims it has some right to place mandates on you and others, but you have credible and factual evidence that these mandates are physically and mentally harmful, so having confidence in your information will bring the strength you may have thought you never had.

This is where Education comes in, and from educating yourself you cannot be intimidated with lies. Go on the offensive: for instance, the revocation of the public’s rights to act as they personally see fit as in “being secure in their own persons,” is “abuse of power under the color of law,” and let them know they are in violation.

More on legalities in future shows and the War For Freedom Guidebook, but keep in mind it has been almost two years of conflicting medical opinions and mandates that have adversely affect the public and the youth in our schools, so don’t be afraid to state that publicly.

Also be aware of anyone feeding you the line about, “how you catch more flies with honey,” so be patient and polite, because they are the ones who have something personal to gain or lose that we are cautioning you about.

For any public hearings you may present to, be sure to have enough hardcopies of your information to submit to all public servants and ensure it is placed into the record or meeting minutes.

Fourth, to be Victorious in the War For Freedom, you must have a commitment to the cause. Victory is not just a weekend activity with like-minded friends. You must persevere in all efforts to water the Tree of Liberty, cheer on the compatriots, and resist tyranny at every turn, as best as you can. Your actions and example will add to the number of people who practice our right of noncompliance.

Lastly, maintain vigilance and know your neighbors and co-workers and develop compatible relationships and communities of influence. Beware of unduly critical elements in your groups, and seek to resolve the negative influences, be they benign busybodies or nefarious infiltrators. Both must be eliminated from positive group efforts. For those whose vision is clear, accept that all have limitations to what they are capable of contributing, but everyone also has unique talents that may only need some encouragement to draw out.

If the road to victory sounds too difficult, it really isn’t once you believe in yourself and your principles. We will help wipe away doubts you may have, either in yourself, or if we all can really make a difference and win this war that is well worth fighting.

Here are some examples of non-compliance 
Ingraham Angle breaks down how we can personally begin to fight back.

The question is when are we the people going demand that the covid thing is done?
We have been playing clips from many qualified experts in the field of medicine that reject the forced vaccinations on anyone and have sited medical concerns about the adverse effects for months now and some from over a year and a half ago.
What really is this New Normal thing Biden speaks of really all about?
Vaccinate the world? Is Biden a sugar pimp for the vax industry?
Britain already was forced to drop the vax and mandate fraud due to facts and political pressure.
Do what you are told and “Job is not finished”?

Sen. Cotton and Kitchen Table issues

Dr Mary Bowen on vaccination coercion: 150 employees were fired for not getting vaxed and want after Dr. Bowen for treating patients with therapeutics
Fauci clams we need to work together, but only when it comes to trial drugs and not any already-approved medications.


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