A Cyber Pandemic Blackout Coming Soon?

Published January 21, 2022

The World Economic Forum, the same organization that worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Event 201 in 2019, have been holding Cyber Polygon training and preparedness responses every year in expectation of a coming grid down event (blackout) and other supply chain attacks related to cyber attacks. This leads me to believe that a worldwide grid down event is coming in the near future, and their solution is a unified global digital society, probably involving A.I. as Skynet and global Vaccine Passports, Global Government Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Digital ID, and Biometrics to enforce the Mark of the Beast.


I've compiled various predictive programming clues and news articles indicating that a grid down event is coming in the near future in regards to the Great Reset and WW3 and more:

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Website Article

Note - The Ken Peters' Tribulation Dream from the 1980s mentioned a resurrection of the saints and a disappearance of people around the time of a two week Blackout. Then the AntiChrist was broadcasted into everyone's homes through some sort of screen devices as he tried to persuade them to join his New Order. Something to consider.

DHS Warning - Power Grid Attacks

Once the world goes into utter darkness, and all of our modern conveniences are taken away it will create a savage lawlessness that will cause the world to beg for the New World Order solutions and Antichrist dictatorship (Revelation 13-14). 

Grid Down Event - Cyber Polygon

The Four Horsemen (Revelation 6) are about to ride! Do you know Yeshua Jesus as your Lord and Savior according to the Bible? Are you on the only Ark of Safety? Yeshua Jesus is the only door (John 14:6)! Things can go terribly wrong suddenly and all of hell can break loose at the drop of a hat. Let us turn away from all sin and pray we are counted worthy to escape in the Christian rapture (1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Thessalonians 4:16).

A Global Reset

Ukraine - WW3 Catalyst? 

It seems the 2022 Super Bowl LVI performance was hinting at some type zombie apocalypse event and or FEMA emergency crisis relief camps or container-prison-homes in which the federal or global governments of the NWO will appear as the False Saviors. They create the chaos, and then appear as the False Saviors. Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Ordo Ab Chao of the Freemasons.

Super Bowl 2022 Decode

FEMA/UN Super Bowl 2022 Hints

Once the A.I. Systems are in full operation I believe Satan, the Fallen Angel and god of this world (2 Corinth 4:4), will attempt to know everything, be everywhere, and have all power in an attempt to match the Most High God of Heaven (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28). The 2008 Movie "Eagle Eye" does a good job illustrating this dystopian nightmare that is becoming a reality day by day!

A.I. New World Order

The globalist elite are high level Freemasons, Jesuits, Kabbalists, and more (The Illuminati) and they worship Lucifer (Satan) as their god in secret. The globalist elite are conspiring behind the scenes to establish the New World Order of Revelation 13. Their roots are in the very foundation of this country of the United States and I suspect all nations to a degree.

Luciferian Architects - NWO Rising 

Phoenix - Rise of the Antichrist NWO

The global elite such as Klaus Schwab wants to change everyone's genome with nanotech and merge them with the A.I. cloud network in a sort of bio digital fusion of man and machine, yet on a nano-level. This is the Antichrist singularity where everyone becomes absorbed into the Hivemind and become one with the Beast. You must reject and peacefully resist the agenda if you wish to save your soul. Trust alone in Jesus according to the Bible!

It appears that using a blacklight or medical imaging devices, the Luciferase in the cells can be seen for those who have received the Mark of the Beast Vaccine or Quantum Dot Tattoo or Vaccine Pill, etc:


I believe the Graphene Oxide is in the vaccine, the quantum dot tattoo, the hydrogel, the Vax pill, the micro needle patch, and more! Resist these things peacefully at all costs as I believe they lead to eternal damnation as the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13-14)! It appears that the vaccine contains graphene oxide nanotubes and or iron oxide Nanoparticles that can change your DNA, connect you to the A.I. Cloud, and mark your cells with Luciferase Bioluminescence:


Here is a list of video compilations I created regarding the subject of Graphene Oxide (Black Goo) nanotechnology in relation to the Mark of the Beast, Vaccine and Biomedical Nanotechnology, Cellular Bioluminescence, demonic possession, linking into the A.I. Hivemind, and more:

Eminem Venom Lyrics Decoded 

Prometheus/Alien Black Goo

A Physical-Biological-Digital Fusion

UV Light and Luciferase

I Am Legend - Black Goo Luciferase 

The tribulation is soon to begin. Please feel free to save these files as PDFs:

Printable version of my left behind letter:

Corona (Crown) Virus

This Plandemic and New World Order Takeover is also a ploy to thrust mankind into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, merging man with machine through vaccine nanotechnology and cybernetic implants, Neuralink brain chips, Metaverse VR Headset, augmented reality, smart cities, the IOT (internet of things), and a 5G Artificial Intelligence Hivemind. The merging of man with the digital and spiritual world, man with the fallen ones - a symbiotic relationship with the fallen angels and demons through technology.

A Brave New World Order

It appears that Metaverse is another attempt to blend reality with virtual reality and perhaps a biological fusion with A.I. is occurring with the vaccine nanotechnology and or Neuralink in order to trap the souls of man within the Antichrist Beast A.I. Network as hinted at in Omikron the 1999 Bill Gates Microsoft Video Game. Stay away from VR and Neuralink!

A Virtual Hell - Neuralink Meta

Here is a compilation of various media clips regarding Microwave weapons, DEWs, 5G, military technology, nanotechnology, and more. Please make your own assertions and conclusions and questions regarding this info. To me the 5G deployment is a cause for concern and the 5G could be multipurpose to connect everything wirelessly in the Internet of Things, create a Surveillance Smart Society, create the Borg Hivemind, and it could be tuned to weaponized zombie frequencies or interact with Nanotechnology for bodily harm?


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