Dr. Carrie Madej issues shocking warning about monoclonal antibodies

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Dr. Carrie Madej Issues Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibodies https://rumble.com/vsfchw-dr.-carrie-madej-issues-shocking-warning-about-monoclonal-antibodies.html | https://freedomfirstnetwork.com/2022/01/dr-carrie-madej-issues-shocking-warning-about-monoclonal-antibodies

Quote: "There's an odd disconnect among many who are opposed to the Covid-19 "vaccines." We generally pan the experimental drugs for a wide variety of reasons ranging from the clear health risks and lack of efficacy all the way to many conspiracy theories that the jabs are just tools for depopulation. Some are opposed for religious reasons. Others are opposed out of pure distrust of Big Pharma and their lap dogs in government. Whatever the reason someone has for being a "vaccine skeptic," there are many who then go and embrace the monoclonal antibodies being offered as a safe and effective treatment for Covid-19. This is where the disconnect comes into play because many of the characteristics that make people skeptical of the vaccines are present in the "safe and effective" monoclonal antibodies. On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I was joined by Dr. Carrie Madej. It was actually quite challenging to isolate an individual topic to highlight in this article because she drops multiple bombshells in the hour-long interview. I chose the monoclonal antibodies topic because it may be the most pressing for those who are currently experiencing or may soon be experiencing the rapidly spreading Omicron variant. "Even in the freedom movement, the 'anti-vaxxers,' people are against getting these injections or genetic modification devices, really, but then I see those same people run to get the monoclonal antibodies and I think, 'Oh, you just have no idea,'" she said. "First of all, they're brand new, they're experimental, they have very little research on them, okay," she continued. "You're putting something in your body that we don't have research on. However, we know something about it. "So, these are called a cocktail. So, what that is, they're taking antibodies from three sources. One is just a 'human source.' What does that mean? Is it somebody from the street? I mean, what is that? Do we know if they're purified? We don't know. Okay, that's one. "Number two, they're using aborted fetal cells. When they say they're not, they're lying. They're using a play on words. They're using the HEK line, the human embryotic kidney cell line. It's 293. What that means is it took 293 ... living babies that were born. So they aborted them alive. They're still living with their heart beating. Then they take them to a cold lab and then they kill them there. "It took 293 of them to get that cell line. So what they do is they make those lines cancerous so they never stop dividing. They don't want to tell you they're putting cancer cells from an aborted fetus in you so they're going to tell you that it's 'immortalized' — isn't that a nice word. Then they tell you they're cloned. That's what it means. You're taking in an aborted fetus that was killed in a lab and then you had a cancerous cell line from it that's being injected inside of you. Okay, so you've got two sources. "Now, the third one is from a human and a mouse genome pushed together inside of a mouse, and the mouse spits out a human kind of an antibody but from a mouse. So this is something called a chimera. A chimera is two creatures pushed together and they're going to be spitting out an antibody. "Now, you have to understand, all the genetic material that a human body takes up, whether we eat it, whether we inhale it, we become injected with it... our bodies are amazing. It takes up genetic material to analyze it, sometimes incorporate it inside our genome. It's called epigenetics." Even at this point of the interview, I was having concerns about the monoclonal antibodies based on the information I was hearing. But it was during the next portion of Dr. Madej's answer that I became truly shocked. "There's a problem also with the human-mouse antibody cell line," she continued. "It has a trade name called VelocImmune. So, I knew this, I recognized this from years ago when I had a very big practice here in Georgia. I took different cases, complicated, and of course I got cancer patients. Well, many of them were breast cancer patients that were put on a newer chemotherapy agent immunotherapy. "And they use this same mouse-human line. It's called VelocImmune, okay. So they took that line and they put this in this chemo-agent. At first, the people looked great. These women were doing wonderfully. 'I feel good. My tumor shrank.' "And then what happened within one to three years? Sometimes five but usually one to three years there was an allergic reaction, they called it, and a woman would come back loaded with cancer. All the organs looked like they had melted together. I couldn't, nor could the radiologist, tell one organ from another. So, it was a fulminant, terrible reaction. This was a failure. "They're going to use the same mouse line on people right now. This is horrifying because, although people are only getting one or two of these doses, not many, this can't be good." No, it definitely cannot be good. As a journalist, it behooves me to always get a second opinion, so I asked some of my sources to verify Dr. Madej's claims. They checked out with flying colors. In fact, the HEK293T cell line she referred too were also used to develop the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines. Stories I read about the cell line on corporate media sites went out of their way to say they definitely did not come from aborted fetal cells even as they admitted that they originated from "donated" fetal cells. It was actually comical seeing the "play on words" Dr. Madej had mentioned in action. The interview continued to reveal other extremely important information. We even had opportunities to talk about the Bible, a refreshing shift from my normal interviews with other doctors. It was one of my most enjoyable interviews, which is probably why it lasted the full hour. As I've said many times, my preferred regimen is exercise, healthy eating, sunlight, and Dr. Zelenko's Z-Stack protocol (use promo code "Freedom" for a discount, in case you want to join me in taking the nutraceuticals). While we didn't discuss the nutraceuticals specifically, Dr. Madej was all onboard with everything else we're doing to improve our immunity. It isn't often I tell people that they NEED to watch a particular interview, but this is clearly one of those rare instances. Dr. Madej's advice may be life-saving for many."
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