Building Christian Medical Structures (No Music)

2 years ago

Dr. Gordon Donaldson is a Frontline Doctor. He is board certified in Family Practice and has run his own private practice for 31 years, 29 of which have been at the Morgantown Family Practice located in Pennsylvania. Dr. Donaldson practices in a modified concierge practice that focuses on mitigating cardiovascular inflammation through the Bale Doneen method. This background prepared him in successfully treating COVID-19 patients as it is a cardiovascular inflammatory illness.

Learn more about his treatment protocols and recommendations here -

What is more important than ever right now is to work together at the local level. Find a doctor who will not participate in the cult. Visit them on a cash basis, bring up alternative care - and share this video with them! Slowly, local groups will form into larger scale alternatives. We need to be focusing on these - as the current system is pushing out anyone with a conscience, and willingly killing many.

More videos will be released with special information from Dr. Gordon Donaldson. Be sure to subscribe on Rumble and Gab where we will not be censored.

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