Destroying the System: Senate Hearings. Domestic Terrorist are those with Constitutional Rights? 2/2

Published January 13, 2022 18 Views

The Good Fight ForEvermore 1 12 2022 U.S.
Destroying the System: Senate Committee Hearings. Are You a Domestic Terrorist by Speaking Out for Your Rights?
Part II - Part I:

Part II starts with a video clip from Hannity
what are Democrats really up to by trying to changes the rules when once protesting about changing the rules.

The Head of Education caught asking the FBI to go after Parents!
Sen. Cruz and the FBI Moms and Dads are terrorists!

Domestic Terrorist Unit

Video with Tucker. Party in power bullying everyone who opposes them as racists, changing the system, white terror.

So what is this FBI and DOJ new unit about “Anti-Authority
In Washington DC you are locked down.

Video with Fauci and Collins. Origin of covid, and Rand Paul again.
What type of creature is Fauci, transgender monkeys?

Video clip with Laura and Domestic Terror Unit with former Head of The FBI criminal investigation unit.

McCabe Interview “White People from the Suburbs that go to School Board Meetings”

Let that sink in!

Back to the 60s and 70s when FBI and DOJ power had to be limited
Hannity and Anti-vax Barbie on Kimmel
Lara Trump Biden and Harris anti-Trump Vax Political
Lara Trump and Leo Tyrell, right about unconstitutional mandates and alternative care

Pursuit of Happiness Laura
Habberman: Vaxed, Boostered, and Covid
They don’t work

Glenn Beck and World Economic Forum, summing it all up.
Detainment Emergency! China new global model. Total Control

We did over an hour worth of clips from the WEF from Davos in a show that exposed their agenda months ago. We were warned about the supply shortage exercise in January of 2021, and told you it would start on July 8th I believe of 2021 and would take months to finally impact us all.
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