Growing up Mennonite with Hannah Raber

Published January 8, 2022 20 Views

In this video I interview Hannah Raber and we talk about here childhood growing up in the Mennonite Church. Topics include:
- How growing up Mennonite impacts her life today.
- What it was like to watch other families and her own family leave the church.
- What it was like to be a childhood mystic in the Mennonite church

About Hannah

Hannah grew up in Ohio. She values relationship and togetherness above all else.

Some of her interests include fashion for the soul, an aesthetically driven life, and learning new skills to improve and bring pleasure to her lifestyle.

She loves to imagine and dream as she drinks expensive espresso. Her idea of a perfect life is traveling and gathering freely on this earth that is lead by networks of integral leadership that bows to the laws of nature and love.

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