1 year ago

"Secret Sauce"

Hello Friends, I am a Christian, Wife, Momma and recent COVID-19 survivor. I survived and so did my family who I was caring for when I contracted COVID. We prefer a holistic, individualized approach to treating the disease. It is an approach that works. People don't have to be afraid of COVID. YES it is scary if you get it but you don't have to be scared BEFORE you even get it. We need to live our lives without all the FEAR but know that IF/when we get sick - we have to FIGHT and keep some really important things in mind. . . Let me share with you how I survived COVID & God bless all of you who are sick or who will become sick whether you are vaccinated or not. . . . I call it "secret sauce" and I like it served with a generous portion of apple flavored ivermectin horse paste!

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