Msm is panicking trying to cover this one up

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1 year ago

This is not a leader, this is a callous criminal stating that Canada is a lawless land. Lawless is lawless, if law doesn’t matter then nothing will stop him. On Friday the coverup started with MSM spin trying to portray something very different from his statements. If we have to look at context, that doesn’t dose well for Trudeau considering this has been his methodology from the beginning. There is zero evidence to even try to give him the benefit of the doubt, remember he is making kids beg to breathe, jabbing babies, and will destroy any doctor who gives an exemption.

So... when do Canadians want to fight this tyrannical dictatorship, now while you can or later with pots and pans.
#LockHimUp and anyone who doesn’t want to lock him up... lock them up too because they are in on it.

Every elected official must now understand that since their leader declared lawlessness, they have a decision to make. If they stand with him they best not be shocked when there is an army of pitch forks and torches outside their homes.

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