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Dr. Dave Martin and Bishop Michael Petro | ReAwaken America Tour – Dallas, TX

▶️ ▶️ Press play to watch the FULL #VOHRADIO Exclusive with Apostle Michael Petro and Dr. Dave Martin at The ReAwaken America Tour in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Dave Martin is a professional physician, developer of advanced computer systems, author, professor, public speaker, business visionary and researcher. Dr. Dave is also featured in Mikki Willis, “Plandemic” Documentary.

Dr. Dave Exposes the Coup D’Etat & the Plot to Steal America. He is known for sharing how the patents for Sars corona viruses existed before any “outbreaks,” as well as the patents on “spike proteins” to produce vaccines. They precede the current COVID-19 virus by 20 years.

People all over the world are waking up to the agenda that the left is pushing and it’s time to stand up as the people of God against darkness.

It's time to wake up.

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