Green Beret Jeremy Brown Courthouse Speech on Constitution

1 year ago

EXCLUSIVE...First time Green Beret Jeremy Brown recites the speech he gave to the Judge of his pre-trial hearing for his 2nd plea for bail. You do not want to miss this emotional, yet riveting prepared speech Jeremy gave on his mission to expose the FBI and DOJ in their stripping him, all Jan 6 political prisoners, and all Americans of our Constitutional rights. Listen as this courageous retired Master Sargeant and 20-year Green Beret, twice awarded Bronze Star recipient, four times deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, true American hero makes a passionate plea to the Courts to give him bail so he can prepare his defense the proper way. If they can treat someone like Jeremy this way, just imagine what they'll do to us. Find out what the Judge decided and please share Jeremy's message everywhere. He's sacrificed himself once again for our country, this time to secure the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us. We must not turn our backs on him now. To help Jeremy's financial plight, please donate at

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