Law and Disorder in Canada Part 1 with Retired OPP Officer Vincent Gircys

Published December 9, 2021 971 Views
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It was a great hour of catching up with Vincent on the State of the Nation, and the State of law? Is there still a difference in the new State of Canada? We will talked about the view from behind the "Blue Lens" of officers navigating tyranny in Canada today.
Vincent has been with us before, many of you will know him from his efforts over the past year, for his voice of reason and advocacy in Canada. As an expert in forensic investigations with decades of service, he continues to serve Canadians with honour and dignity. Almost a year after our first interview it will be a great opportunity to get a gauge on some of what has transpired since Vincent joined us last. As an advocate of freedom, and as a Canadian it will give us all an updated perspective on current events as he see's them, and where does he think we go from here.
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