Dec 1 2021 - Juan O Savin w/ James Grundvig - The Holiday Season Is Where We Start Changing Gears

Published December 5, 2021

* The Commander In Chief Vote Was Unanimous *

- The Spike Protein Carbon Nano 'Razors' Are Very Sinister
- Those Who've Taken The Shot Become Factories For Spike Proteins And Shedding
- We Do Have Various Ways To Address This, But Are Constrained By The Politics Of The Moment
- The Fraud Is Unraveling
- COVID Vaccine Development Was In Play Years Before Trump Took Office
- Trump Forced Them To Rollout Ahead Of Schedule To Derail Their Plans
- People Are Starting To Realize They've Been Mislead
- We Still Have Events Ahead That Will Snap Everyone Out Of Their Mass MKULTRA Programming
- China Is Run By The Globalists
- Soros Was Run By The Globalists
- Epstein Island Was Run By The Globalists
- We're At War On A Global Level With People Behind The Scenes
- If We Don't Stop Them Now, Their Technology Will Be Too Powerful For Us To Overcome
- The Last Safety We Have In Place To Protect Us Is Our Nuclear & Beyond Tech That Trump Secured
- When Harris Briefly Became President While Biden Was Out, It Triggered A Military Investigation Into Her Qualifications > She Doesn't Qualify, Which Will Come Back Into Play Later
- If Nancy Can't Close GITMO, Then [They] Don't Have The Power Of Commander In Chief
- Why Does Nancy Want To Shut Down U.S. Space Force?
- Space Force Includes Digital Space > That Is The Technical High Ground
- Digital Attacks Are Also Weapons Of Mass Destruction
- Space Force Can See Any Digital Or Communications Collusion At A Global Level
- This Allowed Trump To Gain The High Ground In The War
- Space Force Was The Last Branch To Present Their Investigation Data On March 11th > The Vote Decision For Commander In Chief Was Unanimous
- Get Out For The Holidays, Be With Others, Enjoy The Company, Have Needed Discussions > More And More People Are Becoming Aware Of What's At Stake
- The Holiday Season Is Where We Start Changing Gears


Juan O Savin

James Grundvig - American Media Periscope

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