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2 years ago

On this week's Boyd Group International Aviation Unscripted we look at electric aircraft - do they mean less emissions in the air? Or more airplanes in the sky?

Also be sure to check out our May 6 Unscripted that covers the challenges that aviation faces in finding new, secure battery technology...Issues nobody is talking about. Check it out here:
Since 1984, Boyd Group International Has Been Challenging The Status-Quo

If you’re planning for the future, Boyd Group International should be a part of it. We’re different – by design.

The future belongs to those who actively and aggressively anticipate changes. Those who refuse to run with the pack. It is they who will thrive in the new aviation environment.

That is precisely what sets Boyd Group International apart. We develop aggressive futurist strategic planning initiatives that fundamentally refocus and realign airports, airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and financial organizations for the new opportunities emerging in all areas of the industry, in the USA and internationally.

Visit us at: to find out more about our services.
Boyd Group International's Airports:USA is the tool that aviation planners need to address the air transportation industry of today.

Forecasts for 168 of the nation's airports - over 97% of all enplanements. Updated monthly, based on air traffic dynamics - not obsolete mathematical formulas.

Airports:USA delivers tables and data that are up to date, and First Class Cabin members have the option of downloading data for further analysis.

Airports:USA is the only independent source of airport traffic trends affecting America's airports, free of both political intervention and outdated forecast methodologies.
Airports:USA is updated monthly - not annually - giving members the latest data to plan in the new post-Covid environment.

Our objective is to bring to bear the true dynamics that will shape enplanement demand at airports across the nation, based on known and researched trends. You can now analyze your airport's future, based on objective, real-world methodologies.

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