Omicron Variant EXPOSED

Published November 29, 2021 2,894 Views

This video mashup sifts through the conspiracy theories about the omicron variant. The ones in this video are by no means exhaustive...Let us not forget; Omicron in Star Wars, Omicron the Decepticon in Transformers, yada yada yada….One thing is for sure is, this plandemic has been pre- meditated for decades and the mRNA vaccines are definitely microbial weapons ( bio-terrorism) as this video proves.

So yeah, the irony of ironies is, anybody, after reading the research papers of Dr. Robert Young, and still thinks Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines cure diseases, are moronic.

Acknowledgements: Talking Really; The Stew Peters Show featuring Dr. Carrie Madej and the research papers of Dr. Robert Young.

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