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Rumble Can you relate to this?

Always feeling exhausted,
Worried about bad breath/halitosis,
Acid reflux Burping or bloating after eating,
Weak or brittle nails,
Struggling with fungal infections,

If you tick any of these boxes, I want you to meet, Tracy, my client who was such a tough case that no other specialist had been able to help her.

She didn’t have a life.

She was only 40 but she felt like giving up.

She had IBS and couldn’t eat dairy, gluten, fruits, vegetables, spicy or fatty foods.

She would suffer so badly that she had to spend 2 or 3 hours on the toilet in intense pain.

She only ate rice, potatoes, chicken or fish.

She was afraid of going out because of her spastic colon and she never knew when it was going to play up.

She had thyroid disease and couldn’t sleep at night because of restless legs.

She always felt bloated and suffered from bladder incontinence.

She was taking Nexium for acid reflux, Valium for her nerves, muscle relaxants, calcium for her bones, Vitamin D, Synthroid for her thyroid, and Vesicare for her bladder incontinence.

She had been placed on Nexium 13 years ago to control her unbearable stomach pains.

She was fed up with spending hours at the doctors’ surgery and spending thousands of dollars on medication and tests, with nothing to show for it.

Perhaps you can relate to this or know somebody who is like Tracy?

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