A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan & Karl de Leeuw about the Universe Code

Published November 17, 2021 56 Views

Karl de Leeuw joins Joshua T Berglan to discuss the Universe's Code, if God and the Creator are the same, mastering the Universe, Frequency and Vibration, the Differences between God and Allah, Pleiadians, Billy Meyer, the Talmud, Jesus in India, the Koran, Reincarnation, Kyron, Zohar and much more..

This is a fascinating conversation, one that will inspire anger, curiosity, hope, confusion, and possibly a new way of thinking?

Meet Karl.

Growing up with dyslexia, Karl de Leeuw struggled. When his daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic, he feared for her future.

Karl studied over many years with leading experts in the world in the subjects of dyslexia, alternative health, nutrition, and spiritual awakening. These studies took him to the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Egypt, Israel, India, and Nepal.

Karl’s research helped to understand that rather than viewing dyslexia as a curse needing correction, it could be seen as a gift providing distinct and real mental advantages.

This exciting message of hope resulted in his first book, The Dyslexia Code. Dyslexia is not something to “suffer” from, this book proposes, but the basis for real, natural-born creativity and entrepreneurship.

As part of his investigations, Karl also came to appreciate the vital role that correct nutrition has on our physical and mental health, as well as on how long we live. The fruits of his findings are contained within his book, The Healthspring Code.

Karl’s latest book, The Universe Code, is his most ambitious, taking more than seven years to research and revealing clues to answer to the biggest questions of all: the mysteries of the universe.

Are you open to new thinking in these areas? Karl and his daughter and many others have found answers in these books which provide hope and a path to a brighter future.

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