World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Narrative’ Is ‘FREAKING TERRIFYING’ | @Glenn Beck

Published November 16, 2021 5,488 Views

The World Economic Forum just held a ‘Great Narrative’ meeting in Dubai, led by WEF founder Klaus Schwab. And this ‘Great Narrative’ could give world elites even more power to further their ‘Great Reset’ agenda. During the meeting, they called for the creation of a ‘story for the future’ to lead ‘humankind.’ Not only is this ‘freaking terrifying,’ Glenn says, but it’s the ‘SCARIEST thing he’s seen.’

Great Reset’s WEF/ESG [cashless society] ‘Credit Scores’ WILL Affect Every Aspect Of Your Life.

Full Digital Control! Social Credit Score System! [cashless society]

[cashless society] WEF/ESG Social Credit Score - Rating Citizens:

1. The P(l)andemic is to force you to get the vaccine.

2. The Jab is to force you to get the *vaccin passport / health card*.

3. The Passport is to force you to get the Social Credit Score.

4. The Social Credit Score is to force you to obey the government.

5. The government can now DENY you food, medicine, access housing, travel, work, mortgage, health care, acces to public transport, petrol etc...

Bill Gates and the digital vaccine passport (2/2020)

Bill Gates announced digital vaccine passports during a March 2020 TED Talk interview, “eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person” and “so eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”

This sentence on "digital immunity proof" was edited out by the TED Talk producers, but the sentence remained in a full audio version of the interview.

Such ‘vaccine passports’ are a key component of the biometric ID2020 project run by the “Digital Identity Alliance”, which was founded by Bill Gates – via Microsoft and GAVI – and the Rockefeller Foundation, which is itself linked to the ‘Known Traveler’ program initiated by the World Economic Forum.

The idea of using a pandemic to impose tighter top-down control, modeled after the Chinese ‘social credit’ system, was first described in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report (the so-called ‘lock step’ scenario).


Exposing The Ominously Sinister Agenda Behind The ‘Vaxxing’ Of Kids As Young As 5 – What Are They Not Telling Us? Horrendous Child Abuse Is Being ‘Mandated’.

ID2020: The Rockefeller Crime Family stands behind the Coronavirus. The Rockefeller Crime Family stands behind the imposition of medical martial law. The Rockefeller Crime Family stands behind the economic and political attack on our country. #LOCKSTEP

We are under attack by an elite who completely control our government, media and science.

We will have to fight for our lives and the lives of our children...All of us! Color, political affiliation, background and ideals. We must put them aside.

THE GREAT RESET - THE WAR OF OUR TIME - The struggle to preserve freedom. Choose freedom!

World War C (cyber). It's war. War against an invincible enemy that is demonstrably not as deadly as we are told. The world is changing rapidly. All over the world, disproportionate measures are being taken that are disrupting the entire society. A divide in society, forced vaccinations and freedom restricting measures. Where does it end? What about the vaccine? Have we had the worst of it? Or is something far more disturbing on the horizon? |

Cyber Polygon 2021: Globalists create a simulation of a coming "Cyber Pandemic" to prepare for an economic reset.

These are the geostrategic factors that will determine whether China wins the world war.

We all put ourselves at risk to some degree when we rise, but we put our children and grandchildren and all future generations at even greater risk when we do not.


The 2020-21 Global Corona Crisis: Destruction of Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup and the "Great Reset".

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