The best time to detox is every night!

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Rumble The best time to detox is every night!

Did you know that you have around 30 trillion cells in your body?

And that you carry around 38 trillion bacterial cells?

Your red blood cells account for about 80% of all cells in your body!
What’s the big deal? You might ask.

Well, the big deal is that your red blood cells have a life cycle of roughly 110 days, which is around 4 months.

That means that every 4 months 80% of your cells are completely new!

Isn’t that exciting?

It means that you can continually upgrade your health, with a little bit of help from the experts, and this is where we come in.

Pete and I often look at our clients Red Blood Cells under the microscope and we pick up valuable clues of your health.

Healthy Red Blood Cells= healthy and happy life.

These cells deliver oxygen and vital nutrients to every organ and particle of your body and remove wastes.

Your red blood cells are susceptible to damage.

They can’t protect themselves as much as other cells, because they don’t have a nucleus, and they can’t be recycled.

Red blood cells require adequate amounts of nutrients, like zinc, magnesium, iron, and many more (all found in Activator and Auralife)

If some of the nutrients are lacking, the Red Blood cells become misformed, and you may get fatigued and brain fog, etc.

One of the reasons you may be deficient is because your gut could be damaged.

The good news about your gut is, that your gut cells are replaced every 3 or 4 days, so again, your body will respond quickly when you heal and seal your gut.

Gut repair is followed by a surge in healthy red blood cells, we see this all the time when we analyze clients' live and dried blood.

Some health experts believe that a cleanse every 4 months, in sync with the life cycle of your Red Blood Cells is a great way to stay healthy.

It helps toxic chemicals to be eliminated from your body before they are stored in the deep tissue of your body.

So a 4 month cleanse fits in with the life cycle of your Red blood cells.

But Pete and I have a different suggestion...

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