Man questioned by multiple officers in York

Published October 27, 2021 41,250 Views $30.30 earned

Rumble The man behind 'News now Yorkshire' filmed this video on the 19th June 2021.

"I was auditing the police station at Fulford road in York when I was approached by several officers questioning who I was and if I was breaching bail conditions by being in north Yorkshire for context I know the person they suspected me of being (Marti Blagborough another YouTube auditor)"

"The only thing that would have made them believe I was him is the camera in my hand they tried to lie their way to my details by using section 25 of PACE which has been repealed for some time."

"After the incident I made a complaint to North Yorkshire police and an inspector called back apologising for the interaction and explained he would be having a word with everyone involved"