Delivery Girl’s Weird Experiences On The Job

Published October 27, 2021 39,621 Views $28.65 earned

Rumble Atlanta Martin, 21 is a delivery driver and social media influencer running the TikTok account @atlantadelivers. These clips were filmed in Littlehampton over the past year and a half.

"I have been a delivery driver since July 2019 (2 years and 3 months). I started delivering when my daughter was 6 weeks old to earn some extra money whilst being on maternity; I carried on delivering throughout furlough and then made this my full time job 3 months ago along with my social media!"

"I deliver 5 days a week most of the time, varying from a few hours in a day to 15 hour days! The more hours you put in, the more money you earn as you are paid per delivery."

"I have also been filming for my YouTube channel so have been delivering in different locations and filming delivery challenges which has been exciting!"