Southern Indiana World-Wide Freedom Rally Nov. 20, 2021

Published October 26, 2021 897 Views

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 11am to 3pm, is sponsoring Southern Indiana’s first-ever participation in the World-Wide Freedom Rally, to be held at the Heart of Christ Ministries in the small town of Gnawbone, just a few miles east of Nashville in beautiful Brown County, Indiana.

You are invited to join us and millions of others all over the planet in a simultaneous, grassroots, peaceful demonstration against the trans-humanist global elites and their minions in government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, mainstream fake media, and the Marxist education system — all of them utilizing the tried and true techniques of propaganda to induce fear and hysteria in the minds of the people, with the ultimate goal of forcing every human being on Earth to accept the draconian, evil authoritarian regime which is even today seizing control of our lives.

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