Mark Levin: 'Tyrannical' Democratic Party Is 'Threatening The Independence Of The Supreme Court'

Published October 25, 2021 7,648 Views

Rumble Mark Levin: “Threatening the courts specifically the Supreme Court. You saw what they did to Kavanaugh. I'm not a big Kavanaugh fan, I never was. That's irrelevant. What they did to Kavanaugh was disgraceful. And what they did there is send a message to other justices on what they're doing by threatening the independence of the court is sending a message to the entirety the court. So, what do we have here?

We have a Democratic Party that is tyrannical.  They want to change our voting system so they can never lose. They want to nationalize red states, so they can't put in their own voting systems. Just think about everything they're doing. Think about it this way. Is there anything that by the Biden administration and this Congress has done to expand individual liberty? Is there anything the Biden administration and this Congress has done to expand the ability to grow our economy, to accumulate wealth and create real job opportunity for the average person? Is there anything that Biden in this Congress have done to make this nation more secure against our enemies like Communist China? Fascistic Russia? The fundamentalist regime in Iran and so forth? Nothing.  Have they done anything to secure the border to protect us from criminal, criminal elements, fentanyl, and all sorts of things border? Not a thing.  The opposite, the border is wide open. What exactly has this administration done to support the American people?  To support our founding principles? And to make life better for you?  Nothing. Just go to the gas station, go to the grocery store, prices are through the roof. Look at what they've done to our cops. Every city, every single major city, crime is through the roof. The murder rate is unprecedented. That's what we get. Lawlessness begets lawlessness.”

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