⏰ Sep 17 2021 - Ingersoll Lockwood - Tick-Tock: The Sleeper Must Awaken: It’s Time

Published October 25, 2021

Rumble An Important Message From Ingersoll Lockwood

Tick-Tock: The Sleeper Must Awaken: It’s Time

Tick-Tock: The Sleeper Must Awaken: 2030 in the LookingGlass

Ingersoll Lockwood - Board of Directors:
Steven G. Samuels, US DHS (founding member), Chairman
James Gorman, US Navy (retired), Vice Chairman
James Hess, US Army (retired) , Director
James Henderson, DoD Consultant (active), Director
Timothy J. Goulden, US Army (retired), Director
Paul Hemphill, US Army (retired), Director
Al Fulchino, US Patriot, Director
Olivier Vallez, Esq., Secretary of the Board, Director

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BREAKING: Rumble to Combine with NASDAQ listed CFVI