Dr. Zelenko is on GAB Social: Check the Narrative Below the Video to Follow Him

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Rumble Dr. Zelenko is on GAB Social: Check the Narrative Below to register and #Follow him.

Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko is a Board Certified Family Physician. He was the first in America (March 2020) to innovate a successful treatment for COVID-19 in the prehospital setting called the Zelenko Protocol. President Trump credited Dr. Zelenko for his decision to take HCQ as prophylaxis. Dr. Zelenko has treated high profile individuals such as President Bolsonaro, Rudy Giuliani, and many others

"I just want to clear this up because there are many fake accounts pretending to be me. Here is the full listing of all of my official social media accounts:"

GETTR - DrZevZelenko
Gab - https://gab.com/ZZ611
Rumble - DrVladimirZelenkoMD
Telegram - ZelenkoProtocol
YouTube - vladimir zelenko
Instagram - drvladimirzelenkomd

Twitter - "I am enjoying watching their demise."

― Vladimir Zev Zelenko


To register on GAB and follow Dr. Zelenko, click on the link below:

The hunters are starting to get hunted.

"All the degenerates and devolved pagans who planned and executed the worst crime In history must stand trial before international tribunals."

"If convicted for crimes against humanity they should be executed by lethal injection with the covid-19 poison death shots."

"The media, academia, politicians, and industry tyrants who lied and murdered millions should be brought to justice."

"The Nazi-like physicians who “just followed orders” should be brought to justice."

"Not vigilante justice but international tribunals."

"Let the world know and see what happens to sociopathic vermin when they desecrate Gods creation."

"Justice and glorious days of peace are coming."

― Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

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