Interview 67 with Karin Anderson

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Karin Anderson is a researcher with deep knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In 1992 she and her husband Carl participated in an archeological dig with Vendyl Jones, also known as the real Indiana Jones, which changed her life. Jones used a Dead Sea Scroll called the Copper Scroll (3Q15) to find the site of the secret chambers for the Tabernacle of Moses and other treasures of Israel At the opening of the cave Vendyl Jones found about 900 pounds of Temple incense which the Copper Scroll said would be there. When the CNN News team came to report on this event, interviewed Karin and Carl regarding the dig.
Anderson, a bible scholar, believes that the Dead Sea scrolls are the sealed up information for the time of the end. Daniel the prophet was given a vision with information to be “sealed up until the time of the end”. In those days scrolls were given to the priests of Israel. The Zadokite priests were leaders of an Essene group that preserved the information in jars including but not limited to a scroll called, ‘The Vision of Daniel’. Some of Karin’s more popular topics include how her and her Carl burned the HOLY incense in the Negev; as well as Karin's burning of the Holy incense in the Great Pyramid and it effects. Or you may find a prophecy given in England is the real answer to the Corona Virus.
After she was a guest on the George Noory show on November 3, 2013, she received over a half million hits on Google. Her website received visitors from over 100 countries
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